Halloween makeup ideas

Skeleton girl

Halloween makeup ideas allow modern fashionistas to experiment with their image. Depending on the chosen image, you should choose which makeup to do on Halloween.

The idea of ​​the holiday of All Saints lies in the fact that on the night of October 31 to November 1, the line between the world of the living and the dead is erased, and all the “evil” goes to the earth's firmament. In accordance with the theme of the holiday, you can appear as any cartoon character, fairytale character, beautiful princess or evil witch. In accordance with the chosen hypostasis, it is necessary and to select a make-up for Halloween.

simple halloween make up

Beautiful Halloween Makeup

Beautiful Halloween makeup is an essential attribute of the image of a princess, fairy, doll or angel.

The make-up pattern for the angel image is made to a palette of light, pastel shades. For an image of a doll or a cartoon princess, you can take more saturated colors to emphasize its “dollness”. In the rest, instructions for its independent execution will be standard.

puppet make up

Tonal basis

Carefully level the complexion with matting and masking agents. To make-up lasted as long as possible, select cosmetic products in accordance with your skin type. Do not forget to pay special attention to the disguise of dark circles under the eyes, because the main emphasis in make-up will fall on them. The color of the tonal tool is worth taking light shades, with reflective particles. This technique will help to visually make the skin surface smoother and will give radiance to young skin.

Beautiful eye make-up

The main focus of the visage is to prepare the skin of the eyelids with a primer. It will fix the pigment particles on the eyelids and will not allow them to crumble, which will save you from the scruffy look in the party process.

beautiful Halloween makeup

  1. If your choice fell on the image of an angel, then apply light shades of pink, pearl, sand on the entire moving eyelid. For doll make-up, you can take blue, rich pink colors.
  2. Carefully blend the shadows through the eyelids. For more courageous girls on sale, you can find special stencils that will help you to depict real masterpieces with the help of shadows! A beautiful Halloween make-up depicted in the form of a lace pattern is a great solution for an image of a fairy or a fairy-tale princess.
  3. To give expressiveness to your eyes, draw an arrow along the lash line. Here you can experiment: do not get hung up on the standard version of the glossy black arrow. Choose an eyeliner of contrasting colors (bright green, blue, blue), shade it with a line of sparkles and your makeup will play a completely different way on your face.
  4. And of course, eyelashes - they should be voluminous, lush, attracting attention. This effect can be achieved with the help of hands with the help of several layers of bulk and lengthening mascara applied on eyelashes. An alternative would be false eyelashes or extended eyelashes. Such a make-up eye looks particularly impressive with decor in the form of rhinestones, feathers, and colored villi.

Choice of blush

Uma Thurman in the form of ivy

The next step will be rouge. For an angelic image it will be enough to emphasize the cheekbones with peach blush, brilliant textures are allowed, which will give an image of festivity. For the doll make-up, you can use more saturated pink coral blush, putting them on the apples of the cheeks.

Lip make-up

In make-up lips, clearly defined sponges of natural shades (pink, peach, light coral) will be an ideal option. To give the image of seduction, use lipstick in combination with glitter.

That's all, beautiful mefk-up for Halloween is ready. Feel free to go to the party!

Makeup for kids

Make-up for kids on Halloween allows you to create bright, cartoonish images. The most popular ideas of visage include:

  • Feline color: to recreate such make-up at home you will not need any special artistic skills. The easiest way to make such a makeup is to draw with black, soft cosmetic pencil, characteristic for cats, mustaches and eyebrows. By coloring the distance between the nose and the lip with white shadows, you can achieve a volume effect. For a better fit to the image - use cosmetic glue to glue individual artificial hairs, repeating the layout of the cat's whiskers and eyebrows. Believe me, this performance will appeal to your child.

children's cat makeup on Halloween

  • Vampire: the main emphasis in this make-up is on the matte paleness of the skin. To achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to whiten the face of the child thoroughly with white powder or eye shadow. Black graphic eyebrows traced with a cosmetic pencil and a scarlet “bloody” drip painted on the corner of your lips will help you to give a sinister look to your appearance.
  • Skeleton: such a make-up for children on Halloween is especially popular with children. And for the seemingly difficult make-up is an uncomplicated technique of execution. For the drawing you need black and white cosmetic pencils or shadows of a liquid or creamy consistency. Outline the contour of the skull on the face with a black pencil. The area that was inside is painted white, and all external elements are black. At night, with a matching suit, which, as a rule, covers the head with a black hood, such a make-up looks truly awesome.

baby zombie make up

  • Doll or princess: For such a make-up on a child's face, it will be enough to emphasize the eyes with pearlescent shadows, tint the cilia and give the lips a color with the help of lip gloss.

Scary makeup on halloween

Scary makeup for Halloween, as a rule, involves the choice of the image of a vampire, zombie or witch. The basis of this make-up becomes a deadly white complexion. The main thing is to make it homogeneous, to ensure that the makeup hides all minor flaws. To achieve the desired effect, you can use white powder, light foundation, white shadows.

zombie make up for halloween

  1. To make the appearance recognizable, carefully paint the eyes: basically, the application scheme involves the classic smoky-eyes in black tones. For greater effect, in the palette, you can add red, burgundy, blue colors that mimic the flow of blood or appearing vessels.
  2. The lips also serve as a bright accent in such a make-up: highlight them with bright scarlet lipstick or dark, black color. Draw on blood drops, scars, bluish stains - in accordance with the selected image.
  3. Do not forget that the terrible makeup on Halloween will be such only in a harmonious combination with the rest of the details of your appearance: dress, attributes, hairstyle.

scary vampire

Halloween light makeup

Easy Halloween makeup is perfect for those who do not have the time or desire to bother with step-by-step drawing of all the elements. For such a light make-up, you can choose one focus on which to focus. It can be lips, eyes, cheek or forehead - as prompted by your imagination.

Cleopatra and the dead beauty

  • Skull: the contrasting combination of a pale face with black eye sockets is always important for celebrating Halloween. Add a black triangle on the tip of the nose, tint the lips in the complexion and paint in its place a scar, teeth or fangs.
  • Witch: shift accents - paint your eyes with maroon and red shadows using the smoky-eyes technique, and paint your lips with rich black color. On a snow-white face, this visage looks very impressive.

witch make-up

  • Cleopatra: Light makeup on Halloween involves imparting a tanned skin tone due to bronzing powder. We trace the eyes with sharp coal-black arrows, like on Egyptian frescoes. Shadows should use gold, blue colors, which can be shaded using a color eyeliner. The corresponding hairstyle and outfit will effectively complement the created image.

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