Halloween cat makeup

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The traditional way to celebrate Halloween is to come up with a vivid image for yourself, in accordance with which to perform make-up, hairstyle and, of course, choose an outfit. And what a holiday without a catwoman ?! If everything is more or less clear with the hairstyle and outfit, then you have to work hard and, as a rule, on your own. So that you have no problems with how to make cat makeup for Halloween, we offer step by step instructions - a guide to action.

Step-by-step scheme for doing make-up cats for Halloween

Tonal basis

Like any other make-up, cat makeup for Halloween begins with the foundation, or rather with the equalization of the tone of the face. This task will help us to cope with the standard tools to which you resort in everyday life. To keep makeup on your face as long as possible, choose a foundation, cream, mousse, etc. according to your skin type. This will help you hide minor flaws inherent in certain skin types, and on the other hand will not overload your face with non-standard cosmetic products.

cat makeup halloween

  1. With minor defects (pimples, abrasions, spots) corrective means with a dense texture that reliably mask the flaws will help us cope. With dark circles under the eyes, the highlighter copes with light-reflecting particles or liquid fluid designed to correct the area around the eyes. To lay the foundation smoother, use special brushes or sponge, but do not overdo it: if you apply makeup with a thick layer, it will make your face unnatural, like a mask.
  2. When toning your face, don't forget to paint over your natural eyebrows. So, it will be much more convenient for you to give your eyebrows the desired bend and shape with your own hands. The image of a cat allows both thin, curved eyebrows, and "shaggy", fleecy, imitating cat hair. Pick an option that will seamlessly fit into your image.

Make-up eye

make up female cat on halloween

  1. Halloween cat makeup is supposed to give your eyes a clear, elongated, almond shape that follows the cat's eyes. The liner will help us with this. Draw a clear line at the base of the eyelashes, extending and bringing its tail up. Make-up apply in dark colors that would be well contrasted with your skin tone.
  2. Halloween makeup for girls does not recognize any taboos - show imagination: paint the entire eyelid with a black pencil, extending a corner of the eye, or for dramatic effect - paint classic smoky-eyes, drawing the outer corner with darker shades from the palette.
  3. To complement the image of the cat will help fluffy, voluminous eyelashes. Expressive effect can be achieved with several layers of extension and bulk carcass. Or just use false eyelashes.
  4. Halloween cat makeup will be more dramatic if you use lenses that mimic the iris and pupil of cat eyes to recreate the image. Such an unusual approach to Halloween together will definitely not be ignored!

Cat muzzle

Beautiful feline makeup on Halloween will be unfinished without a neat cat face. You can portray it using a black cosmetic pencil or a standard eye liner.

Halloween cat face

  1. To draw a cat's nose, gently paint over the tip of your nose with a dark pencil, giving it a triangular shape. Draw a perpendicular straight line down to the level of the upper lip and fill it with the same tone. Cover your lower lip with a tone or powder so that it does not stand out from the face.
  2. Halloween cat makeup is also not possible without luxurious cat whiskers. In the same way, step by step, using a black pencil or eyeliner, draw the antennae radiating from the nasolabial fold.

A simple version of cat makeup for the Halloween holiday

Makeup cats for Halloween can be performed at home and in a simpler version. The scheme of applying such a make-up is to focus only on the eyes or on the face - here everyone is free to choose independently.

halloween makeup

  • If your trump card make up cat on Halloween involves making eyes, then you can fill your lips with bright red lipstick, open with varnish or lip gloss. Such a beautiful Halloween cat makeup is very sexy and highly revered by a male audience that, combined with a tight-fitting outfit, will create a real sensation.
  • If you decide to make a cat muzzle as your main accent, then paint the tip of the nose with a dark pencil and move the nasolabial fold with white shadows to give your make-up a relief. Circle your upper lip with dark lipstick or a pencil, draw the antennae or mark their location with black dots.
  • Beautiful feline makeup on Halloween suggests a noticeable sculpturing of the face with highlighted cheekbones and sunken cheeks. To achieve this effect, you can use bronzing powder and blush. Retract your cheeks: on the places where the hollows have formed - apply a bronzer, and on the protruding parts - peach blush with reflective particles. The visual effect of such a combination of textures is truly unique!

Video: beautiful cat woman makeup for Halloween

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