Grim marilyn manson is bright and provocative

Marilyn manson

Grim Marilyn Manson is one of the business cards of the famous shock-rocker, whose image is built on the outrageous, and life is shrouded in many secrets and myths. Here are just a few of them: the musician chopped heroin in his own eye, removed the ribs, tortured and killed innocent animals, and his work provoked a wave of mass suicides.

Meanwhile, none of these statements is confirmed by real facts, and journalists, who interviewed Manson, emphasize that he is a very educated person, as well as a delicate interlocutor.

Scarlet lips

Always different Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson's visage, which, by the way, is never the same, so liked the stars of show business that its main features - deathly pallor, dark, disproportionately puffy lips and randomly circled dark color - began to repeat.

hat lover

In everyday life, it is hardly worth shocking others in this way, but for Halloween or a theme party, Marilyn Manson's makeup is an interesting choice.

stage image

In order to make it to yourself (to yourself), it is enough to watch several clips of a musician and fix the repeating details of the image.

98 Grim Marilyn Manson - bright and

It is also possible to take any photo of Marilyn Manson as a basis, it is impossible to make a mistake here: until recently, the rocker didn’t appear to the general public without make-up;

different looks

Manson's most gothic makeup step by step

So, at home to do a make-up in the spirit of Marilyn Manson, you will need:

  1. Carefully cover your eyebrows. The musician does not have them at all, not every girl is able to shave them off to become the highlight of a mad party. Therefore, it is better to make them almost imperceptible by applying several layers of eyebrow gel, and then powder and cover up with concealer.
  2. Maximum lighten the tone of the face, based on the cream and powder a few shades lighter than natural. It’s great if during the shading the face gets a purple hue - on all the photos of Marilyn Manson it is he who gives the musician the eerie color of the underworld. In addition, it is necessary to focus on the elongated angularity of the face, putting a darker tone on the nasolabial triangle and lower jaw, bringing its shape to the square as possible.
  3. Then it is necessary to gradually move to the most difficult and interesting part of the experiment - eye makeup. Having carefully studied the image of the artist, one can note that each time he paints them differently: he puts on blue shadows, sometimes pinkish-bronze, then leaves one eye unpainted ... The only constant detail is a very bright color lens, always one. If you wish, you can repeat this trick, but it is not for everyone: tearfulness, itching often occur, and it is better, of course, to test the lenses in advance than to go to a party, having no idea whether it is possible to use them in principle.

rocker on stage

So, to make up your eyes in the spirit of Marilyn Manson, you need to do the following step by step:

  1. To shade the upper eyelid with a soft black (mandatory) pencil, leaving a little space free from the color in the very center of the eyelid, then circle the lower contour of the eye, not bringing the line to the inner corner of the eye.
  2. After that, you can go to the color, for example, blue, which ideally emphasizes the contrast of makeup.
  3. Shadows will need to be shaded with a black base, deliberately carelessly, going to the eyebrow, the outer and inner corners of the eyes and part of the nose. Top layer you need to put dark shadows without shine and mix them with a little blue to get a single mixed color. A little trick: the effect of different eyes - the rocker's trademark - can be achieved not only with colored contact lenses, but also with eyelashes made with ink of contrasting colors (white and black), or glued with false eyelashes of different shades (preferably - length too).

red make-up

Disproportionately plump bright lips - another accent, without which it is impossible to imagine the makeup of the shocking rocker. And here comes the finest hour for those who have never got a smooth contour: you can and even have to go beyond the natural borders of the lips. Lipstick is only necessary to take a bright or dark - a shade of Bordeaux will be very useful. For exact hit in an image from above it can be powdered with dark shadows, putting with their easy patting movements by means of a slanted brush.

blue shadows on the eyelids

The finished image remains to be supplemented with an asymmetrical haircut and some incredible combination of things. In the extreme case, a white blouse with a narrow black tie is suitable - a win-win.

original makeup eye

Be yourself: makeup or lack of it

So, here is a rough guide for those who want to repeat the makeup of the most Gothic rock musician of our time. The fact that this image is quite complex and difficult, despite all the brightness, is also indicated by the fact that Marilyn Manson appears without make-up more and more often: out of the entire rich cosmetic arsenal, the actor has only his favorite black eyeliner left.

However, he can do without it: so, in the series “Eastbound and Down” the artist appeared in a natural way.

careless visage on the face

In addition, it is possible that Muscovites will soon be able to see Marilyn Manson live without makeup: on July 31, 2017, the rock musician will give a concert for all fans of his scandalous work.

fan copies of a rock shock

It is worth noting that in the past, in 2016, the performances of Manson had to be canceled both in Moscow and in Novosibirsk, which could not but upset the fans of hard rock.

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