Gray makeup

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In modern times, all girls want to look beautiful and attractive, carefully watching fashion trends. One of the hits of the season is gray makeup. This image will be perfect in the autumn-winter period at the turn of 2014-2015. Many stylists try to avoid shades of gray in creating an image, they consider it rather dim and gloomy. But this is not always correct. Make-up in gray should be created in such a way as to emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws.

Step-by-step technique to create gray makeup

There are a number of features that must be considered when using similar shades of cosmetics:

  • To create a sufficiently spectacular image, it is necessary to complement the gray color of the shadows with more vivid. For example, it may be gray-black makeup or pink-gray, and, perhaps, you dare to create a makeup of gray with the addition of purple.
  • Red-haired girls with a predominance of freckles on their faces should avoid gray scale in make-up.
  • Also, a similar cold shade will look rather ridiculous on mulatto and tanned beauties.
  • Create gray images for evening events, for everyday office style you should prefer more delicate and warm colors.

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  1. Makeup in shades of gray begins with cleansing the skin. Wash and apply toning lotion, then moisturize the skin with daily care.
  2. Apply to the skin tonal foundation. Gray makeup means a bright face with clear skin. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to apply a lighter half-tone base and fix it with matte powder.
  3. Blush is better to use peach or gently pink flowers. Apply them with light, barely touching movements with a brush.

Eye makeup

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In the application of gray make-up with their own hands, the main role, perhaps, is played by the eyes. That they should be given all the attention. The scheme of applying such shades of cosmetics will not be difficult, but, despite this, it is necessary that you take into account the step by step instructions.

Blue-gray eye makeup

To create this image you will need shades of gray and blue shades, as well as silver and black pencil. This make-up will be the perfect complement to the evening image.

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  1. Move the upper eyelid with a gray pencil, and lower the lower eyelid with black from the middle of the eye.
  2. On a moving eyelid, distribute the shades of blue, slightly raising the horizon line towards the outer corner.
  3. In the same way, apply gray shades immediately above the blue. It would be great if the shadows will have a shimmer and shine.
  4. Thoroughly blend transitions and apply mascara on eyelashes.

Gray-black eye makeup

This image is quite popular for evening celebrations, as well as for everyday office style. To create it, you will need shades of silver and copper black.

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  1. Move the upper eyelid and create a small arrow.
  2. On the outer corner of the eye, apply black shadows, slightly raising the bend line.
  3. Distribute gray shadows to the inner corner and carefully blend the border of the transition.
  4. Lower eyelid slightly move the pencil. If evening makeup is created, distribute some silver shadows on the lower eyelid. This will make the eyes more expressive and will give a special charm.
  5. Finally, apply classic black mascara.

Lip makeup

The color of the lipstick is selected independently, taking into account the colors that were used for eye makeup.

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  • Gray-blue makeup is ideal complement lipstick or lip gloss mainly bodily and natural shades. For extra visual lip volume, finally apply a few drops of clear gloss to the middle of the lower lip.
  • Creating eye makeup with gray shadows, you should choose a lipstick tone from pearlescent, pink and carrot tones. They also can be visually increased in volume.
  • When creating a gray-black makeup at home, give preference to bright colors of red shades.

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As you already understood, it is not difficult to make eye makeup with gray shadows, it is only important to carefully consider all the details so that the image is as harmonious as possible.

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