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Many modern girls are open to all sorts of experiments in makeup, and cosmetics manufacturers contribute to this, creating new textures and expanding the palette of colors with new shades. Today the choice of decorative cosmetics is so great that whatever image appears in your head, you can easily embody the idea, even if it is a golden makeup! The colors of precious metals never go out of fashion, and if you like to discover something new, we suggest that you try to perform makeup with gold.

When is golden makeup appropriate?

Most likely, you will think that golden makeup is too bold and is not appropriate for everyday life. But this is not entirely true, because you can perform a make-up with golden shadows or bring a thin arrow with a golden eyeliner and, in combination with massive metal accessories, it will look stylish.

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But black and gold makeup and smoky gold makeup can already be called an evening classic. Such a make up will harmoniously look with a black dress on the floor or with vestments made of luxurious fabrics such as jacquard, brocade or silk of burgundy, emerald or blue. The main condition: the gloss on the dress should be at least or not at all.

However, if you want to cover the cheekbones with the radiance of the precious metal, add a play on the lips and eyes, such a golden makeup would be appropriate only for thematic photo shoots and images. Appearing in this form in public, you can count on the condemnation and ridicule of others, as they say in Odessa "in a rich way" look just will not work. Therefore, creating a make-up in gold tones, it is important to know the measure. The exception is shocking girls who are used to shock and surprise people around with their appearance. They are allowed, if not all, then a lot!

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Who is golden makeup for?

Try on makeup in gold tones can absolutely any girl, highlighting the precious shades of the dignity of their appearance. But best of all the golden sheen is combined with black and brown colors, and therefore the most winning combination is dark brown brunettes and golden makeup.

dark-haired girls

In addition, golden play in make-up emphasize the status and power of adult women, but here moderation is paramount. All make up is best done in classic colors and add quite a bit of shine to the cheekbones or eyelids.

We do golden makeup with our own hands

For your face to sparkle with the glitter of precious metals, makeup products abound. We will tell you about it and show photos of golden makeup. A few tips will help you execute makeup with gold at home.

girls with a brilliant make-up

Selection of decorative cosmetics in golden tones

In the cosmetic stores you can find the shadow, mascara or eyeliner for any wallet. We have prepared for you a selection of high-quality and popular cosmetic products, well-proven in girls. With their help, create a chic make-up is not difficult.

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Golden shadows

The best golden shadows are represented by the following manufacturers of decorative cosmetics:

  • Bourjois. The golden shadows of the Bourgeois Intense series in shade 01 will give your eyes a light warm glow. When applied to the base, the color will be less saturated, but the resistance of make-up will increase to 16 hours. Shadows can be applied wet by wetting the applicator with water. This way you can draw golden arrows. The price is about 500 rubles.
  • M.A.C. A palette of shadows from 5 golden shades of Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow will allow you to create a brilliant Smoky ice or smoky golden makeup. Shadows have medium resistance, to enhance it, it is better to apply shadows with a slightly wet brush, wetting it with a make-up retainer. When applied to the base gloss softens. The cost is about 2000 rubles.

the shadows of Bourgeois and M.A.C.

Golden powder

In make-up you can use the following products:

  • M.A.C. Pigment Color Powder, Melon shade. One of the most popular products of this cosmetic brand. Crumbly golden pollen is versatile and easy to apply. You can use it as a powder, if you want to give your face an active shine, for example, for a stage image or make-up for a photo shoot, you can apply to the cheekbones with a blush brush or cover the eyelid. The price is about 1000 rubles.
  • Guerlain Liu Perfumed Shimmer Powder. Crumbly fine powder can be used for face, body and hair. When applied to the face gives a light glow of the skin, making it fresh and well-groomed. Powder has the aroma of Guirlain Liu perfume, it will be an ideal choice for an evening make-up, cost about 3000 rubles.

glitter powder

To golden powder lay on the face perfectly, you must first cover the skin base. In the evening make-up, powder is applied with a small brush according to this scheme: along the cheekbones from temple to chin, a couple of strokes of the brush under the eyebrows, a little powder on the inner corners of the eyes - this will focus on the look. A little powder on the upper lip will make the mouth fluffy.

Golden mascara

If gold mascara is used in your make-up, the shadows and eyeliner should be of pure colors and preferably with light mother-of-pearl, otherwise the look may be congested. It is not recommended to supplement such mascara with makeup with golden shadows, it is better to replace it with a rich black color. Cover the cilia with glitter using mascara from Yves Rocher. It has a light texture and does not cover all the cilia with sparkles, and gives the effect of a veil, you can apply mascara on the eyebrows. The cost is about 200 rubles.

girls with shiny shadows

Golden blush

Fine blush shimmers can be used as rouge by applying a small amount with a brush along the cheekbone line. Popular gold blush NoUBA Blush on Bubble, presented in different natural colors and shades with brilliant mods. Virtually odorless and easily distributed on the skin. Possess the increased firmness and keep shine throughout the day. The estimated cost is about 1000 rubles.

How do you perform golden eye makeup? What kind of makeup do you use? Leave your feedback under the article, we are interested in your opinion.

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