Geisha makeup

Geisha Makeup

A geisha is a clever, modest, charming, mysterious, submissive, petite, young girl, faithfully serving her master. Many people who were not particularly familiar with Eastern traditions and traditions considered these Eastern beauties to be persons with a vicious reputation. It's not like that at all. The geishas accompanied their master at all important meetings, festivals, entertained the guests with clever speeches, poems, sang songs, played traditional instruments, and behaved quite decently. In addition to their behavior, these girls had their memorable outfit and unusual makeup.

Japanese geisha make-up is a bleached face, an expressive, clear make-up of the eyes and scarlet miniature lips. Nowadays, many girls are interested in the history of these beauties, their outfit and make-up. You ask: what is the interest, because with such make-up there is no way to go? But what about the theme parties, Halloween, in these cases it will be very interesting and stylish. Or arranged romantic in Japanese themes, your favorite will appreciate this image in full!

gentle make-up

If you decide to master the Japanese make-up of a geisha at home, you should familiarize yourself with the basic nuances of the application technique. Real geisha spend a lot of time creating this puppet image. Sometimes they spend 5 hours in front of the mirror! Do not worry, we will simplify your task and describe the easier lessons, with the technique that every girl understands.

Japanese-style seduction lessons

Accurately learn the features of a geisha's makeup:

  • white face, it should resemble a porcelain doll face,
  • eye makeup should have expressive black arrows and some shadows in a dark brown gamut,
  • lip makeup should be done with red, juicy lipstick. More often lips paint in the middle, as if creating a heart in the middle,
  • To complement your image, you should have black hair, like a crow's wing, tucked into an unusual hairstyle,
  • Do not forget about clothes, or rather about the beautiful Japanese kimono.

White skin

These Japanese women were creating their own image for 3-5 hours a day, so their cost for maintenance was high in cost. Not every man could afford the company of these young beauties! Applying makeup to a geisha is quite an art.

In ancient times, girls whitened their faces with lead, poisoning the body and spoiling the skin with white. Nowadays, these intimidating agents are forgotten, they use rice flour, which is diluted with water, for make-up, and before applying this rice gruel, their face is covered with a wax-based cream. After removing this makeup, Japanese beauties thoroughly cleanse and moisturize the skin, bringing it back to normal.

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Lessons in the phased creation of the image of a Japanese geisha

So, you wondered how to do makeup in the style of a geisha? Here is a step-by-step instruction.

Porcelain face

In ancient times, Japanese women applied whitewash to the entire face and neck, as well as to the hands and neck area. They didn’t paint only the hairline, the back of the neck, which looked like a small snake tongue. As we know, white is a rice powder with water that does not adversely affect the skin of the face. The ideal porcelain face could be obtained only by applying wax with oil on the skin, and only then it is painted with whitewash. Wax-oil mixture gave the makeup resistance and protects the skin.

porcelain face

Nowadays, rice flour boldly replaced with white makeup or a combination of foundation and long-lasting powder, the shades of these products should be much brighter than your natural skin tone.

Expressive eyes

Eyes in any visage are a weighty and bright accent, and in Japanese make-up geisha is even more so.

  1. The main part of the eye make-up is the eyeliner line, the eyeliner usually has 2 shades of black and red.
  2. Then comes the application of shadows, the shadows are usually coral, dark brown or brick-colored. They are well shaded. Shadows are applied first to the inner corner of the eye, here there is a light shade of shadows. Then lead a line to the outer corner, which has a brighter color.
  3. One little thing. When you have started applying the shadow on the outer corner of the eye, do not forget to turn them to the lower eyelid, as if drawing a triangle.
  4. Now that the shadows are done, you need to draw a contour line on the upper eyelid. For this you need a charcoal black liner. The contour is drawn from the outer corner to the inner.
  5. In the lower eyelid also draw a line, in the same manner, but the color of the eyeliner is light gray.
  6. The eyeliner line of the upper and lower eyelids is closed together, making your eyes in Asian style.
  7. Do not forget about the eyebrow line. It should be perfectly smooth, clearly bending around the contour. The line width must be larger than your own brow line. To create a contour eyebrows, use a black pencil.

expressive eyes

Doll lips

Miniature, tiny sponges resembling a bow or a flower. That is how the lips in the make-up of these Japanese beauties should look like. Lipstick should be red, this shade has always been considered sexually attractive.

  1. We need to achieve a visual reduction of the lips. The light shade of foundation will help us in this, we apply it on the entire surface of the lips, then lightly powder it with light powder.
  2. With the help of a contour pencil for lips, we draw the outline of the future shape in the form of a bow or a flower. We take a brush for applying lipstick, the necessary shade of the lip and begin to paint over the drawn outline. As for the texture of the lipstick, you can safely use a matte texture or glossy.

unusual makeup

Now you know all about how to create a make-up in the style of a geisha with your own hands. We hope that our small lessons on how to gradually create the image of a Japanese lady turned out to be simple and understandable.

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