French makeup

girl in red beret with french makeup

French makeup is one of the most popular types of makeup this season. France has always been famous for beautiful, elegant and extravagant women. So, creating a makeup in the style of France, you will add a special zest to your style.

The French style in make-up came into fashion quite a long time ago, but even in modern times it hasn’t become outdated, but only has placed new accents. The technique of applying favorite French makeup is not as difficult as it seems and can be done independently at home.

Features french makeup

French makeup has its own distinctive features:

  • The face always looks snow-white, clean and innocent;
  • There are no bright shades in the eyes, but only their natural beauty and expressiveness are emphasized;
  • The lips are always focused, usually they are sensually red;
  • Evening makeup requires a special selection of eyes and can use false eyelashes.

The scheme of applying makeup in French style

In order to properly apply the French makeup, you will need at least some ideas about applying cosmetics in general. Of course, before applying cosmetics, the face must be prepared and well cleaned. Better if it is a three-phase cleaning technique. In this case, the skin is first cleansed with the help of a special agent, then a toning lotion is applied and, finally, it is necessary to use an everyday cream suitable for the skin type. Having done all the phases of cleaning step by step, you can begin to create makeup.


models with french make up

  1. It is necessary to apply a tonal basis on the face, one and a half tones lighter than the native complexion. Pick up the shade is quite careful not to overdo it. Otherwise, you risk getting an unnatural puppet face.
  2. Apply the foundation on the face with confident movements using a special sponge.
  3. After that, apply powder with a brush that matches the tone of the foundation. All funds are applied along the hairline and along the line of facial muscles step by step.


The technique of creating a French make-up on the eyes is minimal.

  1. For everyday accent on the eyes it is better to use the classic black eyeliner and mascara. Shadows are applied pastel transparent tones.
  2. If the French makeup is selected for the evening exit, it is possible to use false eyelashes and shadows half a tone darker. All strokes should not be contrast, be sure to shade the paint.


The main focus is on the lips.

lip makeup in red

  1. Before applying lipstick, use the foundation for lips. This will preserve the rich sensual color of your lips for a longer time.
  2. After applying the base, take a lip liner a tone darker than the selected lipstick. Create a contour as close as possible to your home. Do not increase the lips at the expense of the pencil, it will look pretty vulgar.
  3. Apply a layer of lipstick and let it dry for a while, then blot your lips with a paper napkin and remove the excess.
  4. Next, apply a second layer of lipstick. Leading stylists, when creating a make-up in the French style, recommend applying lipstick in two layers. This will make maximum emphasis on your lips.


two charming girls with an elegant make up

Undoubtedly, eyebrows occupy an important place in the make-up of French women. They should not be too thin and very wide. Everything should be in moderation.

  1. The extra sticking hairs must be removed with tweezers, and the missing ones must be “drawn”. Here you will come to the aid of an irreplaceable eyebrow pencil. Very important: you can not use a pencil designed for eye makeup on the eyebrows.
  2. Sharp movements emphasize the missing hairs, do it very carefully, do not make efforts not to get the "mask effect".
  3. Fix the result will help a special gel for fixing eyebrows.

Remember that the French are something very gentle, fragile and elegant. Try to make your makeup as relevant to this description as possible.

Video: a detailed master class on the creation of French makeup

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