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make up with gray shadows

Each woman, going to a solemn event, wants to look good and make-up plays one of the main roles in this. To deal with the question of how to make a festive make-up at home, also sometimes called evening, it is worth considering that it should be very different from the natural-restrained day.

Instructions for applying festive makeup involves the use of more saturated and bright colors. Since in the premises where holidays are held, intensive artificial lighting is most often used, the colors and contours of the make-up are blurred, so they should be strengthened. However, this should be done carefully to prevent image overloading and keep a reasonable balance of accents. Festive makeup of the eyes, lips and the whole face should be chosen bright, but harmonious, only in this case it will turn out to look elegant and stylish.

Creating a base for makeup

  1. Before applying a festive make-up with your own hands, it is recommended to take a relaxing bath and rub fragrant oil into the skin. If this procedure does not have time, then it can be replaced by applying a mask that nourishes and moisturizes the skin of the face, giving it a flowering and fresh look.
  2. First of all, you should use a foundation that is suitable for your complexion and skin type.
  3. Small blemishes on the face and blue circles under the eyes must be masked with the help of foundation or concealer, and then fix the base with loose powder. She will be able to remove the ugly greasy luster from her face and give the skin a pleasant velvety. The procedure for performing this procedure is quite simple and it is easy to do it yourself.

girl with festive makeup

Festive make-up for each eye color

Festive makeup for brown eyes

Brown-eyed young ladies are very lucky, because the choice of makeup colors is very large. If you turn on the fantasy, you can make a chic festive make up yourself.

festive makeup for brown eyes

  • You can make an image of mystery with the help of a sponge, causing dark shadows along the lines of the growth of eyelashes, then gently feathering it.
  • Then you should hold a white pencil across the inside of the lower eyelid. As a result, the eyes will become more expressive.
  • When applying a festive make-up for brown eyes to girls with large eyes, the use of a black pencil is recommended - this will give them a “cat-like look”.
  • If the upper eyelid is applied to a tone that is darker than the natural skin tone, and the middle of the century is lightened with a more radiant light tone, then such an accent will make the look radiant.
  • A very important touch for girls with brown eyes is the density of eyelashes. To get a more expressive and mysterious look, you need to carefully paint each eyelash and not forget about the extreme.

Festive makeup for gray eyes

Gray eyes are considered one of the most common. This color has one very interesting feature: they change shade depending on mood, lighting, and also a make-up. That is why, making a festive makeup for gray eyes, you can choose the most suitable among a huge variety of images, and make it your own hands.

blonde with festive make up

  • If you want to look angelicly clean and fragile, then gray, lilac, blue and chocolate tones are perfect for you. But in order to give expressiveness in the image, one should only choose shades a couple of tones darker than for the “light” make-up.
  • Make your eyes shine and "transparency" will help the choice of shadows one tone lighter than your shade of the iris.
  • To create a sense of green or blue eyes are used shades of these colors, to a maximum close to the natural shade of the eyes.
  • When applying mascara, it is necessary to color the eyelashes from the roots to the tips, without disregarding even the most inconspicuous bright eyelashes. At the same time, the brush should be directed in such a way that the effect of the “unfolded fan” of eyelashes is obtained.
  • Finish the image eyeliner, which is very well emphasize the thickness of the eyelashes.

Festive makeup for blue eyes

Blue eyes are very gentle, bright and fascinating, and if you know how to apply makeup, then its owner will certainly be the most beautiful on any occasion.

very beautiful make up eye

  • When making a festive makeup for blue eyes, we recommend applying a shade with pale pink, purple, gold, silver, pearl and brown-gray shades.
  • If you want to give the look of depth, this will help a bright pink tone, which is perfect for romantic meetings with your loved one.
  • To create a spectacular image with the help of a festive make-up, the shades of bright blue color are perfect, which will give your eyes maximum expressiveness and depth.
  • And if you apply coal shadows step by step with any other shade you like, then your look will not leave anyone indifferent.

Festive makeup for green eyes

Owners of green eyes should know that the application of festive makeup will require special skills, because not all shades of shadows are suitable for them. It is necessary to apply make-up step by step.

green-eyed model

  • Creating a festive makeup for green eyes, turn your attention to purple hues, very expressively emphasizing all the beauty and charm of the bewitching look. The colors that set off lilac colors like gold, peach, and beige can help to avoid vulgarity.
  • To give a special mystery, creating a festive eye makeup green tint, you must use the shadows of dark shades that need to be applied to the eyelid, and shade closer to the fold area.
  • If you cover the under-roof area with shadows of a light golden hue, then the look will be as open as possible.
  • Metallic, dark purple and cream shades will help to emphasize all the charm of the beautiful half of humanity with green eyes. If you want to give your make-up a little glamor, give preference to golden and copper tones.
  • The final and very important stage is curling eyelashes. This will add a special expressiveness to your make-up, and make your look seductive.

luxurious make up eye

With sufficient knowledge, any young lady can apply stylish and effective festive makeup. A beautiful make-up is certainly a guarantee of a charming and charming appearance that can attract the attention of absolutely every man.

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