Fashion makeup

make-up in dark blue shades

Embodying the artistic image, makeup artists perform fashion makeup is not always for the sake of beauty, and often with the aim of translating the idea. That is why some catwalk images are shocking and sometimes even ridiculous. Such techniques are not destined to take root in everyday life, but they have a powerful influence on the formation of fashion trends. We will introduce you to the features of the runway make-up, as well as teach you how to make fashion makeup in 2 variations, show you beautiful photos and an interesting video.

Features fashion makeup

Fashion make-up is a multifaceted concept with its own characteristics. Among them are the following:

  • Make-up in the style of fashion should be performed cosmetics increased resistance. He should not suffer from the heat of searchlights and spotlights.
  • Make-up should fully support the overall concept of the image, but not focus all the viewer's attention on itself, because on the catwalk the models show first of all clothes, accessories or shoes.
  • If this is a ready-to-wear show, the model goes to the podium several times in different images. Then fashion make up is done. "transformable"so that if necessary the makeup artist can quickly adjust the make-up for each of them.
  • Whatever technique the make-up artist would use, whether it is a wet make up or a matte make-up, special attention is paid to the tone of the model's face. There should be no imperfections, signs of fatigue or shine.
  • Unlike the natural make-up, in which the emphasis is on the eyes or lips, fashion makeup allows for the selection of both.

fashion make up

Create your own fashion makeup

As a rule, fashion makeup is not designed for everyday wear. However, if you need make-up for fashion shooting or you are just interested in trying on a new image and mastering a new technique, the following lessons will be useful to you. When performing any of these 2 options, take care of creating the perfect "canvas":

  1. To make up was resistant, use a primer.
  2. Then apply a concealer on your face. For even coverage, makeup artists usually use a sponge or synthetic brush.
  3. Eliminate shortcomings in the form of dark circles under the eyes, post acne and pimples with a corrector.
  4. Cover the face with a matting powder.

Graphic fashion make-up in purple

To make this bright make-up in fashion style, you will need: a base under the shadows, a black pencil, bright purple, black, silver, lavender, orange, sandy shadows, black eyeliner, scotch, brushes, black mascara. For lips you can use fuchsia lipstick.

bright graphic make up

Step-by-step instructions on how to make-up looks like this:

  1. On the upper eyelid, apply the base under the shadow.
  2. Cut 2 pieces of tape and glue them so that they overlap the eyebrows from the tips to the middle.
  3. Now we draw with a black pencil a substrate under the shadow: we bring the upper and lower eyelids, extend the arrow to the adhesive tape, then raise the line along the adhesive tape to the middle of the eyebrow and draw the line to the bridge of the nose.
  4. Use a brush to shade a pencil, and then cover it with black shadows on top.
  5. The empty part of the upper eyelid is covered with bright purple shadows.
  6. We add silver shadows to the corners of the eyes.
  7. Lavender shadows bring the lower eyelid, duplicating black shadows.
  8. Orange shadows cover the area of ​​skin under the eyes to the cheek, rising to the temples.
  9. Purple shadows paint over the area of ​​skin between the inner corner of the eye and the area covered with orange shadows.
  10. Brush pound border of color transition.
  11. Unstuck adhesive tape. On the skin that was under the adhesive tape we apply sandy shadows.
  12. Draw eyebrows with black pencil.
  13. With a liner draw an arrow on the upper eyelid.
  14. Completing our fashion makeup black mascara.

 Fashion make-up "Juicy Lime"

The following fashion makeup requires the presence of such decorative cosmetics: the base under the shadows, bright lemon gel eyeliner, light green, beige, gray shadows, black eyeliner, brushes, black ink. Any lipstick lipstick will suit your lips.

lime make up

The phased creation scheme is as follows:

  1. Cover the base of the eyelids.
  2. Cover the entire upper eyelid to the fold with a lemon gel eyeliner.
  3. Top duplicate eyeliner with light green shadows.
  4. Using a fluffy brush, apply the same shadows in the inner corner of the eye.
  5. Under the brow add beige shadows.
  6. Apply a gray tint of shadows to the fold.
  7. Draw an arrow with a black liner.
  8. Stepping back a couple of millimeters from the ciliary edge of the lower eyelid with gray shadows we sum up a line.
  9. Complete makeup for fashion shooting black mascara.

Try to repeat these ideas? It is possible that not everyone will be able to perform such a make up carefully on the first attempt, but having trained you will definitely be able to create a unique image yourself.

Video: Fashion creative make-up

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