Fashion makeup 2016 - a kaleidoscope of new products

fashion makeup 2016

Fashion makeup 2016 includes directions of visage, which have already become classics, as well as new items that are just a few months old. When we want to find out what is fashionable in the make-up of 2016 - the best thing is to pay attention to the stars, bohemia and fashion bloggers, for whom their own appearance is not just a way of self-expression, but their daily bread.

If a few years ago, looking at the photo of celebrity and models in gloss, it was difficult to hope to repeat their popular makeup for their own photo shoot, then the 2016 fashionable makeup for every day is no worse than the options from magazines. And even better, because each of us can recreate it at home, without the help of a team of stylists.

Main directions in make-up 2016

contouring lover Kim Kardashian

Fashion makeup 2016 includes the following techniques:

  • Baking;
  • contouring;
  • strobe;
  • nonturing

Of course, the actual makeup of this year cannot be done without the “primer” of our conditional canvas, that is, applying a base for makeup on the face. The word Foundation refers to the tonal framework (cream, BB-cream), which should not differ from the basic (or desired) tone of the face. Applying such a mandatory tool before performing any of the listed techniques guarantees alignment, smoothing of the skin microrelief and good adhesion of the remaining layers of cosmetics to the base.

Contouring - aggressive blackout

contouring technique

The very first method of sculpting a face is considered to be contouring, which in essence is a game of shadow and light on the face. The main tools are brushes, the main one of which is an average kabuki brush with a beveled edge. And the means without which it is impossible to make contouring is a bronzer (darkening powder).

Consider step by step the stages of applying fashionable in 2016 make-up contouring. Choosing this type of optical sculpture, you can safely focus on video and photo lessons of Kim Kardashian and her followers. The main thing - do not overdo it with contrast, because the task of daytime makeup is still to preserve a share of natural beauty, even visually changing facial features.

To contour yourself, be sure to start by identifying the main problems of a person. It can be:

  • Round face;
  • Elongated face;
  • Wide nose;
  • Long nose;
  • High or, conversely, narrow forehead;
  • The presence of a double chin.

Amanda Seyfred and Candice Swanepoel

Today's fashion make-up trends suggest that all these conditional “defects” can be corrected. The main thing is to understand what prevents you from feeling like a beauty, because the variations in the shape of the face do not necessarily spoil it. On the contrary, any of them can be your "highlight". If, nevertheless, you decide to argue with nature and somewhat correct the contour, then follow these steps step by step:

  1. Clean and moisturize the skin well. Excess cream can be removed with a napkin;
  2. Apply a base under makeup, foundation;
  3. Concealer cover the red spots and rashes, if they are present;
  4. Use your bronzer to create your perfect contour.

The last point suggests that you need to recreate the shadows that make the face expressive. Bronzer is most often shaded by the wings of the nose, the forehead on both sides, the line under the cheekbone. So the facial features will look more subtle, their owner - young and slim.

Anti-contouring, or strobe

strobe makeup

The word strobe refers to the method of optical lightening of those parts of the face that should be convex from nature. This is the middle of the forehead, the back of the nose, the area under the eyebrow, cheekbones. Also, the chin and hollow over the upper lip are traditionally lightened with a special highlighter. What are the goals of strobe makeup? This, of course, gives expression to the person, namely:

  • The emphasis on the forehead makes the oval more classic and noble;
  • Highlighter under the eyebrow gives an "open look";
  • The sculptural modeling of the cheekbones is undoubtedly beautiful;
  • A bright spot above the lips will attract attention to them and make them bigger, more plump. This also contributes to the application of funds on the chin.

Making such a fashionable make-up this year to itself, of course, one should take into account the type of skin. If it is prone to glitter, or it is hot in the street, then a sparkling and glowing highlighter will not solve it, but it will aggravate the problem.

strobing and contouring

Fresh Mix - Nonturing

Recently, aggressive contouring-sculpturing and radiant strobing have changed their combination - non-makeup makeup. The meaning of this make-up is to delicately and imperceptibly shadow some areas and lighten others to the maximum. Here is a simple nonturing scheme:

  1. We apply a reflective primer with "meteor particles" on the whole face;
  2. On top of it we moisturize and slightly tint with BB cream;
  3. Spot masks defects and redness concealer;
  4. Use the highlighter according to the strobing makeup scheme.

In this technique, the instruction is quite simple; the most important secret is to well shade all the components, to create the effect of “unpainted face”. The maximum that you can afford from decorative cosmetics - a little lengthening mascara, gel on the eyebrows and lip gloss. Thus, nonturing is a simple and fashionable makeup 2016 for every day.

girl with nonturing make up

Baking or Baking

Baking make-up is the name of a fashionable technique in make-up, which literally means “baking”. If you look at the photo of the model in the process, it is hard to believe that all the mass on the face will be able to take a normal look. However, after all the manipulations, the grimace-like triangles under the eyes and the abundant powdery powder give an immaculate face, as if painted by the hand of a brilliant artist.

It is precisely because the result of baking reminds theatrical makeup with its texture and firmness, this type of make-up is hardly suitable for everyday use. But it is indispensable for photo shoots, filming, or long celebrations when you want to keep the coating for a long time.

models, painted in different techniques

Thanks to all the same Kim Kardashian, now baking is a popular make-up, and speaking of what is fashionable in the makeup of 2016, one should not forget about it in any way. But it is necessary to mention the "contraindications": if the skin under the eyes is covered with a noticeable rash, dry or with a noticeable network of wrinkles, nothing good will happen. If everything is in order, then boldly bake:

  1. Abundantly moisturize the area under the eyes;
  2. Apply successively primer, base and tone;
  3. We draw with the concealer a “triangle”, moving from the nose to the temples - so the dense oily remedy will roll less.
  4. Shade with the fingertips of the triangle border, lightly tapping;
  5. Now you can “bake”: with a sponge or a big fluffy brush we apply finishing powder under the eyes. It really takes a lot, leave extra balls for 5 minutes or more. This is necessary so that the powder absorbs excess concealer, and the joint product is fixed on the face.
  6. We brush with a round brush at last a crumbly remedy, admiring the result.

Of course, in this case, the synonym for “perfect” make-up becomes “inanimate”, “deliberate” and sometimes “vulgar”. However, the face, even the most mediocre, will shine and glow from the inside, drawing attention to its owner.

bake and nonturing

Analyzing the fashion trends of modern care and decoration of the face in 2016, we can note the general desire for naturalness. Radiance is associated with youth and health, sharper facial modeling - with beauty and youth. Perform actual makeup 2016 today is not difficult. Many effective tools, video lessons and workshops are available to all comers. Just imagine yourself beautiful - and try to embody: you will be surprised how well it will turn out.

Ji Ji Hadid and Jennifer Lopez

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