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To look fashionable, it is not enough to choose a wardrobe according to the latest trends. Without a stylish make-up any image will be incomplete. Therefore, knowledge of what make-up in fashion in 2015 will be useful to you. In the coming year, the make-up may be different, but the main trends are still visible. More about them.

Fashion trends in makeup 2015

Nude make-up

Fashion make-up 2015 is a kind of symbiosis of all eras experienced. Here, every girl will be able to show their individuality by conducting the most unexpected experiments. Natural makeup has been popular among medieval ladies for a long time and this is an absolute hit of 2015.

nude makeup

The main thing in Nude make-up is a perfectly even face without any flaws. Light, subtle blush, bright colors of lipstick, and the eyelids should not be painted over at all. Eyelashes can be slightly touched with black or dyed with transparent mascara, creating a natural curl. The color of the lipstick or gloss may differ from the natural color of the lips by just 1-2 tones. Nude makeup will make any girl feminine and emphasize her natural data.

Eyebrows as an art object

Speaking about fashion trends in make-up in 2015, it is impossible not to note eyebrows. Last year, girls actively emphasized the soft curves and clear contours of the natural shape of the eyebrows. The rule of makeup: "Eyebrows are darker than hair on tone" this year, designers and makeup artists have forgotten. In the new year, eyebrows are an indisputable trend, they are no longer just eye-framing, eyebrows have become a whole art. Straight or curved, wide or elegant, the main thing - bright and eye-catching.

well-groomed eyebrows

Step by step to create the correct shape will help tweezers, and pencils and eyebrow shadows will help to make eyebrows voluminous and bright. If you want to have bright eyebrows and not tint them daily, you can use the service of coloring with special paints. It is better to trust the master in this matter, and not to conduct the experiment with your own hands.

When coloring eyebrows, it is necessary to remember:

  • You can not paint the entire eyebrow with one color, and even more so to hold along it a contour with a pencil. This will make the makeup unnatural.
  • You can not greatly change the thickness and length of the eyebrows with the help of cosmetics. Too long eyebrows will make the face older.
  • Eyebrows should be a little lighter than the eyelashes. Do not choose the black color of the shadow or pencil. Coal eyebrows will make the face too harsh, it looks spectacular only on the podium.
  • Using a pencil, draw individual hairs in stages, not a solid line.

Futuristic make up

futuristic make up

Fashionable make-up of 2015 for the most courageous and extraordinary personalities is represented by futuristic motifs. The focus is on eyebrows and eyes. You can use the most unexpected color combinations, and the colors are not necessarily harmonious, you can play in a powerful contrast. To perform a futuristic make-up yourself at home, you need to arm yourself with bright shadows, better matte, bunches of false eyelashes, it can even be feathers. You can do makeup in red or burgundy colors, the traditional brown color of the shadows also looks unusual, but you need to apply them in a special way: it can be bold strokes in a chaotic manner or a completely painted upper eyelid to the eyebrows.

This make-up can be done to itself, it is perfect for parties. It is difficult to imagine this in everyday life, but if you want to break public rules and surprise others with your unusual appearance, you have the right to such an experiment.

beautiful make up eyes

As for the eyebrows, they can both be painted over with dark tones, and vice versa, they can be powdered. Such a bold move of make-up artists looks appropriate on the podium, whether to be this in your image is your choice.

Smokey ice as always relevant

The main focus is on this year’s eyes. Smokey Ice has already turned from the technique of applying shadows into a real tool for makeup artists. Shading shadows in the upper and lower eyelids, your appearance is completely transformed. This is the perfect evening makeup.

Smokey Ice

Smokey Ice - actual makeup 2015, but it is recommended to use dark tones that are not typical for this make-up. Makeup artists recommend to pay attention to the juicy shades and their combination. Light shades of shadows will add a look of expression and depth. You can use pale pink, purple, yellow or turquoise shadows. Experiments on the subject of brightness can be an unusual decoration for your appearance.

Retro style

Many designers for their models chose such a fashionable makeup in 2015, as a retro make-up. The use of black arrows, dark shadows applied with a clear contour to the eyelid, light shades of powder and a barely noticeable blush are the main techniques of this style. The scheme of applying makeup is standard. It is important to pay attention to the application of shadows, because the dark shades that create a clear form, will show all the irregularities and inaccuracies. When creating this makeup yourself, try to be as accurate as possible.

Lily colins

But red lipstick, which is an attribute of retro style and very relevant last year, is losing its popularity. Now the warm, neutral tones, for example, peach and light pink, are replacing the juicy red color.

Without arrows anywhere

Casual fashion makeup in 2015 is hard to imagine without arrows. To paint the eyes with bright shades, not all beauties decide, but the arrows have always been and will be a classic make-up element. And it can not but rejoice that in the coming year it will be fashionable to draw arrows.

arrows on the eyes

  • If you use a black liner or a pencil in your make-up, you need to combine such arrows with neutral shades of lips and blush, but shadows should be completely excluded. Such naturalness will emphasize your features and make make-up versatile and easy.
  • In order to diversify make up, you can take a color eyeliner. This year will be relevant greenish colors and metallic. Keep in mind that metallic is not appropriate for daytime make-up. Green tones perfectly harmonize with brown eyes.
  • The arrows continue to be selected under the eye incision. Use the instructions for the correct selection of arrows for your form and create perfect lines.

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