Fantasy makeup

fantasy makeup

Fantasy makeup is an interesting and entertaining way to experiment with your own appearance and try on a new role. Its main feature is that with the help of various techniques, for example, the use of water makeup, stickers, patterns, false eyelashes and so on, a fabulous image is created. At the same time, unnatural and fantasy, as well as the use of complex shapes allows you to feel like a real fairy or a resident of other worlds.. Very often, fantasy makeup is used to create an artistic image - on stage, fashion shows, promotional events, photo shoots, and so on. Most often, creative make-up in the style of fantasy is a relevant addition to the original hairstyle, body art and unusual clothes. At the same time, artistic makeup can act as an independent way to design the appearance or be the main part of the look.

How to create an unusual makeup

Fantasy makeup requires the possession of certain skills and tools. To create a truly artistic make-up, you must carefully consider the plot, draw a sketch and purchase specially designed cosmetics.

artistic make up

Tools and materials needed for fantasy makeup:

  • Foundation cream powder. Should pay particular attention to the quality of this cosmetics. It is important that the tone does not tighten the skin and does not form fine wrinkles and creases on the skin. Otherwise, the applied fancy makeup will look wrinkled.
  • Compact powder. Its quality should correspond to the chosen foundation.
  • Bright shadows of different colors and consistency, with sparkles and without - to your taste and imagination.
  • Cosmetic pencils. The bigger, the better. You should stock up on hard and soft pencils of different colors to be able to draw clear or feather lines.
  • Accessories. This inventory can be very diverse, for example, rhinestones, feathers, glitter, artificial flowers. In addition to this kit is to get glue, which will be attached to the decoration elements.
  • Brushes. Also can be very diverse. Depending on the type of bristle, as well as on its length and width, it is possible to give the pattern a different density and texture.
  • Stencils for drawing.
  • False eyelashes.
  • The usual decorative cosmetics, that is, mascara (can be both black and color), lipstick, blush and so on.

Before you create a creative make-up, you should carefully consider the sketch on a piece of paper. The better the fantasy make-up is thought out, the easier it will be to later realize your own idea. And, of course, the result largely depends on the professionalism and experience of the performer.

girl with creative make up

Deciding to do an unusual make-up, you should also think that it will take a long time to complete it. In addition, it is recommended to think about what clothes creative makeup will make the ensemble and where you will go in this form.

Fantasy Makeup Examples

mesmerizing make up

Despite the fact that artistic make-up itself is a rejection of traditional frameworks and classifications, its main types should be designated. The main subjects here are abstraction, natural drawings and animals. The latter is designed to transform the appearance of the girl and make her a wild, but very cute little animal. This type of makeup has nothing to do with the cat's eye technique, as in this case we are talking about dense makeup. Thus, the master can draw scales, mustaches, patterns on the skin of a leopard or a zebra on a model, finish the feathers and so on. The uniqueness of the image can be achieved by changing the facial expression. A professional can easily draw an expression of surprise, fear, aggression, grin - that is, animals rather than human emotions.

girl with animal print

Natural elements painted on the face, allow you to create the image of a gentle fairy, feeling complete harmony with trees, streams and flowers. The most popular stories in this direction are leaves, branches, flowers, water splashes, waterfalls, fruit compositions. In this case, a special detail drawing may not require. In some cases, in order for the image to be formed enough to draw one small bud or a sprig.

makeup like a fairy

Abstract makeup looks great as an independent plot, but at the same time, it can make a great ensemble with any of the above types of fantasy makeup. Unusual shapes, figures and lines can change any person beyond recognition and give it a completely uncharacteristic expression.

Lily colins

The main trends in fancy makeup

Fantasy makeup is a type of body art, which is why each makeup can be considered a real work of art. The decisive factors here are imagination, personal preferences and inspiration. Nevertheless, in this area there are trends that set fashion.

fancy make up in dark colors

  • For example, make-up specialists very often practice making make-up in warm tones, which gives both eyes and the entire face Oriental notes. Thus, makeup with ornaments, hieroglyphs, dragons, Egyptian or Japanese motifs and so on can be embodied. Sometimes the specialist performs the drawing step by step, deciding what the motive will be based on the already defined palette.
  • Another popular method is chaos drawing. The scheme does not work here step by step and the spots on the face appear in a chaotic order.
  • The third method involves creating a mystery image. In this case, the eyes are framed with a painted mask or glasses.

abstract makeup

Regardless of what techniques and plots will be chosen, you should not try to imitate someone's work or style. Fantasy makeup is, above all, a way of self-realization. In addition, the drawings on the skin - this is a very fun and interesting exercise.

Video: master-class on creating fantasy make up

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