Face art

girl with face paint

Face Art is one of the subgroups of body art. Unlike the rest, he works exclusively with the face, without touching the rest of the body. To create it, a special paint of various colors is used, akvagrim or markers, easily washed off the skin. Face art will give you a special look, draw attention to the image and add a special highlight.

A variety of directions face art

Few will take to argue with the statement that the drawings on the face are professionally created in specialized salons and by experienced craftsmen. They need only a small amount of time to create an unusual image for you. Here are some of them.

Face art for brides

unusual face art for the bride

Not every bride will decide on a wedding face art. Usually, make-up is created only with some elements of this style. For the most part these include the image of snowflakes, dots and smooth lines on the outer corners of the eyes. But there are pre-planned scenarios of wedding celebrations, in which the bride and the bridegroom are decorated with a face painting. Perhaps, such a wedding will be remembered for a long time not only by the heroes of the occasion, but also by all invited guests.

Face Art for Children

Little fidgets love to transform into their favorite cartoon characters with the help of the face art technique. So, the boys really like the image of a variety of super - heroes, and the girls love teddy bears and kittens. This direction is quite common in children's entertainment centers and playgrounds.

girl painted under giraffe

Themed face art

This direction involves the creation of bright and colorful images for a variety of events and parties, such as Halloween. It is for this celebration that the images of witches and sorcerers are created who change the appearance of a person beyond recognition with the help of face art. Halloween is one of the favorite holidays of fans of drawings on the face.

Halloween face art

Focused Face Art

Sometimes drawings on the skin are created for holding memorable photo sessions. This moment of your life will be remembered especially because of the photographs taken in a rather unusual way.

image of fairies

Some people want to try their hand at home and independently create such a bright, colorful and unusual makeup. In order to get a good result, you need to act step by step and have at least some initial skills in applying make-up with your own hands and drawing.

Unusual face art makeup

Face art makeup is not very common in our time, but still has a place to be at various events. For a strict office everyday image, it’s better not to use it, otherwise you may be puzzled by your colleagues and disapproval of your superiors.

bright green make up paints

The first steps

If you want to try your hand at creating such a makeup, start with the simplest. Surely all the women drew arrows in their eyes. You will need some special stuff. It can be purchased in the departments of cosmetics or specialty stores. Select multiple markers or pencils. The use of paints is best left to work professionals.

unusual arrows on the eyes

  1. Take a pencil of your favorite color. If you create an image for a certain party, then choose the one that is in harmony with the color makeup of the eye.
  2. From the outer corner of the century boldly draw a straight line to the temple. At the end of the line, draw a curl upwards.
  3. From the same line, but a little lower, create another curl going down.
  4. In the course of the line you can draw small dots, curls or snowflakes.

What will be face art makeup, depends entirely on your imagination, as well as the ability to beautifully draw. If you have the skills of artistic skill, then you are lucky. You can easily create an unusual and unique image, acting in stages.

Children's Face Art

Perhaps the most common method of drawing on the face is a children's face art. Children are happy to substitute their face for applying makeup on it. It is worth noting that the paints and pencils that create the drawing are hypoallergenic and are quite easily washed off with warm water.

a simple drawing on the girl's face

If you want to please and surprise your baby, arrange a day of drawings on the face. Draw his favorite character. This way you raise the mood of the child and try yourself in a new art. All children are fidgets. They find it difficult to sit in one place for more than five minutes. In this situation, there is a good way out. Try to draw flowers or butterflies on your baby's cheeks. And maybe he likes ladybugs? The fantasy of your child knows no bounds.

animal faces on children's faces

As you can see, the instructions for creating an unusual bright makeup on the face is not complicated, but requires certain skills. Develop and try all the new designs of drawings. After some workouts, you will definitely get an exclusive and desired makeup.

Video: creating an unusual face art do it yourself

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