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The latest technologies invade all areas of our life, not excluding the beauty industry. Today, instead of daily, you can use permanent makeup, which significantly saves time and effort of many women. At its core, permanent makeup is a form of tattoo applied for a long time on the eyebrows, eyelids or lips. This material is specifically devoted to permanent eyebrow makeup, also called eyebrow tattooing.

As with any intervention that is applied to the body, permanent makeup has its downsides. That is why, before daring to the procedure, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the method, technique and features of care after the procedure.

What is permanent eyebrow makeup

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What is the tattoo of the eyebrows and what is its advantage over using traditional methods of adjusting their shape? In fact, the master applying permanent eyebrow makeup serves the same purpose as any other makeup artist working on this area of ​​the face. He also tries to improve its shape, make it fit the shape of the face, give the contour more clarity and expressiveness. In addition, tattoo eyebrow helps to solve the problem of their absence, if the hair in this area for one reason or another does not grow.

Permanent eyebrow makeup can be done in specialized beauty salons or centers of medicine. Since they make a tattoo on the same principle as a real tattoo is applied, take the choice of an institution where it will be applied very seriously.

Varieties of permanent eyebrow makeup

Hair technique

hair drawing technique

Hair tattooing eyebrows - a kind of permanent makeup, the creation of which draws individual hairs of different sizes and colors.

Shading technique

Permanent eyebrow makeup, made of shading, uses its shape as a stencil, which is filled with color.

What are the features of each of the techniques and in what cases it is better to do one type of permanent makeup, and in which - another?

perming method

The hair method tries to imitate a natural eyebrow, so it looks more natural. Permanent make-up of the eyebrows is characterized by continuous thick lines. This technique is used when there is a need to add eyebrows volume. The hair technique is used in cases where their eyebrows are very weak, rare or barely noticeable. However, as a hair tattoo of eyebrows, and a permanent make-up by feathering, at the moment, they allow you to create eyebrows of a rather natural look. Feathering has found more fans than the hair method.

Permanent eyebrow makeup, with quality performance and the use of good materials, lasts from three to five years.

Advantages of permanent eyebrow makeup in front of other techniques

The main advantage that eyebrow tattooing gives is the ability to make adjustments to their natural flaws. In addition, their color and shape will always look decent and do not have to do daily tint.

before and after the eyebrow permanent procedure

How to choose a beauty salon?

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As you might guess, a bad eyebrow tattoo is a mistake, the results of which will be visible to others for several years. In addition, it is necessary to consider how to do a tattoo eyebrow. This operation is performed by inserting a needle under the skin. Accordingly, there is a chance of harming the eyes. Therefore, tattoo eyebrows should perform only a specialist with high qualifications.

  1. When choosing a salon or office, first of all, you should focus on the positive feedback from friends or acquaintances. Information posted on the global network is not always true.
  2. It should be borne in mind that in Moscow and St. Petersburg more good and proven places, but more and charlatans.
  3. The next step is a visit to a specialist. It is necessary to ask the master what the tattoo is, how to make it, whether it can be removed, what is the care after the procedure at home. It would not be amiss to ask other questions that will help assess the level of qualification. Ask for examples of the work done by him. In parallel, pay attention to the setting in which the consultation takes place. The treatment room must be equipped and perfectly clean.
  4. During the conversation, it is recommended to carefully listen to your intuition. If she advises to find another specialist, then it is better to do so.

It should be noted that tattooing is not a procedure that is worth saving.

Tattoo application procedure

Now, knowing what a tattoo, it is useful to get acquainted with the method of its application.

  1. The first stage is consultation with a doctor. He should ask about the presence of allergies to the components of coloring matter and anesthetics. May be test injections were made.
  2. In case of successful completion of this stage, the operation is performed. It begins with the cleansing of the skin and sketches of a new shape of eyebrows. Of the options offered by the master, you have to choose the one you like the most. It will also be decided whether to apply shading or hair tattooing of eyebrows. When these issues are resolved, an anesthetic is injected under the skin.
  3. Further, the shape of the eyebrows is created by subcutaneous injection of paint. The depth of penetration of the needle varies at the level of one millimeter. Dyes that are used in tattooing, have a mineral base and eventually lose their saturation.

The approximate time of the procedure of applying permanent makeup is one hour.

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Aftermath and care

At first, the result will seem to be too saturated in color, and the eyebrow itself will hurt. It is necessary to devote enough time and energy to caring for this area at home.

At first, the skin will be red, then a crust forms on it. It is absolutely impossible to remove it, but it can be treated with a special cream, which accelerates the healing process of wounds. Leaving the house, you should treat the area above the eyes with protective agents.

Daily eyebrow skin care at home takes one to two weeks. In the ideal case, it is not recommended to leave the apartment or house all this time, so as not to expose the results of the operation to bright sunlight.

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Negative side tattoo

What can turn permanent makeup procedure and what are its disadvantages?

  1. Firstly, if applied incorrectly, there may be negative consequences or a bad eyebrow, which will be hard enough to remove.
  2. Secondly, the result of the procedure may not seem impressive enough.
  3. Thirdly, there may be an incompatibility of dyes with a specific skin type.

It is strongly not recommended to do permanent makeup by yourself or with a master's call to the house. A good specialist will never perform operations outside the conditions of complete sterility and the improvised finding of good equipment, since he remembers that his reputation feeds.

Eyebrow permanent makeup cost

Depending on the chosen equipment, salon and complexity of work, the cost of eyebrow tattoo can be from 100 to 150 USD.

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