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beauty actress Nina Dobrev

Many fans of the famous actress, famous for filming the TV series "The Vampire Diaries", are wondering - how to make up Elena Gilbert? It is worth noting that the image of Elena is always natural and natural, which, of course, is her calling card. Do you want to emphasize your virtues with your own hands? Would you like to stay natural and hide flaws at home? Then the following instruction is just made for you! Follow it step by step and the result will please you.

Variations on the make-up in the style of Elena Gilbert

When creating makeup like Elena Gilbert, give preference to beige natural tones. Remember that the actress always highlights either her lips or her eyes - this is the key to her stunning appearance.

Naturalness and tenderness

Elena Gilbert's make-up of a natural and delicate style is suitable for everyday office use, as well as for a romantic date or a walk.

makeup Elena Gilbert

  1. Apply to the cleansed face tonal foundation in skin color, then put a thin layer of powder. As you noticed, the skin of the actress is always perfect.
  2. Move the upper eyelid with a black pencil as close as possible to the lash line.
  3. Lower eyelid slightly emphasize from the middle of the eye. This technique will make your eyes more visually and more expressive.
  4. On the upper mobile eyelid, put beige shadows, a tone darker than your skin color and carefully blend towards the growth line of the eyebrows.
  5. Apply classic black mascara to your eyelashes.
  6. Cover lips with caramel or light - carrot shade.
  7. Don't forget the blush. Preference is given to peach and pink tones.

Evening look

Makeup Elena Gilbert in a festive or evening style does not accept bright colors for the eyes. Her gorgeous look is always emphasized by natural colors.

Nina Dobrev with evening eye makeup

  1. Apply foundation to face. In this image, preference is given to a bronze shimmering tone in skin tone.
  2. Draw the upper eyelid with a black pencil, creating a small arrow.
  3. Lower eyelid should be left without any makeup.
  4. Apply brown shadows to the outer corner of the eye, creating a so-called triangle.
  5. Cover the inner corner of the eyelids with beige shadows and carefully blend transitions.
  6. Spread black mascara on your eyelashes in two layers.
  7. Lips in this case is better to cover with a natural shine or caramel lipstick.


It so happens that girls for one reason or another do not accept the use of shadows on the eyelids, in this case, makeup, like Elena Gilbert, will suit you very well. Apply it alone can even a girl who practically does not use cosmetics.

Natural makeup Elena Gilbert

  1. Apply foundation to skin to face.
  2. Move the upper eyelid with a thin, inconspicuous line of black.
  3. Underline the underscore contour underline with a pencil.
  4. Apply black ink. For eye augmentation, make-up artists strongly recommend using two mascaras. One should be lengthening, and the other should be volumetric.
  5. Sponges can be left without cosmetics at all, but it is better to emphasize them with a caramel or transparent shine.

As you have noticed, it’s pretty easy to make your own makeup, like your favorite actress. It is only necessary to act in stages, as required by the scheme. Since the basis of all the images of Elena Gilbert is natural and natural, the makeup will suit every lady, both for everyday use and for evening solemn occasions.

Video: making makeup like Elena Gilbert in the Vampire Diaries

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