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Most women are willing to give much to captivate their eyes. The fact that the eyelashes look voluminous, bright and thick, and the eyes themselves are wide-open and large, a lot of makeup, money and time are spent every day. And as much effort is required to bring the eyelid skin to a natural look at the end of the day. In addition, the intensive use of decorative cosmetics strongly dries the skin of the eyelids and causes its premature aging. All these arguments make you think about alternative ways of makeup. Recently, permanent makeup has become very popular.

Interracial permanent eye makeup is a cosmetic procedure that allows you to give the look expressiveness and brightness for a long time - from 2 to 4 years. Permanent makeup is not washed off with water, it is not smeared in case of heat, which allows its owner to look great in any setting.

The advantages of permanent interracial makeup eyelids

The cross-eyed tattooing of the eyes is essentially a temporary tattoo applied along the eyelash growth line. This cosmetic procedure helps to minimize the use of decorative cosmetics, which is especially important for women with allergies or with very sensitive skin.

Painting the skin between the eyelashes allows you to visually increase their thickness and makes the eyes larger. In addition, the tattoo of the interspice space helps to correct the natural incision of the eyelids.

The cross-eyelid tattoo of the eyelids allows not only to tint the hairline, but also to apply an arrow along it. The intensity and color of makeup are selected individually depending on the wishes of the woman and the recommendations of the makeup artist regarding the type of her appearance. Accordingly, tattooing of the interspace space can look both catchy and unusual, and quite natural.

The tattoo for eyelids is especially honored in mature and elderly women who have to use cosmetics because their hair and skin become dimmer with age.

Application of interstitial permanent makeup

Cross-eyed tattooing eyes always begins with a consultation. During the conversation, the professional will clarify the goals and specific tasks, as well as make an allergy test. If the result of the analysis is satisfactory, the specialist will apply a rough makeup with decorative cosmetics on the skin to confirm the appearance of the future makeup.

Contour makeup

The operation of the tattoo takes about two hours, including time for anesthesia. The result obtained under the condition of timely correction can last up to five years. Experts recommend correcting the cross-page permanent make-up of the eyelids once a year.


Since the procedure for applying permanent makeup is performed with a needle, swelling occurs on the eyelids after the operation for several days. To soften the discomfort, the specialist, as a rule, prescribe a special gel. After a few days, a crust forms on the skin. The final result will be noticeable only after its disappearance.

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Until the condition of the skin is normalized, it is not recommended to visit baths, pools, gyms, as well as use healing creams and ointments.


Cross-eyelid tattooing of the eyelids should not be done with blood diseases, diabetes, diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as during pregnancy and lactation.

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