Create the right makeup in egyptian style.

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It is believed that the birthplace of cosmetics is Egypt. The first cosmetic, which in ancient Egypt was used for makeup, was a mixture consisting of copper oxide, ash and clay. This so-called make-up product, now called antimony, allowed Egyptian women to cover skin defects, paint eyelashes, eyebrows, and apply tattoos not only on the face, but also on the body. According to the Egyptians, all this made them protected from all kinds of insects, diseases and evil spirits. A little later, the Egyptians were able to make a mirror. The combination of these two factors was the birth of cosmetic makeup on the planet. Some laws and rules of make-up developed in those days, are still relevant today.

Creating the image of the Egyptian beauty and seductress, in our time it is not necessary most to prepare such cosmetics. These experiments can cost you dearly in terms of maintaining your health. It is enough to use for this purpose modern cosmetics made from herbs and the safest ingredients.

How to do Egyptian makeup at home without the help of a master and a stylist?

First step. Tonal basis
bronze tone on face

Like any other, Egyptian makeup begins with the application of the base in the first place in order to give the face a tan face with a slight tan. To do this, choose a powder with a bronze tint. We distribute it with a large brush over the entire face, starting from the forehead and ending with the lower part of the chin, neck and naked neckline.

When applying tonalnik, do not forget that Egyptian makeup is noticeable high cheekbones and a rounded oval of the face; therefore, a square or rectangular face needs to be adjusted, that is, it should be softened. To do this, cover the lower part with a tonic of light or light brown color. So that the face does not stand out, and the image looked more complete, the remaining parts of the arms and legs are covered with self-tanning.

The second step. Eyes
eye makeup in egyptian style

The most important and fundamental nuance in Egyptian makeup is eyes. Egyptian eyes should amaze with their depth and mystery. In order to isolate the cat's eye incision characteristic of this country, it is necessary to consider this procedure step by step and describe it in detail.

  1. Apply a golden shade to the mobile eyelid. Apply the shadows should be a rich layer from the middle of the century, and closer to the eyebrows go to a translucent, light tone.
  2. We draw the boundary between the upper, mobile eyelids and lower.
  3. Shade our dividing line. At the same time it is necessary to make feathering slightly above the folds.
  4. Pencil outline the eyes. To do this, on the border of the lower and upper eyelids draw a bold line.
  5. We complement the makeup in the lower eyelid area with an additional decorative line.
  6. The lines drawn in pencil are outlined in black or in bold.
  7. The corners of the cut eyes draw white lines. To do this, choose a white pencil.
    eye makeup in egyptian style

Do not be afraid to experiment. Egyptian eye makeup provides eyeliner of different lengths and thicknesses. Increase the bold natural eye line as much as your imagination will tell you. When working with a pencil, be careful. The lines should be clear and correct, as this is an important component of Egyptian makeup. Do not save on money when choosing cosmetics for eyeliner and mascara. Otherwise, at the most inopportune moment, all this cosmetics can flow, sprinkle or smudge.

Apply mascara on the upper eyelashes in several layers. If nature has not bestowed on you lush eyelashes, then we achieve this with the help of liquid mascara, putting it in two - three layers. For each applied layer, let it dry for some time, then apply the next. On the lower lashes mascara is applied only once.

The third step. Eyebrows

Eyebrows have always been the most expressive part of the face of an Egyptian woman. Unlike the countries of Central Asia, where the eyebrows are painted accrete on the bridge of the nose, in the countries of the Middle East traditional sharp-diagonal eyebrows are applied. If we consider that the skin of a European woman is much lighter, compared to the skin color of a girl from Egypt, we have a slightly lighter color of eyebrows in the nose. One solid black line on the eyebrows will look artificial.

Egyptian makeup on Monica Bellucci

To give them naturalness, we apply short strokes in the direction of natural hair growth. After that, lightly shade them.

Fourth step. Lips

Creating a make-up in the Egyptian style do not forget the lips. The color of the lips can vary from warm, natural, to pink with a touch of coffee with milk gamma, which will be one or two tones lighter or darker than your natural color.

Egyptian makeup is ready. You have acquired a new, mysteriously alluring female image. It is unlikely that he will leave anyone indifferent.

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