Create a unique makeup for the new 2014 year of the blue

girl new year 2014

Fabulous, amazing and full of wonders New Year's holiday is not far off! Many girls bustle around the boutiques, buy gifts, a beautiful outfit for the party, are recorded in the salons for hair and manicure. On this wonderful, festive night, every girl wants to be irresistible! And the final chord, in the perfect New Year's image of every beauty is makeup! All the girls are closely watching all the latest trends in make-up, and each of them is now wondering what is it, fashionable makeup for the New 2014 ?!

riding a blue horse
2014 is the year of the Blue Wooden Horse, if you remember how a horse looks, then an image, intelligent, beautiful and expressive eyes, as well as clear cheekbones, float in the mind. Lovely girls, choosing makeup remember these details and try to repeat them in your make-up to appease this cute animal!

What colors to use in makeup?

Our New Year's Horse of blue color, namely this shade will become a support in determining the makeup palette. You can safely use all shades of blue, green, emerald, turquoise, black, gray and purple. There is also one more small detail, our Horse is also wooden, and this gives you the opportunity to boldly include a brown, beige gamut in your makeup!

Perfect makeup rules

eyes in gold 2014
Girls, your gorgeous makeup will accompany your Look at night, and this lighting from artificial lamps, a lot of camera flashes, shooting on video, such "inanimate" the light will quickly highlight all the irregularities of the skin, fatigue on the face. How to avoid these troubles? The answer is simple, a couple of weeks before the holiday, take care of the improvement of your skin, get enough sleep, go for a walk, breathe the fresh air and then your image will not be spoiled by these unpleasant phenomena.

On this festive night, we used to shine with our chic outfits and flawless make-up, but it’s worth remembering that if your dress is active, bright there are sparkles, then it is better to make a gentle calm make-up. In this combination, you will be very harmonious and elegant. And if you have fixed your eyes on the dress of muffled and calm tones, make your makeup more expressive, so as not to seem an ordinary-looking person. Follow one more simple rule, bright lips - calm make-up on eyes, expressive eyes - tender lips of dull opaque colors!

greenish-golden shadows
In the make-up on New Year's Eve completely refuse fat cream and heavy powder! Your face should be fresh, natural, and if you still need some adjustments, then you can use BB or CC creams, liquid highlighter. If you need more careful adjustments, it is better to resort to using CC-cream, it copes with all the shortcomings and makes the skin velvety, as well as it has a light texture unlike BB cream, this cream is also not bad, but it has a more dense texture and it doesn't suit girls with oily skin. Highlighter will help you to mask the unevenness under the eyes, on the nose, under and above the lips, and thanks to the liquid texture will keep you a fresh natural complexion.

Girls, if you want to outshine everyone at the New Year's party, then you can resort to using false eyelashes or sparkling rhinestones!

How to apply New Year's makeup 2014 step-by-step instruction

Technique applying makeup:

  • To make-up perfectly lay on the surface of the skin, you must take care of her condition, get rid of roughness and irregularities. This will help you a light facial scrub. When you finish peeling, apply a nourishing cream, it will moisturize your skin.
  • Now you can safely proceed to applying the base under makeup, for this use BB, CC cream. They easily mask all the flaws and make your skin flawless.
    blue sparkles on the eyes
  • The next stage is the perfect shape of your eyebrows! As you all already know, the trend of the new season is natural eyebrows, underlined with a pencil, a little darker than your natural color of eyebrows. To fix the color, you can cover the hairs with a fixative.
  • Let's start eye makeup. The first stage in this make-up is the application of liner. Brunettes and redheads can use a charcoal black eyeliner, while brown-haired women and blondes can use a brown scale. Eyeliner on the upper eyelid is applied clearly along the line of cilia growth. The next are the shadows, they must be applied above the liner line. Now again apply eyeliner.
    image ideas for the new 2014
    If you paint the lower eyelid, then apply a pencil on it, the shade that suits you. The final stroke is mascara for super volume
  • If your makeup is bright and expressive, then in no case do not make your lips bright, so you throw yourself 10 years! Give up juicy shades, better choose soft and soft colors, such as pink, peach, flesh, caramel or just apply a light shine
  • Cheeks better emphasize bronze blush or cool shades of peach, pink

Makeup in emerald tones

Rich, rich emerald color with ease will emphasize all the charm of brown and green eyes. In tandem with a coal eyeliner and voluminous eyelashes (they can be applied), emerald shades will transform you into a luxurious fairy, driving souma! This New Year's makeup will be one of the most memorable.

Emerald eye shadow idea 2014

Makeup from the 60s in gold tones

For such a make-up, you will need marsh or emerald liner, black, golden shadows and voluminous coal mascara. With such a make-up you will look like a fatal beauty in retro style.


Makeup with silver colors

This make-up will suit girls with blue, gray, brown, blue eyes, it can even be called universal. If you chose a dress in bright colors as a New Year's look, then your look will be similar to the image of the luxurious Snow Queen. When choosing shadows, you can use all shades of gray, graphite, white, as well as the color of wet asphalt.

silver shadows for the new 2014

Indispensable Smoky Eyes

Smoky, languid eyes, still in the leading positions among all sorts of variations make-up eyes. A simple make-up that is easy to perform and will make a perfect addition to your look on this wonderful New Year's Eve.

Smokey ice for the new year

Classic genre - stylish arrows

Girls in bright, glittering glitter dresses should in no case create a complex composition on their faces, you will greatly overload your image. For you, the option with elegant arrows on the eyes and an interesting shade of lipstick on the lips.

arrows on the eyes in the new 2014

Video: Makeup for the New 2014 Year

Observing these simple tips and adding them with your own individual highlights, you will become the queen at any party on this unforgettable, fabulous New Year holiday. And may this year 2014, the year of the Blue Wooden Horse, remain in your memory as a pleasant warm memory.

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