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Cold make-up - why is it so called, who suits it, and what features does it have? Is it possible to do it yourself, and is there a single scheme of action? These and other questions will be answered in our article.

To become a true professional, to learn how to make the perfect makeup for different types of appearance, it will take a lot of time and effort. But if you are not applying for the title of makeup artist and strive to master these skills for personal purposes, then we can help you. To do this, first of all it is necessary to determine the shades that suit you. On the basis of this, it will be possible to choose either makeup in cold colors or a warmer palette of colors.

Determine the color type

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Today it is customary to share appearance, so to speak, "according to the seasons." This has nothing to do with air temperature, it is about the prevalence of various colors in autumn, summer and winter. To make it easier to remember, warm colors are called, the shades of which are in the flame of fire or, for example, in the sunset. They predominate in autumn or spring. Shades of sky and water are considered cold, they are referred to winter and summer periods of time.

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To determine what color type you are, do a simple test. Proceed step by step.

  • It is necessary to choose clothes or scarves of various colors.
  • Remove all makeup from your face so that you look as natural as possible.
  • Try on the prepared accessories in daylight.
  • Your task is to look at yourself beloved. You will notice that, in combination with some colors, your skin looks more radiant, your eyes are playing, and you like yourself. This is the right option for you!

How to start a cold makeup?

As the canvas is needed to create a picture, and the tonal foundation for makeup. Therefore, you should start with your skin.

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  1. To achieve a smooth and radiant surface, clean the skin, apply a light moisturizer, and then hide redness and dark circles under the eyes with a corrector.
  2. Make-up concealer under the natural skin color. The main thing is to correctly determine the shade. Everything is simple, look at your own reflection in the mirror to mark the pinkish or yellowish tint your skin has. On the degree of sunburn guided, to choose the desired saturation tone.
  3. Another little secret. If you are going to a party that involves a photo shoot or a video, use the powder. Apply it with light movements of the brush over the foundation and then the photos will especially please you. After all, the powder removes unnecessary shine, smoothes the smallest irregularities that become visible from the flashlights and additional light.

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Variation of cold makeup- silver lady

Creating makeup in cold tones on your own is not so difficult. So that you can understand where to start and how to act, we will give detailed instructions. On the eve of the holidays, evening cold makeup will be especially relevant. For example, we choose silver-gray tones - they are the most versatile, and are able to emphasize the appearance of various types. Tell about everything in stages.

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  1. To make the makeup turned out neat, the shadows held well and did not crumble for a long time, use a primer. Apply a small amount of this base to the mobile eyelid.
  2. Next, begin to create the depth of your gaze. This will help black cosmetic pencil. Give them the outer corner of the eye. Do not worry too much about the accuracy of the liner, this is just a sketch. It needs to be shaded with a brush.
  3. Makeup in a cold range is suitable for creating a mysterious and bright look. Dark, almost black shadows will help with it. They need to paint a pencil sketch. Raising the outer contour of the corner to the eyebrow, you will create a feeling of weightlessness and flight.
  4. There is another secret that is necessary not to harm itself and not to make the upper eyelid too heavy. Visually open your eyes will help the same dark shadows. Thin brush should be applied to the lower eyelid. Approximately half of its width. The second half should be covered with silver shadows. But the lightest, almost white shadows should be put on the inner corner of the eye. Then your look will shine with the freshness of morning dew.
  5. Finish cold makeup should be neat black eyeliner. It will further emphasize the dark shadows. And only after that apply mascara on eyelashes. And here, makeup in cold shades, made at home, is ready.

Video: cool make-up master class

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