Casual makeup for green eyes

make up for caret-green eyes

Every girl tries to find her perfect make-up, emphasizing dignity and hiding flaws. It's great if you have your own personal makeup artist, but usually the beauties have to do their own make up by themselves. Our article contains beautiful photos and video tutorials for green-eyed beauties. Today we will tell how to create a daily make-up for green eyes in accordance with the generally accepted rules of make-up and select the shades of decorative cosmetics suitable for this color of rainbow. shell.

Life hack from make-up artists for green-eyed

Professional makeup artists love the emerald eye color. Their beauty can be emphasized by a variety of shades, but there are also small taboos:

  • When performing daily makeup for green eyes it is better not to choose the color of the shadows exactly matching your shade of the iris. If you like shades of green color, try to give preference to dark marsh tones and shade them well.
  • Silver color, suitable, it would seem, to everyone, without exception, is not the best choice, if it is makeup for every day for green eyes. Silver will make the look too cold.
  • Blue eyelid shadows can be a complete failure in your make-up. If you want to use shades of blue, you can draw a thin arrow with a turquoise liner or arrange light nuances in the form of glare shadows. But it is better to refuse monochrome blue makeup, since blue and green are mutually exclusive colors.
  • Another color that green eyes should use with caution is pink. This is not to say that this shade is contraindicated for girls with emerald eye color, but it is not suitable for everyone.

green-eyed girls

Selection of shades of shadows for green-eyed

The emerald iris has 4 levels of color. For each of them, makeup artists recommend their ideal shades of decorative cosmetics:

  • Jade green. This dark green shade is successfully accentuated by the shades of saturated pure colors of brown, violet, purple.
  • Turquoise green. The sea-green iris will be best highlighted with light pastel shades of beige, lilac, coffee and soft blue.
  • True green. If this is about you, choose peach, golden, pistachio, copper shades.
  • Gray-green. This shade of the iris allows makeup artists "play" with looks, activating something gray, then green "component" iris If the task is to activate the gray tone, graphite shadows are used, if you need to enhance the green color, marsh and brown are used.

Light glare will make any shade of green eyes more expressive, and more mysterious way. A simple technique will help to make the look more open: move the lower inner eyelid with a white eyeliner, and apply a little highlighter under the eyebrow.

We perform everyday makeup for green eyes

Now let's do some everyday eye makeup for green eyes. And help us step by step schemes for applying decorative cosmetics, described below.

brown make-up for dark green iris

Preparing skin for everyday makeup

Everyday makeup for green eyes begins with a preparatory stage - cleansing, moisturizing the skin and creating an even tone of face:

  1. Wash your face with cool water.
  2. Wipe it with tonic.
  3. Apply moisturizer.
  4. Let the cream soak, and blot the excess with a dry cloth.
  5. Apply tonal framework, if necessary, with a matting effect. It is important that the layer is not too fat. If there are flaws in the skin, it is necessary to eliminate them with concealer, but not to try to cover them with a layer of tonal means. Makeup artists recommend to tone the entire face, and then using a dry cloth to wipe off the product from the cheeks. Then the blush applied on top will look more natural.
  6. Blush is better to choose matte, and shimmer shine left for the evening. Light blush on "apples" cheeks and cheekbones will make the face fresh and healthy.

pink blush in makeup

We paint green eyes for every day

We have already talked about which tones are most harmoniously suited to different levels of the color of green eyes. But there are universal options that complement the beauty of any shade of green. All major manufacturers of cosmetics have such palettes, for example, NYX or more budget AVON. They contain shades from beige to brown, from pale pistachio to marsh green and from pale lilac to purple.

beautiful make-up for green-eyed

We suggest you to perform a universal daily makeup for green eyes step by step. For him you will need: eggplant, taupovye, beige pearl shade, brush, base, black mascara. Phased instruction is as follows:

  1. The eyelid is covered with a thin layer with a base.
  2. Then in a fold shadows of color taup are put.
  3. All upper movable eyelid covered with eggplant shadows.
  4. Transitions between shades need to be well shaded.
  5. We emphasize the lower eyelid Taup shadows.
  6. In the inner corners of the eyes add glare beige pearl shadows.
  7. On the cilia is black mascara. Casual makeup for green eyes completed!

makeup scheme

Do not forget to pay attention to the eyebrows. For their design, use eyebrow shadows or a pencil 1-2 shades darker than your hair.

Makeup lips for green-eyed for every day

Completes everyday makeup for green eyes applying makeup on the lips. Neutral shades of lipsticks or balsams with a light pigment are suitable for everyday wear. If you use a minimum of makeup for the eyes, lipstick, you can choose rich. For example, if you performed monochrome eye makeup with pastel shades and underlined a curl of eyelashes with brown mascara, you can safely cover lips with a burgundy lipstick fashionable this year.

To make everyday make up look natural and not overloaded, try to pick up lipstick 2-3 tones darker than the natural skin color of your lips.

And what color combinations of decorative cosmetics do you use for your green eyes? Tell us about your favorite everyday make-up in the comments below.

Video: Makeup lesson for the green-eyed for every day

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