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gray-eyed girl

If you are bored with your everyday makeup for gray eyes and you want to add a little bit of novelty to your look, we will help you with this. In our article you will find 5 ideas and you can have a beautiful makeup for every day for gray eyes from Monday to Friday! Each of the options presented make-up does not take you more than 15 minutes. Let's start ?!

Make up for gray eyes everyday

A pure shade of gray eyes is quite rare, more often you can find gray-blue or greenish colors of the iris. Yes, and these eyes tend to change depending on the weather conditions and the mood of their mistress. But this fact does not complicate the task in makeup for gray-eyed girls, as almost the whole palette of colors suits any shades of gray.

pure colors in make-up

It is preferable in everyday makeup to lean towards pure colors: brown, gray, white, blue. When performing daily makeup for gray eyes, remember the main truths of a successful make-up: your complexion should be even, and your eyebrows are underlined with a pencil or shadow, selected to match your natural color of eyebrows. Therefore, we start any of the suggested make-ups by applying a tone and working on the eyebrow line. As for the lips, it is possible to distinguish them with bright lipstick only if there are shades of natural nude shades on your eyes. Otherwise, the harmony in the makeup will not be achieved.

Now let's move on to step-by-step schemes, consider visual photos, draw inspiration from them and create everyday makeup for gray eyes.

Makeup for gray eyes on monday

Owners of gray eyes can safely use the bright shades of shadows and their combinations. The main thing is to well shade the borders of colors and focus only on the eyes. To create this make-up, you will need: a base under the shadows, a highlighter, matte shades of a snow-white and azure shade, light mother-of-pearl and chocolate matte shades, brushes for their application, black mascara.

make-up in blue

Step-by-step scheme looks like this:

  1. We cover the eyelid base, it will ensure the stability of the shadows for the whole day, because this is a very important moment in the daily makeup.
  2. Now you need to add depth of gaze in the future make-up: add a little highlighter to the corner of the eye and under the eyebrow.
  3. We apply the white shadows of the matte texture on the entire upper eyelid.
  4. Then the skin of the upper eyelid from the outer corner to the center is covered with azure shadows. The color transition must be carefully rubbed with a brush.
  5. Matte chocolate shadows are added to the fold of the upper eyelid.
  6. With the same brush, we emphasize the lower eyelid.
  7. We add to eyes shine, having put nacre on the middle of an upper eyelid.
  8. We finish everyday makeup for gray eyes with black mascara.

Make up Monday is ready! Your gray eyes will sparkle with new shades of blueness and this definitely will not go unnoticed.

Tuesday makeup for gray eyes

In the next version of the makeup, the emphasis is on the beauty of the texture of the shadows, and the execution is very simple. The make-up uses the duochrome hue of the golden-pistachio shade. Choosing this shade among the variety of decorative cosmetics on store shelves, give preference to the one in which silver overflows will be present. To create makeup Tuesday you need: golden pistachio eye shadow with mother of pearl, mother of pearl chocolate eye shadow, brush, base, black ink.

pistachio brown make-up

The instruction is as follows:

  1. We start our make-up as always from the base under the shadows.
  2. Brush apply golden-pistachio shadows, painting the inner corner of the eye, with a light movement we distribute them to the eyebrow line from the bridge of the nose, and then to the middle of the upper eyelid. Let down a corner on the lower eyelid.
  3. Then go to the chocolate pearl shade, apply it to the rest of the upper eyelid, starting from the outer corner, moving to the center, and then raising the brush to the eyebrow line.
  4. The transition shades rubbed brush.
  5. A little chocolate shadow on the lower eyelid and at the end of black mascara for perfect curl eyelashes.

The whole process does not take you more than 10 minutes, so one of the main tasks of everyday makeup you do exactly - the minimum of time, the maximum effect!

Makeup for gray eyes on Wednesday

Performing daily makeup for gray eyes, why not be inspired by the motives of Provence? Lavender notes are perfectly combined with all shades of gray eyes. To achieve the effect of a gentle-lilac haze, pink shades and blue mascara are used in the make-up. So, for make-up you need: pink, pale purple, brick shadows, as well as the base, highlighter, brushes, blue mascara.

lavender make-up

We start step by step execution:

  1. Traditionally begins the daily makeup for gray eyes base, which must be applied to the skin of the upper eyelid with a thin layer.
  2. From the corners of the eyes to the center, leaving untouched the middle of the upper eyelid, apply pink color with a brush.
  3. The middle of the upper eyelid is covered with a pale purple color. Gently brush movements make the border of flowers soft.
  4. The fold and lower eyelid emphasize the shadows of brick color.
  5. A little highlighter in the corner and above the eyebrow will make the look attractive.
  6. Blue mascara on the upper and lower cilia completes our lavender everyday makeup for gray eyes.

What should be Thursday's makeup for the gray-eyed

Continuing the theme of gentle shades, we offer you the following option, which will make your eyes on Thursday irresistible and angelic. You will need: base, snow-white pencil, soft coral, light blue, bright blue, taupovye shadows, brushes, highlighter, black ink.

coral blue make-up

We proceed to the step by step scheme:

  1. We cover the eyelid base.
  2. With a white pencil we make a substrate for coral shadows, painting them and then well shading the area from the inner corner to the middle.
  3. We put a coral shade on top of the white substrate.
  4. On the inner corner and under the eyebrow, add a little shine with the highlighter.
  5. The middle of the upper eyelid is covered with a light blue tone.
  6. The rest of the inner corner covered with a rich blue color.
  7. We work out the fold with shades of color of taup.
  8. We emphasize the lower eyelid as follows: from the inner corner there is a pale blue color, and from the outer corner there is a taupe.
  9. We complete the creation of the angelic look with a rich black curl of cilia.

It's amazing how in this version the tenderness of the look is achieved with such active colors as coral and saturated blue. Your gray eyes will be unique in this vestment.

Friday makeup for gray eyes

A rather active eye color completes our selection; after all, weekend ahead and free notes may appear in the make-up. Such a daily makeup for gray eyes does not correspond to every dress code, but if you can afford some liberties in this matter, your eyes will cause a storm of emotions in others. To create the Friday version you will need: natural-beige, coffee, purple and snow-white shadows, a bright turquoise pencil, brushes, a base, and charcoal mascara.

turquoise arrows

Instructions for creating a makeup with your own hands is this

  1. As usual, we start from the base.
  2. We apply natural beige shadows on the upper eyelid from the inner corner to the eyebrows, leaving only the outer corner untouched.
  3. The coffee shade is distributed in the fold and applied to the outer corner.
  4. They also bring the lower eyelid.
  5. With a bright turquoise pencil we bring the lower eyelid from the corner to the corner, stain the mucous membrane and all the intervals between the cilia very carefully.
  6. With a beveled brush, shade the eyeliner line and make the tip of the arrow pointed.
  7. We draw an arrow on the upper eyelid, connecting tails.
  8. Let down the arrow on the lower eyelid with purple shadows, duplicating its shape from below.
  9. The final chord: white shadows on the corners and black mascara on the eyelashes!

We hope that these ideas will make your image bright and cheer up any day of the week! Bold experiments will allow your mysterious eyes to play with new colors every day.

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