Casual makeup for brown eyes

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In this article we will tell you how to perform everyday makeup for brown eyes, which will emphasize their charm and make the look expressive. We will give you advice on the selection of shades of decorative cosmetics, tell you about the techniques of applying shadows, eyebrow shaping, drawing arrows, and show a photo of beautiful makeup that will take you the least amount of time. Let's start!

What you need to know about the daily makeup for brown-eyed

Before creating everyday makeup for brown eyes, we want to tell you about the important basics, without which no make up can do:

  • Any everyday makeup, no matter what color your eyes, begins with caring for your face. It is enough to apply a moisturizer and give it a good soak before you begin applying makeup.
  • An important stage is the creation of an ideal tone. If you skip it, any, even the most beautiful shadows will look dull and inconspicuous, and attention will be focused not on the expressiveness of the eyes, but on the imperfections of the skin. It is not necessary to apply the foundation, and the foundation, use the concealer, concealer and powder. If your face does not require particularly careful "masking"it will be enough to apply a tonal remedy on it that matches exactly the tone of your skin. In the summer period, we recommend to pay attention to the light texture of tonal resources, it can be a fluid or mousse.
  • To ensure the uniformity of the application of the shadows and not allow them to disappear without permission, you should use the base for the eyelids. The tool covers the eyelid translucent haze, smoothing the skin color on it. If you are the owner of oily skin, the base absorbs excess fat in the eyelid, preventing the shadows from rolling. If you have dry skin, the primer will ensure proper adhesion of the makeup to the eyelid and will not allow the shadows to crumble.

girl with blond hair

Remember that nature has given you bright eyes and you don't need a lot of makeup to make them expressive. Do not forget about the main principle of creating any make-up: we focus on the eyes or the lips. If you choose bright saturated shades of eye shadow or eyeliner, lipstick you need to choose nude colors or cover your lips with a transparent gloss.

Shadow palette for brown eyes for every day

Brown eyes have different shades, makeup artists identify 4 main groups:

  • Caret-green eyes. You will suit light shades of beige, gold, olive, myrtle and jade color.
  • Dark brown. Girls with almost black eyes are suitable sand, chocolate, silver and even capricious pink shadows.
  • Four yellow. Violet, purple, dark brown, golden shades will harmonize with the honey shade of the iris.
  • Classic brown. Girls with a pure color of the iris should choose soft lilac, pistachio, dark chocolate, pale pink and lavender shades.

brown eyes

Of course, this is only a theory, in practice, one girl with dark brown eyes will have silver shadows, and the other will not like how they emphasize her eyes, so each shade should be tried on personally and by experience to choose your favorite shadows. In addition, the ideal shadows should be chosen, taking into account the skin tone and the color of the girl's head of hair:

  • Brown-eyed girls with fair skin and blond hair are more suitable peach, pale lilac, light coffee shades.
  • Brown-eyed brunettes with dark skin have a very expressive appearance, it is enough to shade the eyelid with nut or sandy shades.
  • But beauties with fair skin and dark hair can safely experiment with blue, silver, grayish shades.
  • Brown eyes with red hair and fair skin should look at the pure colors: brown, green, black.
  • Brown-eyed blondes with dark skin can use lavender, amber, ultramarine in their make-up.

When choosing a color palette, remember that everyday makeup for brown eyes should not be flashy, but only emphasize and make the look expressive.

Ravshana Kurkova

Create casual makeup for brown eyes

Now we will tell you how to do makeup every day for brown eyes.

Eyebrow shaping

We begin everyday makeup for brown eyes with eyebrows. Rare beauties can boast already "ready" eyebrows that do not require shape correction and color saturation. Do not be afraid to change their shape and thickness, but remember that changes in natural patterns should be neat.

Correct bending is determined by the following principle: we apply a pencil from the wing of the nose to the inner corner of the eye - this is the beginning of the eyebrow, connect the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye - the pencil will point to the end of the eyebrow, look straight, apply the pencil so that it passes from the tip of the nose through the edge pupil to eyebrows - this will be the highest point.

eye shadows, pencils and gel

After correcting the shape with tweezers, brush them with an eyebrow brush, apply colored gel, eye shadow, or use a pencil. Choosing the color of the shadows or pencil follow this principle: for fair-haired girls, the pencil or shadow should be 2-3 shades darker than the head of hair, for dark-haired people a couple of tones are lighter. Black color is allowed only for brunettes with dark skin, and fair-haired girls should use light brown and grayish tones.

Applying shadows

When applying eye shadows you should not forget that everyday makeup for brown eyes should not be overloaded and complex. The most winning option is a beautiful color shade matched to your brown eyes. "solo". Apply them to the entire upper eyelid, a little going beyond the fold, do not forget about the careful feathering of the border. You can combine 2 close shades by painting a lighter inner corner of the eye, and a darker outer corner.

applying shadows

If in the evening you have to attend some kind of event, and you do not have time to redo the make up, throw dark shadows in the cosmetic bag, and in the evening add them to the outer corner of the eye and your everyday makeup for brown eyes will turn into evening. But in this case, do not forget about applying a primer under the shade, otherwise in the evening, the makeup applied in the morning may look sad and this technique will not work.

Drawing arrows and painting eyelashes

Performing makeup for every day for brown eyes, you can use not only black eyeliner or pencil, but also brown, plum or blue, depending on the palette of the selected shadows. The arrow should be thin and soft. If you have chosen a pencil for this purpose, do not forget about feathering the line, you can do it with a beveled brush. Outline "tail" arrows with an open eye, then close it and draw a line.

drawing arrows

When choosing mascara for every day, give preference to lengthening rather than creating effect. "false eyelashes", otherwise the look will be overwhelmed. Paint the upper and lower cilia. Casual make up eliminates the appearance of false eyelashes on the eyes, leave this technique for a festive makeup.

Video: Makeup for brown eyes from makeup artist Maybelline

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