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Year after year, at the inter-season fashion shows, the faces of models are enlivened by the shadows and bright lipstick of various colors and shades. However, makeup artists began to experiment more and more with a noble brown palette, so brown makeup became a very trendy version of modern makeup. Shades of black coffee, dark chocolate, cocoa and caramel, look much on the face "tastier" than colors from gray, black or another palette. Thanks to these colors you can get a refined, intelligent and very sexy makeup. Makeup in shades of brown became dominant not only on the sites of famous podiums, but also on the red carpet ceremonies. An illustrative example is Natalia Vodianova. Makeup with chocolate shadows on one of the star presentations gave Natalia's gray eyes expressiveness and depth.

Eye makeup with brown shadows- style and zest

When choosing a make-up color palette, you must take into account the season, in autumn you can use mother-of-pearl, in spring soft warm colors, preferably matte colors in summer, but colder in winter. It is also important to take into account the color type of a woman, the color type is made up of a shade of hair, eyes, and skin. So, it is important for ladies of summer type to use chocolate tones with the greatest care so that their eyes do not look painful and tired. In addition, brown eye makeup does not accept some shades similar to it, for example, red-brick and brown. This variation of colors is only suitable for the podium, where there are no prohibitions, rules and boundaries.

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If makeup with brown shades is your favorite option, then you should buy a full palette with different shades of brown, and create your own pleasure. All shades used in make-up should be conditionally divided into the main, lightening eyelid and contrasting dark. Each chosen shade of this classification is applied only to a certain part of the eye for it. You should also not neglect the shading, since this procedure will make the color transition imperceptible and smooth, and the make-up is natural and as discreet as possible.

Some women believe that the color of the eyes should be like the shade of the shadows themselves. This is a misconception. Shadows identical to the eyes absorb all the natural beauty of their own eyes, and the result is a result that does not please anyone, including the woman herself. Therefore, for example, do not be afraid to make yourself a green-brown makeup, brown-blue or beige-brown makeup. Such neutral shades of colors will look great on any eyes, without distorting make-up with something unnatural.

Brown makeup for green-eyed persons

Green eyes are the dream of any make-up artist, they have a special charm and charming appeal, and a well-chosen make-up can only emphasize their natural beauty. One of the most profitable options for green-eyed make-up is the use of brown shades, especially chocolate. As the main tone should choose the color peach, golden, gray - brown, which will be perfectly combined with dark saturated. Also, as an experiment, when you create a brown makeup for green eyes, you can try a combination of green with a shade of brown. This option will be advantageous to look with an evening dress for publication.

make up for green eyes

  1. On the upper eyelid we impose light chocolate shadows, and on the folds dark chocolate.
  2. Apply a visage under the eyebrow. To do this, we use shades of yellow or light brown. Paint your eyebrow with a pencil.
  3. Along the line of eyelash growth, as well as the inner eyelid, we draw a line of warm green colors with a pencil, for example, khaki.
  4. Pencil line shaded, the same green shades of shadows.
  5.  Eyelashes are colored with chestnut mascara. Your brown makeup for green eyes is ready !!

Brown makeup for blue-eyed persons

The use of a chocolate palette for blue eyes is considered somewhat inappropriate. After all, blue, according to the inhabitants, is not too in harmony with the chocolate tone, even if it is not about makeup. Still, try to experiment with the noble shades of this color and create a brown makeup for blue eyes. Perhaps you will find for your appearance your unique style. In any case, start with light chocolate shades, they will largely smooth out the contrast of this combination.

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  1. On the upper mobile eyelid, to the inner corner impose dark brown shadows.
  2. Black soft pencil draw an arrow along the entire line of growth of eyelashes and sum up the lower eyelid.
  3. Over the century we apply light chocolate shadows and shade the arrow.
  4.  In the inner corner of the eyes and under the eyebrow, add light shades of chocolate shadows, you can golden cold, and shade them well.
  5.  We complement the brown makeup for blue eyes, coloring the eyelashes with mascara chestnut.

Brown makeup for gray eyes

Brown makeup for gray eyes, you can create, having in stock a very small amount of cosmetics. You will need: a tonal basis, powder, a pencil and a shadow of a silver color, black ink, lipstick with a gentle sheen and some free time.

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  1. We clean the face and put a tonal basis on it in order to prepare the base and quickly mask all the flaws on it.
  2. Use a contour pencil to mark on the mobile eyelid a clear line repeating the growth of eyelashes.
  3. With a thin brush with shadows, lightly feather the pencil line, towards the crease of the upper eyelid, emphasize the lower eyelid to the middle.
  4. In the area of ​​the inner corners of the eye apply a little bright shadows and shade the border.
  5. Apply mascara on eyelashes - no more than two layers.
  6. Last chord - we powder a face and we put on lips gentle gloss or lipstick. We get a great result!

Brown makeup for brown-eyed persons

Favorite shade for brown-eyed, brown is undoubtedly. And this is not surprising, since his vocation is to emphasize all the expressiveness and depth of his gaze. But do not forget that the shades of the shadows and the eyes themselves should not be the same. It should be chosen for the eyes of the eyes such shadows, in which the color gamut is in the range between dark and medium brown color. If by nature your eyes are darker, then you should focus on the medium and light colors of the proposed color palette. In the case of medium-brown eye color, it is necessary to use very light shadows or very dark ones. In other words, darker or lighter than your eyes themselves.

So, step by step we create a quick and completely uncomplicated brown makeup for brown eyes:

makeup for brown eyes

  1. Apply to both centuries of pastel color with shimmering shade.
  2. Then, in order to give your eyes more expressiveness, choose a pencil of a dark shade, but only mandatory for the upper moving eyelid and aim them with neat arrows.
  3. Apply brown or dark gray mascara to your eyelashes in two layers. All is ready!

We hope that our advice will help you to make eye makeup with brown shadows, not inferior in beauty to professional makeup. But this does not mean that you should choose only those colors that were mentioned in this article. You can try to apply for your makeup and other various shades and maybe you will achieve new successful combinations for you.

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