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Day makeup for girls with brown eyes should be natural and advantageously emphasize the bright features of the beauties. Creating such a makeup you should be guided by the principle: minimum time and maximum naturalness.

The principles of daytime make-up for the brown-eyed

Creating day makeup for brown eyes, you must consider all the features of this type of makeup. First of all, in everyday make-up should be used pastel-colored cosmetics, not bright shadows, not bright lipstick and lip gloss. Pearl eye shadows are not allowed, giving the eyes festivity and evening chic. Powder and blush with the effect of flicker will become superfluous. All this must be left for the evening look. Day makeup requires simplicity and naturalness.

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It is good to have in the arsenal several shades of the tonal framework. Knowing the principle of “light tones expand and dark ones narrow,” you can model the beautiful and regular shape of both the face as a whole and the chin, nose, cheekbones, and forehead height. Pick only suitable for the tone of powder and foundation, shades are indicated in the instructions for the tool. Do not make an artificial tan with darker tones. It looks unnatural and cheap.

In the end, your face should look fresh and natural, as if you have no makeup on you. Make-up should only mask the imperfections of the skin and slightly emphasize the already bright features characteristic of holders of brown eyes.

Makeup application rules

Apply makeup at home alone need only if there is a good bright light. Otherwise, you risk catching on yourself the surprised looks of passers-by and work colleagues. You can go too far with eyebrow pencil or apply a non-uniform foundation. In the evening make-up such errors could remain in the twilight of the evening atmosphere. But on a sunny day or early morning, all these shortcomings will be strongly striking. It is best to use fluorescent lights rather than yellow electric lighting. The lamp should be positioned so that the light falls on the face exactly, and not at an angle.

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  • When applying a tonal basis, especially if you operate with several tones, carefully blend gradient transitions. Otherwise, the effect may be ridiculous. Do not forget about the smooth transition to the neck. Do not allow an obvious jump in skin tones.
  • Putting a pencil or eye shadow on the eyebrows, carefully shade the means, this also applies to eyeliner. The softer the line, the better.
  • To improve blood circulation, it is not superfluous to hold a light face massage with your fingertips. If you are beautiful in the morning and do it in a hurry, you can skip this step.

The scheme of applying the daily make-up for brown-eyed step by step

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Most often, with their own hands daily makeup is applied in the morning, on cleansed and moisturized skin. If you make a make-up to yourself, follow these steps step by step:

  1. When doing daytime makeup for brown eyes, start with applying the foundation. It is recommended to apply it from the forehead to the chin with ring fingers. It is important to calculate the required amount of base to make its layer thin enough. With an excess of face may look fat. The correct calculation of the required dose is given empirically. If you have applied excessive amounts of the base, remove it with a sponge. The base is not applied to the skin under the eyes.
  2. If necessary, apply a special agent under the eyes that brightens dark circles. This may be a cream eye corrector or a solid pencil. Depending on the condition of your skin and the presence of defects or irregularities on it, determine whether you need a foundation. If necessary, apply it in a thin layer. The tonal mousse lays evenly. Fix the result with powder. Instead of the two previous tools, you can use a single - foundation cream powder. The effect is almost the same, and the time for application will take two times less.
  3. Brown-eyed girls most often have bright eyebrows of dark colors. They do not need additional tint. Simply brush them with a special brush using fixative gel. If your eyebrows are light, apply cocoa shades to them, shading them.
  4. Apply a light blush to the cheekbones and leave the lips natural or apply a moisturizing balm on them.

And the most important attention is the daily makeup for brown eyes paid eyelashes and eyelids. About them in more detail.

We paint brown eyes

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Brown eyes have different shades of light brown, slightly greenish and almost black. Based on this subtlety, you need to make a selection of shadows, applying daily makeup for the brown-eyed:

  • Light brown eyes. Girls with such a shade of eye will suit cream and peach shadows.
  • Dark brown. For such eyes, lavender and copper shades will be the perfect setting for the day.
  • Black eyes. Pistachio shades and cocoa shades will look harmoniously.

In order that such shades as copper and brown do not look dark, dilute them with sandy tones on the main part of the mobile century. And in a darker color make a light haze around the eye. It is better to use loose matte shadows.

The use of liners and liquid liners is not recommended in the daily makeup for the brown-eyed. It is better to replace them with a solid pencil. But deep black mascara will be very useful.

Video: master class on day makeup for brown-eyed persons

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