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Brow Henna - Henna is a new cosmetic product that has become a real discovery in the world of makeup. Research in the field of cosmetology has shown that this tool allows you to create on the eyebrows the unique effect of a real tattoo without harm to health. The fair sex will be able to forget about the regular adjustment of brow arcs with a pencil or ink.

What is a product?

Brow henna eyebrow henna is used for coloring them, creating the effect of tattooing. It will be an ideal option for girls with eyebrows too light in color, as well as owners of thin weakened and arched eyebrow arches.

  • Henna Brow Henna will help to get a natural beautiful color, as well as restore elasticity and density of hairs.

Expressive eyebrows

  • With the help of the tool, you can make eyebrow shape correction and get rid of asymmetry. It can also be used for recovery after tattooing sessions.
  • The outer contour of the eyebrows will be more accurate and well maintained.

The natural effect with proper care will be maintained on the skin for a month.

The main advantages of cosmetics

Hen henna dyeing with Browne provides many positive points:

  • Convenience and practicality of packaging. The hole under the dispenser can be adjusted independently.
  • The stability of the bottle eliminates the possibility that the paint will wake up.

Variety of colors henna brow

  • The density and tightness of the cap allows you to open and close the bottle a large number of times, without fear that the product dries, loses its properties and changes the texture.
  • Efficiency. Consumption composition is minimal, thanks to the dispenser, originally created for professional makeup artists.
  • The effect can be compared with the biotatuage procedure, but with a complete lack of discomfort or pain.
  • Several color options are suitable for girls with different hair color. There are only three universal shades with a maximum degree of naturalness - neutral brown, rich taupe and “Iced coffee”. They make up the set of "Brown". Recently, another 5 new shades have appeared: 3 are part of the Blond set and 2 are additional to expand the color palette.

Set of shades

  • The simplicity of the painting process makes it easy to carry it out at home.
  • Daily tinting eyebrows in the past.
  • The presence in the composition of the product of natural safe ingredients that heal and nourish the skin and hair.

But there are a couple of minor flaws:

  • High price. But if you correlate it with real consumption, it turns out quite impressive savings.
  • Inaccessibility. Buy paint in the public domain is almost impossible. Need to apply for an order on the official website or specialized online stores.

Can I use the tool at home?

Real reviews suggest that it is possible to easily perform brow henna eyebrow staining at home. The end result will look as good as a tattoo. The natural skin tone will remain, and there will be no visible changes like the pink undertone, which remains after conducting biotatuage sessions.

What is the result?

Henna browning henna will achieve a stunning effect. The transformation of the shape of the eyebrows will become noticeable, the clarity of the contour will appear, the hairs will become thick, flexible, acquire a rich tint, healthy appearance and shine.

The result of staining

The persistence of the substance on the skin will remain for about ten days, and the edges will delight with color for six whole weeks. It will only be necessary to occasionally adjust the hairs as they grow.

Is it safe to use this tool?

Compared to the painfulness of the tattoo, brow henna eyebrow staining is absolutely safe and does not cause discomfort. The procedure is allowed for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Painted eyebrows

This is a pleasant moment for any master makeup artist. In addition, the tool has a number of useful properties, a beneficial effect on the hairs and strengthening their structure from the inside.

Dyeing process

The henna henna dyeing scheme is performed step by step in several stages.

Opening the bottle

First you need to carefully prepare:

  1. You need to completely remove all makeup from your eyebrows. To do this, the usual alcohol wipe will do. Also, the treated area is degreased with lotion.
  2. Using a special brush, peel the area to be treated, combing hairs in different directions. If you ignore this stage, it is possible the appearance of irregularities on the surface of brow arcs or remnants of henna lumps.
  3. Next comes the process itself. Carefully trim the spout of the dispenser, making a hole with a diameter of not more than three millimeters. This will eliminate the loss of the contents of the bottle.
  4. Then you need to prepare the coloring composition. Mix a small amount of the substance with about five drops of pure water without impurities.
  5. Mix thoroughly until a liquid uniform state, if necessary add toner.
  6. The composition is applied along the contour of the eyebrows using a brush. You can also paint and skin to remove asymmetry.
  7. As it dries, you can apply a couple more layers to make a contour and make the color more saturated. Each subsequent layer is applied only after complete drying of the previous one. The time from the first to the last layer should not exceed 40 minutes.
  8. Approximately 15 minutes after the end of this event, it is necessary to remove the composition with a cotton pad or stick, soaked in cosmetic vegetable oil. If you remove the mass with water, then the pallor of the shade will appear.
  9. It is better not to try to remove henna until it is completely dry.

Brush application

Compliance with the above instructions will help to achieve the desired result without damaging the skin and changing the shades.

Care after dyeing

  • Avoid even the slightest contact with water for several days.
  • Before you wash, treat the edge with cosmetic oil.
  • Do not use in combination with "Brow Henna" means for peeling.

Beautiful eyebrows

To avoid mistakes, it is better not to do the painting to yourself, but go to a specialized beauty salon.

Precautionary measures

To achieve maximum effect and not harm the skin, you must follow some simple rules:

  • Before starting the procedure, you need to find out if there is an allergic reaction to the product or individual intolerance to the components of the composition. To do this, you can put a piece of paint on the skin and watch the reaction for 24 hours.

Saturated color

  • Do not use henna for painting eyelashes. This can cause damage, and if it comes into contact with the eyes, severe irritation will occur.
  • Do the composition only once, and throw away the remnants.
  • Henna stains on things are very difficult to remove, so before the session, pick up old clothes or use a cape.
  • Henna Brow Henna should be used in the absence of wounds and damage to the skin. After healing, at least 5 days must pass, otherwise irritation or inflammation may occur.

Where is sold and how much does henow broe?

Buy brow henna in simple cosmetics stores are unlikely to succeed. Unless original analogues. It is better to go to the official website and place an order, or purchase a tool in popular specialized online cosmetics stores. Recently, a lot of cheap analogs and fakes of low quality have appeared. Therefore, be extremely careful.

Basic shades

The average cost of one branded original bottle of 10 ml varies in the range of 900-1200 rubles, depending on the color.

Opinions of real people about Brow Hen

The real reviews are positive in most cases, but there are also some isolated cases when it was not the effect that was planned. Here are a few reviews about the Henna brow henna product:

I decided to buy paint on the advice of a friend. Before that, I read about her safety and safety, so there were no worries about skin and eyebrow damage. Easily chose the desired shade. The result was very impressed: resistant color lasted for almost a month. Although the cost of the funds is rather big, it lasts a long time due to the minimal expense. Now I will use henna browning regularly.

Visited the salon to try henna eyebrow dyeing. My skin is oily and the pores are widening, so after the session there are black dots. Eyebrows did not rub, scrubs and alcohol wipes are not used. Henna brow henna lasted only four days. Therefore it is better to do permanent tattooing for a long-term effect. And henna staining is recommended for girls with dry skin type.

The paint saved me from the daily adjustment of eyebrows and helped to forget about mascara and pencils. The rich color of the eyebrows gives brightness to my image every day.

Henna browning henna creates a long-lasting effect of expressiveness without tattoo, completely excluding discomfort or pain. Basically the result is always positive. But the probability is not excluded that it will turn out not that was planned. It already depends on the individual characteristics of the organism and the type of skin.

But it is better to turn to a professional salon to experienced makeup artists, who will carry out the coloring procedure with high quality.

Browning henna eyebrow dyeing video

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