Black and white makeup

beautifully painted model

We are used to seeing multicolored shadows on the eyes of girls. They tint eyelids purple, green, blue in tune to the dress or jewelry. And it looks pretty cute. But many began to forget about the classic colors that close the color palette: black and white. About how to make black and white eye makeup, and will be discussed in the article.

At first glance, it seems that apart from the notorious smoky eyes with black and white shadows, nothing more can be invented. In fact, even the smoky makeup Smoky Eyes can have several options for execution. Each of them is suitable for certain color types of women.

Make-up for blondes

Blonde girls a priori seem cute and innocent creatures. Therefore, an aggressive make up is definitely not for them. Considering that we have only two colors in stock, we will try to make a discreet black and white eye makeup for a girl with fair skin and the same hair.

In make up for the blonde should be the predominance of white. Dark is used very little - to indicate the border of the eye. In order not to highlight the eyes too clearly, we will use only shadows and mascara, without a pencil and eyeliner. So, following the step-by-step instructions, let's learn how to perform make-up with white and black shades for the blonde:

painted eyelid

  1. Apply a milky-colored shade to the entire sub-browning area, the upper eyelid and a little to the lower eyelid near the nose bridge. The base color of the moving eyelid should turn out to be rich white;
  2. Carbon shadows draw a smooth line over the fold of the upper eyelid. This will visually make the view more open. The line should reach the inner corner of the eye;
  3. We finish our black arrow with black, making the color as saturated as possible on the outer corner of the eye and lightening as the arrow ends. It doesn’t have to turn out to be black - makeup in black and white shades for a fair-haired girl allows for a dark gray arrow. The lower eyelid can also be tinted, but only from the outside;
  4. Apply mascara.

Blonde's evening white-black makeup can be supplemented with eyeliner by drawing a thin line along the upper border of the eye. Lower eyelid affect not necessarily.

Make-up for brunettes

Dark-haired girls are allowed to put a clearer emphasis on their eyes. White color is only needed to highlight the area under the eyebrows to get a more open look. And playing with the saturation of coal-dark shadows, you can get a light or dark shade.

Make your own everyday makeup black with a white tip for a girl with dark hair, from chestnut to resinous.

brunette with a scarf

  1. The beginning is standard: we lighten the under-area with the lightest color. It is optional to put shadows on a mobile eyelid;
  2. Coal shadows emphasize the lower eyelid. On the top we draw beautiful semi-ovals (as in the photo) so that there is a light strip between them and the eyebrows. The color of the shadows should fade as it gets closer to the eyebrows;
  3. Use a soft white pencil to draw an arrow that goes up. To make it more noticeable on the background of light skin, you can slightly emphasize it with a coal-dark pencil below;
  4. With the eyeliner we draw the arrow on the upper line of the eyelashes growth In the lower eyelid, eyeliner can not be used, but underlined with shadows;
  5. Coal ink dye eyelashes.

This makeup is black with a white tip - quite extravagant and will suit more likely for some special occasion. In the daytime, dark-haired girls can do make-up for blondes, as described above.

As an experiment, you can try to do the opposite: make-up is white with black. That is, the upper eyelid will be bright, and the arrow is very dark. In this case, you can leave a dark liner and apply it, including the lower eyelid, to highlight the eyes. With make-up, in which white color prevails, it is not recommended to highlight eyebrows brightly. And the lighter the shade of hair (red, copper), the less dark should prevail in make up.

Extravagant Zebra Makeup

Since we are talking about unusual ways of applying make-up, we can not touch the white-black Zebra makeup. It is very extravagant and definitely not suitable for everyday wear. But for a party, you can try to make yourself a super make.

zebra make up

The essence is simple: dark stripes on a white background. But to reproduce such make-up in black and white tones seems difficult. And indeed, draw stripes with pencil or shadows will not work. You need special liquid eye shadow black. And the rest is as usual. Consider the implementation scheme in stages.

  1. Cover the snowy shadows with the shadows;
  2. We limit the space of the future pattern with a very dark pencil (although it is possible not to do this);
  3. Eyeliner or liquid shadows of the darkest color emphasize the eye contour. You can also draw eyebrows;
  4. Liquid shadows coal tone draw stripes on a white background in random order. They can be either vertical or horizontal, or located diagonally.

This makeup is white and black shades can be done and the blonde and the brunette, who decided to go to the theme party. For daytime it is better to choose a more modest makeup - white with a black accent or vice versa.

zebra make-up

If you are a very, very light blonde with porcelain skin, but you are bored with bright colors, you may well try to do makeup in black and white shades at home. The main thing is not to overdo it with both colors. A light-colored girl needs only slightly emphasizing the outer corners of her eyes with black to make her look expressive.

Video: master class on creating make-up using black and white shadows

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