Birthday makeup

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Birthday is a holiday on which you must look attractive and irresistible, but at the same time not catchy and not aggressive.. First of all, a beautiful birthday makeup should be in harmony with the chosen image, including a combination with a formal outfit. Of course, you can do it with a professional, but it will not be worse at home, if you practice a little and think over the image in advance.

Basic rules for applying make-up

  • Like any other, festive makeup begins with a tonal framework. You need to pick it up so that the color best fits to your face color. You should know that the tool should be applied in stages, that is, on the face and on the neck. For a more fresh complexion is recommended to use pinkish shades.
  • When choosing a holiday make-up, the main color accent should be placed on the eyes, as lipstick is often eaten. The main thing in this case is to remember some rules. For example, shimmering shadows are applied only to the area under the brow, and matte - on the upper eyelid and fold above it.
  • It is recommended to paint lips with an inconspicuous lipstick or lip gloss.

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Different variations of birthday make-up

Make-up for a birthday in the summer

Doing summer makeup for a birthday, you can ask for help to a variety of different shades.

  • It is recommended to use brown, golden, orange and carrot colors.
  • Choosing mascara for a beautiful make-up for a birthday, you should pay attention to brown, or completely abandon its use, replacing the transparent balm.
  • Arrows are always in fashion for summer make-up. If you combine them with blue or turquoise hues, they will create a cat-eye effect.

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Light makeup for a birthday

Natural makeup will never go out of fashion, and for a birthday it will be most welcome if you want to look feminine.

  • To create your own easy makeup for a birthday, the most natural, using pastel colors of eye shadow.
  • Eyelashes need to be painted with one layer, but the arrows for applying a light make-up are contraindicated.
  • Also, gentle pastel colors are chosen for the lips. The scheme of their application - at first shadows, then put on them lipstick or light shine.

Makeup birthday for girls

Makeup for the birthday of your beloved baby is an opportunity to make a little girl nice, as well as complement her festive look. To make a light makeup for a girl's birthday, the main thing is not to overdo it with brightness and makeup. No need to use professional cosmetics, it is very heavy for the delicate skin of the child. It is necessary to use natural and light cosmetic products, best of all specialized.

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  • Instructions for creating a child make-up does not imply the use of a tonal framework. To even out the skin tone, you can take the usual children's cream and mix it with a small drop of foundation.
  • When applying children's makeup for a birthday party, you should proceed step by step, starting with pink or peach blush. It will also be interesting to use blush with a slight shimmer, since girls are great lovers of everything brilliant.
  • For eye makeup, you can only use mascara gray-brown, brown or natural shade, and choose the shadow white, pale pink or peach.
  • You can also make a fantasy make-up for a child's birthday by drawing a pattern in the shape of a butterfly, a flower or some pattern, and emphasize eyelashes with bright green, blue or purple ink.
  • Children's birthday makeup allows you to use rhinestones, pebbles, false eyelashes - all that your fantasy offers you.
  • It is necessary to avoid coarse lines and dark shades, and the lips of a little princess should be emphasized with colorless gloss or discreet lipstick.

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Girlfriend's Birthday Makeup

Doing makeup for the birthday of a friend and any other loved one, you should look gentle, feminine and expressive.

natural make up

  1. First of all, you need to equalize the tone of the face with the help of concealer.
  2. Refreshing the skin is recommended using liquid and creamy blush, mixing with foundation and applying on the cheeks and cheekbones.
  3. When eye makeup is recommended to apply golden shadows in the inner corners of the eyes, and on the outer corners and in the middle of the upper eyelid to apply a heavy shade of shadows. After from the inner corner of the eye and to the middle of the century golden shadows are applied. To make the look more expressive and deep, the shadows need to be applied with a dense saturated layer.
  4. Next, work out the black pencil line along the growth of eyelashes, the resulting outline a good blend. And to make the eyes more expressive, use a brown pencil to move the lower eyelid from the middle to the outer corner of the eye.
  5. Eyelashes need to paint bulk mascara.
  6. Makeup is fixed using light powder for the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, and dark powder for cheekbones.

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A beautiful make-up for a birthday is a part of the image, thanks to which the mood will rise and the holiday will bring only positive emotions.

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