Bird makeup

charming makeup

Every woman works daily on her own image, choosing the type of makeup that best suits her face. The technique of applying cosmetics can be varied:

  • Banana;
  • Pencil;
  • Birdie;
  • Vertical;
  • Horizontal;
  • Classic.

Classic bird

make up in warm colors

It is necessary to separately distinguish the makeup bird. It acquired its name due to appearance. The color on the eyelids is superimposed in the shape of a bird's wings. Technique makeup bird involves a combination of contrasting colors.

Black and silver

Make up a bird in the chosen color scale is quite easy to create with your own hands at home, having a certain knack. Otherwise, you will have to practice on your own in order to look stunning by the appointed time.

silver coal make up for centuries

  1. Draw the upper eyelid with a black pencil by drawing an arrow.
  2. Apply silver shadows to the inner corner of the eyelid.
  3. On the outer corner of the eye, draw the so-called birdie. Perhaps this is the most difficult thing in creating this image to itself.
  4. Select a point on the border of the mobile and immobile century, approximately in the middle of the eye. From there, start a smooth line running along the border to the drawn arrow.
  5. Along the contour created by the arrows, apply black shadows with a brush and blend in towards the temples.
  6. Complete the make-up with black mascara on your eyelashes.

Purple wings

The cold light purple shade of the shadows, which is framed by the dark, looks very festive and unusual.

purple make

  1. Apply to the upper eyelid eyeliner purple.
  2. On the entire area of ​​the movable part, put a cold light purple color.
  3. Circle the created shade darker along the border of the mobile and immobile century. Then make the "same bird" in the same color.
  4. The created wing should have a light color inside and almost black outside. An important condition is the smoothness and smoothness of all transitions.
  5. Transitions blend well.
  6. Bottom cross-page contour underline with black pencil.
  7. On top of the shadows, draw a small arrow with a black eyeliner.
  8. Finish the image by painting the cilia.

Pencil makeup technique bird

The scheme of creating this option in the pencil technique is that eye makeup is done with a pencil, not shadows. It is worth saying that the instructions for applying a pencil make-up are somewhat more complicated than when working with shadows. Therefore, if you are new to this issue, it makes sense to practice initially.

Cold eyes

Technique makeup bird created by a pencil, looks a little brighter and more contrast. When creating it, it is worthwhile to have on hand pearl shimmering powder. It will help to make the transitions as correct as possible.

unusual shimmering make up

  1. Bring the upper eyelid with a black pencil by making a small arrow.
  2. From the middle of the border of the mobile and stationary century, draw lines to the end of the arrow, thus, as if drawing an English letter “V”.
  3. Brown pencil create visibility of feathering to the temple.
  4. Cover the inside of the eye with a pink shade pencil.
  5. Carefully step through the transition and the border between the colors.
  6. Apply pearlescent powder along the contour of the border with a thin wet brush.
  7. Lower eyelid slightly emphasize from the middle.
  8. Apply mascara.

The birdie, created in stages, is ideal for complementing the evening look. It is not recommended to use it in an office style, although some brave women may dare to do so.

Video: Bird Makeup in the Shadow Technique

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