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Banana make-up is a technique that should be mastered by all women who consider their eyes not wide enough or large enough. This reception received its name due to the external similarity of the arc along which the shadows are applied, with a tasty exotic fruit. The banana eye makeup technique is an excellent and uncomplicated basis for many other types of makeup, so mastering it with your own hands at home can be very useful. This scheme will allow you to perform both evening and day version of the makeup, depending on the selected palette of cosmetics.

bright makeup variations

Makeup banana is great for women of all ages, however, it must be borne in mind that the younger the girl, the more natural shades should be used. Otherwise, instead of attractiveness and mystery, the image may become absurd and caricatured. Another advantage of this technique is that the banana makeup technique fits any cut and shape of the eyes.

Step-by-step technique of making banana make-up

Eye makeup banana involves the use of three shades of shades - dark, light and medium. All strokes are applied step by step in the direction from the bottom up.

shadow overlay technique

  1. Apply to the upper and lower eyelids foundation and foundation under the shadows. If you powder the eyelids, a spectacular make-up will become more stable.
  2. Using an applicator, apply light shadows under the outer corners of the eyebrows and gently shade.
  3. Cover the entire moving part of the eyelid with medium shades of shadow, also shade.
  4. With dark shadows, apply a strip slightly higher than the natural fold on the eyelids, creating a new fold. The drawn line should be clearly visible with open eyes.
  5. A more effective make-up will be obtained if you apply medium or dark shadows along the lash line on the lower eyelid, but this line should not be brought close to the outer corner of the eye.
  6. If a very thin arrow is drawn on the upper eyelid, a banana makeup will visually enlarge the eyes.
  7. The final touch of the make-up is the application of ink, lengthening or volume.

Technique banana makeup also implies the correction of the shape of the eyebrows. Extra hairs must be removed, and too light areas - darken with a pencil for eyebrows. The color of the pencil should be natural.

Evening option

evening option

  • Evening eye makeup banana involves the use of dense and rich structures of shadows. The scheme of work on the image in this case corresponds to the one given above.
  • Choosing the shadows for visage, you can stay on bright and bold shades, but you need to take into account your type of appearance.
  • For a ceremonial make-up, the use of sparkles will be appropriate.
  • Shimmering shadows should be applied very carefully, gently shading the border.

Day option

  • Daily banana makeup should be performed with shades of more neutral tones. For example, a combination of beige shades that fit all types of looks will look great and look appropriate both in office conditions and during hours off work.
  • To vary the neutral make-up, you can use light red, brown or gray shadows.
  • The banana makeup technique also allows for the use of purple and violet colors during the daytime.
  • Shadows can be used as pearlescent, and matte.

day option

Makeup in the style of a banana is not anything complicated, however, this does not mean that everything will work out the first time. In order to master the technique of application, as well as pick up an organic and suitable for you combination of colors, it will take some time and of course experience. The main thing to remember is that you should not overdo it with cosmetics.

Video: mastering make-up using a banana technique

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