Baking make-up - master the technique of baked make-up

baking makeup

Baking makeup is considered a fashion trend of 2016. With the help of this technique, without Botox and surgery, you can make yourself an ideal skin tone. Do many Hollywood stars make make-up with make-up artists? using exactly baking makeup. The technology of make-up baking looks very impressive and has won the hearts of many girls and women.

What is a baking technique in make-up?

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Baking make-up technique is a technique that uses a lot of powder and concealer to create an even perfect skin tone. In another way it is called the technique of roasting. Something remotely baking make-up can resemble a make-up that actors do. In their field, this make-up is very popular, but it has leaked into everyday life relatively recently.

Baking in make-up shows how beautifully and quickly you can hide all the flaws of the skin on your face. This is the favorite technique of Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Dita Von Teese, Rita Ora, and many other stars who, because of this make-up, have impeccable skin tone.

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Can I make a bake at home?

Baking technique has become popular not only among the stars, but also among ordinary "mortals". This makeup can be done at home, but it is worth remembering that not all situations will be suitable. For daily use, this is not the best solution. It can be used at parties, events, but not for office work. Baking technique can be used by women of any age who know a lot about beauty and perfection.

It is important to know: do not apply baking make-up to those with rashes or acne in the cheek area and around the eyes, as well as owners of very dry and irritated skin.

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You have to stock up on enough powder to make yourself baking make-up at home. To create it, use the brief instructions on how to make a make-up yourself.

What is necessary:

  • Scrub or at least lotion;
  • Concealer;
  • Wet sponge;
  • Powder;
  • Cream under the eyes;
  • Makeup base;
  • Concealer;
  • Paint brushes.

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Step by step scheme of applying makeup

  1. To begin, cleanse your face with a scrub or wipe with lotion; Remember: a person should not have any acne or other rashes.
  2. Apply a cream under the eyes to a clean face, and wait until it is absorbed.
  3. Now is the time base. Apply foundation under make-up to hold on for the whole day.
  4. The next step will be the foundation. Apply a small layer of brush on his face.
  5. When the base has dried, you can apply a thick concealer. And you can not regret it especially on those places that are prone to dryness. Pay special attention to your eyes. To concealer in the folds did not roll it is necessary to apply it correctly. Apply in the form of a triangle, starting from the corner of the eyes, and pull to the temples.
  6. Then we take a wet sponge and feather these triangles. Here the main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to erase the concealer at all.
  7. If there are small pimples, then you can disguise them again with the concealer, gently patting them with the pad of your finger.
  8. So we got to the powder. The best brush for this technique will be kabuki, but if it's not there, then you can have another one, but let it be very fluffy. Smooth movements begin to apply powder to the places where concealer was applied. Powder need a thick thick layer.
  9. And now begins the process of "baking". It is necessary to apply a lot of powder on the nose, cheekbones, forehead and eyes, and wait 7-10 minutes until this beauty merges with the other layers of cosmetics.
  10. With a fluffy brush brush off the excess powder residues and ready.

makeup from Kim Kardashian

This is how you can gradually learn how to use baking in makeup. If you master this technique, you can hide absolutely all the flaws and defects on the skin.

Video: a simple lesson in the use of baking in makeup

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