Ariana grande makeup

Ariana Grande's successful makeup

Ariana Grande appeared on the screen of many countries quite recently, and in 2016 the artist won national love. Her bright red hair, pretty appearance and a disposing laugh made the viewer smile. The make-up of Ariana Grande tries to duplicate every third young lady, and this is not surprising, since the distinctive feature of her make-up is naturalness and naturalness.

Star Image Creation

Decided to learn how to make up, like Ariana Grande? You have nothing to condemn, because in the new season freshness remains in fashion. We offer you the technology of creating an image according to the strategy of a young star. You will need:

red-haired actress

  • tonal framework;
  • concealer;
  • eyeshadow palette;
  • blooming mascara or false cilia;
  • carbon liquid eyeliner;
  • peach or pinkish blush;
  • lip gloss;
  • lipstick (optional);
  • lip pencil.

Ari's eyes

The scheme for recreating make up consists of such steps.

  1. Wash your face thoroughly, dry it. Apply a light concealer that matches your skin tone. Smooth the surface of the face, applying concealer with a clean brush to cover the face with a tone. You can apply the tool and fingertips, paying particular attention to spots or other skin defects.
  2. Apply a slightly white, powdered base to the outer part of the eyelids. This will not only keep cosmetics from spreading, but will also make the shadows a little brighter.
  3. Choose a peach-colored blush and lightly paint over the protruding parts of the face in the cheek area.
  4. The same rouge with a wide brush make strokes in the area below the lower lip, the areas above the temples, the wings of the nose.
  5. Draw the eyebrows using a brown or black pencil. Make sure that they do not turn into huge strips.
  6. Under the eyebrow, put the shadow of a light shade (beige or white), blend well.
  7. Apply restrained shades of a golden or orange tone to the mobile upper eyelid.
  8. Paint the fold between the eyelids dark brown shadows, a good shading color.
  9. Use a dark pencil or eyeliner to draw an arrow on the upper eyelid, extending beyond the corner a centimeter up.
  10. On the inside of the lower eyelid, also apply eyeliner, connect both lines.
  11. Bend the cilia, thickly paint them with mascara, giving volume. Mascara significantly thickens hairs, gives them thickness and length.
  12. Paint lips matte gloss. Feel free to take colorless or caramel.
  13. Step by step application continue, covering the lips with lipstick. Take the soft colors of red, wine or pink shades. Red lipstick is a star of retro make-up, not every lady goes, but Miss Grande is from among the lucky beauties.
  14. Apply on lipstick pencil. In the photo of Grande it is clear that sometimes the artist completely covers the surface of the lips, and sometimes only the contour is drawn.

image creation

The image of Ari Grande is ready. You can vary the shades of lipstick, depending on your mood.

General recommendations for make up fans Ariana Grande

  • Ariana's eyebrows are arched. Give up broad unnatural lines or sharp features "a la Japan."

good and bad makeup

  • All roughness on the skin is masked not concealer, and concealer.
  • The brush should be clean, without residues of cosmetics.
  • Experiment with the color of lipstick and gloss.

lip color range

  • Feel free to use false eyelashes, sticking them in bunches.

false cilia

  • If you have small eyes, you do not need to stain the lower eyelid on the inside, it will visually narrow the eyes.

young actress

And today in 2017, the singer remains an example to follow for teenage girls. Although make up stars are more than popular among young people, Ariana Grande loves to go shopping in her free time without makeup. Because of the young age and regular features of the face, the girl looks very attractive even without a drop of paint.

Video: Ariana Grande's makeup at home

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