Arabic makeup - how to become a princess of the east

Oriental beauty

Makeup in the Arabic style has always been and remains among those images that give a woman elegance, mystery and alluring image. Most of all in the work with the Arabian make-up they pay attention to the eyes, since it is known that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, in this case it is the strip of eyes that will convey the alluring luxury of the Arab beauty.

It is believed that such a make-up is best suited for girls who have brown and green eyes, but representatives of blue eyes should not be upset, with the correct selection of shadows, they can also get excellent Arabic makeup. As for brown-eyed ladies, the Arabian makeup for brown eyes involves the use of colors of blue, red, green, yellow and brown tones. And the owners of green shades of the iris make Arabic eye makeup in purple, sand, pink and gray tones. There are two techniques of applying the Arabic make-up: using pearl and matte shadows.

real arabian beauty

Arabian-style makeup is considered evening and romantic, therefore it is suitable for evening festive events. The Arabian make up technique itself was invented many centuries ago.

Step by step technique of performing Arabic makeup

We describe to you step by step the scheme of how to make an Arabic makeup and collect the image of an oriental beauty. It is necessary to follow the instructions step by step and the result will please you.

Step number 1. Color selection for make-up

The first step in the selection of colors, which depends on the color of your eyes. Earlier it was written what colors are suitable for specific shades of a woman’s eyes. But remember, whatever color is chosen, it must be combined with black. With regard to technology, it is most often used pearlescent colors, as the Arabic image means everything bright and brilliant.

eyes of an eastern girl

Step number 2. Tone equalization

Next, the second step is color alignment. As for blush, it is better to make them in brown delicate, natural tones. Often make the mistake of putting on a blush of red and pink hues. Such colors of rouge will prevent the image of the Arab beauty and will not only divert attention from the beautiful and mysterious look, but also give a vulgarity, which in this case does not in any way resemble the true image of Eastern women. The foundation should equalize the color and tone of the entire face and give it a velvety and tenderness.

blue-eyed eastern woman

Step number 3. Eyebrow shape correction

The next, third step in creating an oriental look will be adjusting the eyebrows. The most important thing is to take into account the fact that the eyebrow line should be clear, smooth and very plastic. This line plays by no means the last function, because it is the eyebrows that give spectacular look to the entire Arabic make-up technique. If you extend the line of eyebrows in the direction of the temples, or, conversely, to the nose, it does not hurt, and even help when creating an Arabic image.

bright shiny shadows on the eyelids

Step number 4. Applying shadows

The fourth step in the Arabic make-up scheme will be “drawing” the eyes of an Arab woman. This action is performed using a wide eye shadow brush. Applying shadows is carried out on the entire upper eyelid of the girl, as well as on the line of the lower eyelid. Chic and sophisticated make-up will add a mix of different shades of shadows.

blue eyes

blue shadows on the eyelids
golden shadows

Step number 5. Eyeliner

Next, let's look at the eyes - this will be the fifth step. The eye must be brought so as to give it an almond-shaped appearance. To do this, take a black eyeliner and draw along the line of the upper and lower eyelashes. Then, after these lines of liquid eyeliner, it is necessary to apply a thin dark strip, but already shadows.

beautiful woman

If we talk specifically about the shooters in the make-up of an Arab woman, they should always be present. Someone suitable arrow, naturally continuing the line of the eye, or the arrow, creating a new smooth line. The arrow can be made both from above, and from below, everything depends on personal preferences and a cut of eyes. Cilia need to make up with black mascara, inflicting several layers so that they twist and open their eyes, which will give the look of passion and luxury.

eyes of an eastern girl

Step number 6. Arabic lip makeup

And the last, the sixth step in the creation of the makeup of the Arab beauty is giving the lips freshness, tenderness and softness. You should not pay much attention to the choice of the color of lipstick and lip liner, because in this image the main eye, they should stand out, not lips. For lips, choose a lipstick of light peach, beige tones and pearl colors.

girl in the paranja

You can not overdo it with colors, with shades and lines, otherwise the makeup will turn out not in the Arabic style, but in the style of cabaret, provocative and depraved.

girl in blue paranzhe

It is necessary to learn that it is impossible to quickly apply Arab women’s make-up, so don’t be in a hurry, but rather follow the scheme and gradually apply the entire make-up. Therefore, going on a romantic date and planning to create an image of an Arab beauty, time should be left in reserve. It is not enough to apply Arabic makeup, if you want to create an image as a whole, then you need to take into account the scent of intoxicating perfumes, and beautifully arranged long shiny hair, delicate velvet hands and a neat manicure. All this reminds of the charm and delight of oriental beauties, who charm their black look and mysterious image.

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