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girl with bright make-up in the style of the 70s

A simple statement: everything new, a long forgotten old, clearly demonstrates new fashion trends this year. Also, make-up in the style of the 70s can be described in several capacious words - extravagant, original and bright. This original style can not help women who want to stand out and are not afraid of experiments. Make-up in the style of the 70s is an image of a freedom-loving, independent woman who does not like restrictions and respects her principles.

Today's make up and makeup in the style of the 70s can not be compared by the number of cosmetics. Make-up in the 70s is a vivid episode from the feature film Office Romance (1977), when an employee of the statistical department, barely crossing the threshold of a scientific institution, begins to direct a marafet. Already for one such episode it becomes clear how modest was the range of cosmetics of that time. We noticed how all the women of the institute diligently put blue-gray shadows on their eyelids, finely plucked eyebrows and eyes with pencils, suspiciously similar to the school ones, for the drawing factory "Painting"? As they say - the curtain! Approximately such a make up of the 70s was demonstrated by Lyudmila Prokofievna Kalugina after the transformation.

Typical makeup in the 70s and the attributes of the time

The mascara of the distant 70s - a cult product of cosmetics for eyebrows and eyelashes in a bar. They spit fiercely into it, rubbed it with a brush, thickly painted each eye, and then divided eyelashes with pins or needles. The effect, of course, turned out to be stunning, but the most amazing was the frightening procedure of curling up the eyelashes with a hot spoon or knife.

Foundation cream is another legendary product of the factory "freedom". The famous cream Ballet, which was put on the face with a thick layer, while creating the appearance of a smooth but, unfortunately, unnatural mask. By the way, this cream has recently experienced its rebirth and now it can be found on the market called Ballet 2000.

perfume Natasha

Powder and perfume. Powder was powder, in a beautiful package and according to the method of manufacturing and grinding it was divided into three groups: top quality, good quality and mass. Here is a curious recommendation of that time on the application of powder called "Leningrad" for oily and normal skin: powder should be applied in a certain sequence - first, powder the chin, then cheeks, nose forehead and the circumference of the mouth. It is often not hygienic to use a powder puff, because it becomes soiled very quickly. Better use a new cotton swab each time. Ridiculous. But the makeup of the 70s forced many to do so.

Well, of course the perfume. What makeup in the 70s could do without it. The choice of perfume represented a much larger range than the choice of color cosmetics. For example, spirits Natasha, which desperately dreamed all girls. About Chanel number 5, the famous French spirits, women could know only by hearsay and only a meager number of women could use them in real life.

Lyudmila Prokofievna from the Office Romance
Hair spray. Make-up 70s demanded a completely unpredictable image that is impossible to imagine without a lush hairstyle. Mad bouffant lavishly varnished "The beauty". Hairstyle, while becoming literally hard and tough to the touch. The tougher and taller the better and cooler.

Blush and nail polish. The make-up in the style of the 70s was complemented by a spooky varnish, mostly of bright red or matte color, like the blush of the heroines from the Office Romance. But it happened that nacreous lacquer was present, shining with a desperately irresistible brilliance. By the way, women introduced their unusual novelty into the make-up of the 70s and began to use lipstick instead of blush.

We do our own makeup as in the 70s

Make-up of the 70s is romanticism and hippie folk style. Like the makeup of the other years of the 20s-60s, makeup in the 70s highlighted the bright make up eye. There was a kind of chaos on his face, but still his face should have a healthy look and radiance. It was necessary to try a lot to achieve the desired effect with such a small set of cosmetics. Nowadays, the market of cosmetics is so wide that you can create your own makeup of the 70s at home and without any beauty salon. The creation scheme make up as in the 70s step by step:

American stars of the 70s

  •  Align the shade of the face. Experts definitely advise you to choose the basic tone and powder in combination with the natural shade of your skin. Proper application of this cosmetics will help your look to get a radiant and healthy look.
  • Gradually apply bright colors of the shadows on the eyes. Choose those shades that are most in harmony with your iris color. It is best to start with the brightest tone, they can paint over the inner corner of the eye. With a slightly darker shade, select the middle of the eyelid, and put the most saturated color on the outer corner of the eye. You can use one color of the shadows in your make-up, just paint an eyelid with it without going beyond the border, which is located in the under-part.
  • Thoroughly paint the cilia. We must try to make them very fluffy and even how heavy. Mike up an eye like in the 70s ready.
  • Lip makeup. In the 70's make-up there are two options: the lips are either made up extremely brightly, or vice versa as natural as possible. In the first case, features of punk style appear. To give the lips a natural shade, you can use a pale pink lipstick.
  • It should be noted that absolutely no special attention is paid to eyebrows here. They should be natural in color, thick and even ruffled.

how cosmetics were applied in makeup 70s

So, you got acquainted with our step-by-step instructions on how to create make up of the 70s, we hope that all stages were as clear as possible for you and that you, without any problems, repeat them on yourself at home, without resorting to anyone's help! Be irresistible !!!

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