60s makeup

60s makeup

The make-up of the 60s is noticeably different from the modern canons of applying cosmetics. This is connected not only with a certain fashion of the time, but also with the constant development of the makeup industry. Due to the fact that today retro-style is popular, not only hairstyles and outfits that were relevant several decades ago, but also make-up come back into fashion.

The main differences

If you look at old photographs of actresses and models, and in the past, apart from famous personalities, almost no one was photographed, you can notice the main points that distinguished the makeup in the style of the 60s from the modern one.

cat eyes in makeup 60s

  1. Thick eyelashes. With the advent of mascara, women immediately began to use it everywhere. And indeed, the eyes, highlighted with mascara, while at the time it was only black, stood out vividly against the whole face. At first, only make-up artists used mascara, but soon small boxes were put on sale, and women were able to paint their eyes on their own at home.
  2. Pale face. Of course, makeup in the 60s did not require painful pallor, but it was difficult to meet a dark-skinned girl. The tone was light beige or pink. Blush allowed, but not very clearly.
  3. Shadows on the whole moving century. This is a characteristic feature of the makeup of the time when girls did not know about ombra or smoky eyes. Everything was much easier and faster: one color lay on the eyelid, without going beyond it.
  4. Natural lips. Actresses and models could afford bright lipstick, if the image demanded it. And the usual girl tried to tint her lips with pink lipstick.

models with a fashion show

Bridget Bardo's Makeup

As you already understood, the makeup of the 60s meant an emphasis on the eyes. A vivid representative of this image is Brigitte Bardot. Despite her blond hair, her eyes, brightly highlighted in black, did not look vulgar. On the contrary, it gave her a certain charm and sexuality. If you are also a bright blonde, we suggest you try her style by making up as in the 60s according to step-by-step instructions:

make up like bridget bordeaux

  1. Apply to the face a light beige tone. If the skin does not need a base, then simply adjust the concealer circles under the eyes, small pimples, freckles;
  2. Powdered with light powder;
  3. Blush choose pink. Apply them directly on the cheeks. Such a blush along with a raised upper lip gave Bridget an expression of charming naivety;
  4. Eyes. Shadows can not be used if it is a day makeup. For an evening event, you can cover the movable eyelid with light shadows in the color of the dress;
  5. In the upper eyelid, we carry out liner so that it practically does not extend beyond the contour of the eye. The arrow should gradually taper off;
  6. Black pencil or the same eyeliner outlines the outline of the eyes completely;
  7. We do not regret black ink. Apply it on the upper and lower lashes.

Bridget bordeaux

We did not just make up like in the 60s, but make up just like Bridget Bardot.

Makeup Sophia Loren

Inimitable Sophia Loren at one time drove crazy more than a dozen men. And in her image played a big role makeup. As you remember, Lauren is a brunette, so if you also have black hair, do your own makeup in the style of the 60s. For convenience, also attached step by step scheme.

Sophia Loren

Immediately it is worth noting that Lauren moved away a little from the canons of her time, so we see more dark skin (she was such by nature) and more elongated arrows.

  1. The tone should get a little dark. But if you have fair skin, then it is better to put a bronzer on the face, and not a foundation;
  2. Beige blush slightly emphasize the cheekbones;
  3. We impose brown shades on the outer corner of the eye to create a small shadow;
  4. We outline the eye contour with eyeliner or black pencil, not forgetting expressive arrows;
  5. Black ink paint all the eyelashes. You can also use invoices;
  6. Lips can be distinguished by a brighter color, but it should be as natural as possible (red, scarlet, brick).
  7. At the end of the image, you can draw a mole on your cheek to become even more like Sophia Loren.

3 beauties divas with mike up 60s

The make-up in the 60s, although it was not too bright, but he expressed people's desire for freedom and emancipation. It was more difficult to do make-up at that time, because cosmetics were not the same as now. There were no curling brushes for the eyelashes: the only brush had to slobber from time to time. About such a color variety of shadows and lipstick had only to dream. But, despite all the difficulties, the girls were able to express their individuality. And in many ways they helped with this makeup.

Video: master class on creating makeup of the 60s

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