3d makeup

3 D makeup

3D make-up is a special kind of make-up, which involves changing the contours of the face with the help of highlights and shadows, which can not only completely transform the face, but also advantageously emphasize its advantages or hide flaws. Using a simple set of decorative cosmetics, each woman can do 3D makeup on her own and at home!

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What you need for 3D-makeup

In order to do makeup with the 3d effect itself, you need to get the following cosmetics:

  • The tonal tool or powder is several shades darker than the skin of the face with which shadows will be created. You can also use dark shadows, natural shades of color or bronzer - a means of giving the skin a tanned shade;
  • Powder or shades of light shades, which will help to highlight the bright areas of "glare" underlying the 3D make-up, make your face shining.

3 d makeup

3D-makeup for people of different shapes

Each face has a number of features, and before you apply 3D makeup, you need to pay attention to its shape, because only in this way you can understand what exactly needs to be adjusted.

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  • In order to make a square-shaped face visually at home, you can apply “shadows” on the jaw area, as well as the temples.
  • For a round face, you need to increase the number of “shadows” and apply them in larger quantities on the jaw area, affecting the chin as well.
  • The triangular face can be adjusted independently using the “shadows” in the area of ​​the cheekbones and temples, thus making the lower part of the face visually wider.

model with an oval face

How to apply 3D makeup

When it comes to applying 3D makeup, you need to pay attention to how exactly and in what sequence cosmetics should be applied. Having dealt with exactly what zones need to be adjusted, you can use this instruction, and then 3D make-up at home will not seem like something difficult.

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  1. Before you start modeling your face at home, you need to apply a tonal tool or BB cream on it, which can not only protect your skin from the harmful effects of decorative cosmetics, but also help hide the flaws and create the even tone needed for perfect makeup.
  2. Start makeup 3D should be with the nose. First, dark lines are drawn from the base of the eyebrow to the nostrils, and then the light line from the bridge of the nose to the tip of the nose. This simple technique will help make the nose visually thinner, as well as adjust its shape.
  3. The next stage - the cheekbones, however, before you start to allocate them, you need to determine exactly where the line will be, which should be emphasized. To do this, any elongated and straight object - ruler, pencil, brush. It is required to attach it so that one of its ends touches the earlobe, and the other - the corner of the lips. After that, a light tone is applied to the area that is above the subject, and a dark tone is applied to the one below it. Following this instruction step by step, it is possible to emphasize cheekbones.
  4. Then you should put “shadows” on the forehead along the hairline to make it visually smaller. This simple technique will help the owners of the high forehead, dissatisfied with their reflection in the mirror, independently adjust it and give the desired shape.
  5. The next step in 3D makeup is feathering. This is a very important step, so you should pay special attention to it. It is required to shade the lines carefully, so that there are no clear boundaries between shadows and highlights. It is advisable to start shading with light areas and end up with dark ones, otherwise “shadows” and “glares” may mix and spoil the image. It is also worth remembering that the funds come with dry and creamy textures. At this you should pay attention when applying 3D-makeup: dry textures blend immediately, cream - at the very end.

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Following this scheme step by step, to achieve the desired result and apply 3d makeup is not difficult.

Video: 3d makeup- step by step master class for creating 3D makeup

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