Youth haircuts for different hair lengths

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Youth haircuts will help you find your own style, and maybe your chosen model in your youth will be the basis of your image for many years. According to stylists, any youth haircut is a way to show their individuality. It doesn’t matter whether you are calm and shy in life or, on the contrary, a girl with a “mess” and a lover of experimentation — a youth haircut will help you express your personality. This haircut is created on the basis of the base model, often combined techniques 2 and even 3 models in one. A master's hand is added and eventually something unusual, fresh, bold is obtained.

Youth haircuts for short hair

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Choosing youth haircuts for short hair, you will kill two birds with one stone: firstly, the short length is more fashionable than ever before, and secondly, almost all short youth haircuts are quite simple in styling to yourself at home. The main thing, do not forget to ask the master to give you recommendations and at home, repeat the instructions on how to get your head in order. Youth haircuts for short hair will allow you to cross out the beauty ritual with brushing, hairdryer and plenty of styling products from your daily routine. Often they are easy to lay just with your fingers with a little mousse or wax.

Game of contrasts

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Youth short haircuts often focus on the game of contrasts. It may be:

  • short nape in combination with elongated side strands;
  • short side strands and asymmetrical bangs;
  • shaved whiskey contrasted with voluminous crown;
  • color contrast and more.

stylish models

Recently, more and more girls dare to non-standard coloring, which uses contrasting colors, for example, a combination of bright red or red tips of strands with dark roots. Popular in the past and the current season, the ombra can be made on short strands. Moreover, you can make an ombre even at home on your own, for this there are special hair dyes, for example Loreal Paris Preference. Included with the paint can be a special comb that allows you to apply the tool in stages. But, if you do not practice home coloring, it is better to turn to a professional.

Creative approach

Stylists recommend when choosing your new image to approach the matter with creativity. Youth haircuts are so diverse that almost any of your desire will be appropriate to look on your hair, especially if you fall into the hands of an experienced master.

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To create stylish haircuts, it is not at all necessary to shave your head with a bald head and paint in an acidic shade. It will be enough to cut the strands with different techniques, make a ragged edge or an unusual bang. Such a model will already look creative and will have several styling options. One of such models is a short graduated car. You can combine it with different options bangs. If you give preference to bangs of medium thickness with a ragged edge, you will be able to lay it on one side, then on 2 sides with a side parting, exactly, and every day you will have a different image. And if you add unusual coloring to this haircut, for example, blond-haired girls can make the roots pale pink, your girlfriends will certainly run to the salon to repeat your feat.

Youth haircuts for medium hair

Alternative average hair length is most often chosen by girls who are tired of complex care for long curls, but they are not ready for drastic measures and short strands. This length is always popular, but because youth haircuts for medium hair have a lot of options for execution. The main condition is to choose the right model according to the type of your hair.

fluffy tousled styling

For owners of fine hair

  • If you have thin hair and, accordingly, the hair is devoid of volume, multi-layer haircuts will help you.
  • Try to forget about symmetry, if you want to leave the tips of the strands even, make a slanting bang.
  • The shorter the strands at the crown, the more bulky your hair will look.
  • You can make a cascade on medium hair in combination with a slanting or elongated bang, which can be laid on 2 sides along the part.
  • If you prefer a cascade with a flat bang, you will get a completely different look, when laying it is advisable to straighten the bang with an iron.

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Girls with curly strands

If your curls have a light curl, unpretentious haircuts, such as a bob without a bang or a bob-cut, are ideal for you. Choosing youth haircuts for medium hair, curly by nature, you need to understand that this hair structure will not allow them to lie perfectly straight strand to the strand. This disadvantage can be made an advantage by choosing the right haircut. Bob in combination with curly strands will make the hair voluminous and moving. If some curls will stand out from the overall composition, it will on the contrary give a hairstyle freshness. Having chosen such a model, you will not need a step-by-step styling scheme, the strands will look natural, it is enough just to separate them with your fingers, applying a little wax.

bob with curls

Youth haircuts for long hair

If you have long beautiful and healthy strands that have a natural shine, you should not part with them. Indeed, this season as one stylists all focus on the beauty of healthy hair. To give the image a new note, you can choose youth haircuts for long hair. Such models will allow you to keep the length and at the same time quite change your image.

ragged cascade

Cascade - the most popular youth hairstyle

Young girls very often choose exactly the cascade for long hair, as it gives dynamism to hair and leaves the freedom to choose hairstyles.

  • You can combine the cascade with any bang or not do it at all, anyway, your hair will look neat and well-groomed.
  • The cascade is suitable for any type and structure of strands. Especially if your strands are thick and heavy, the cascade will help you reduce the weight of the curls, making them more mobile and light.
  • Do not forget about styling, you will have to make some effort to strand correctly. But if you have little time for a hairstyle, you can use the latest settings of stylists and create easy chaos on your head, carelessly ruffling locks.

blond model and blond model

Just add bangs

If you want to focus on your face, choose fashionable youth haircuts for long hair with bangs. These can be straight or oblique, torn or ultra-short bangs, bangs with rounded corners or non-standard triangular bangs. You can make a traditional ladder and give the image individuality thanks to bangs.

smooth bangs

Youth is a time of experimentation, when it is not like now to try something new and unusual. Youth haircuts for girls will allow you to make your image individual, and if the experiment turns out to be a failure, do not worry, because your hair is growing rapidly.

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