Women's haircut under the boy

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Many girls with luxurious curls, in secret dream of trying out boy haircuts, but not all of them are suitable. Representatives of the weaker sex are afraid that the shape of their face is not suitable enough, they fear that they will then have to spend many years to restore their hair. But it should be said that the female haircut under the boy is quite sexy and seductive, unlike long feminine curls.

Women's short haircuts for a boy have a lot of advantages:

  • Your hair will be full of vitality and energy.
  • You will never have to fight with dull split ends.
  • If you previously dyed hair, then now there is a chance to quickly grow your natural color.
  • Boys haircuts are quite easy to clean and require a minimum of time and effort for styling.
  • A short hairstyle is always comfortable, especially in the summer.
  • Short cropped strands are always “young”, taking away your extra years.

female haircut under the boy

Variations boyish haircuts

If you decide to change the image and give preference to short hairstyles, you should visit a specialized wizard. It is rather difficult to make a haircut for yourself without having hairdressing skills. At home, you can not only transform your image, but also ruin the whole look with your own hands. In the salon, a hairdresser will step by step make a haircut of the type that suits you. It is worth recalling that there are several variations of haircuts under the boy for women.

Casual Style

casual hairstyle

One of the most suitable for a daily natural image is Casual. Strands in this case are laid at ease and carelessly. To complement the image you will help the appropriate clothing and jewelry. Prefer classic jeans and shirts, complementing their feminine heels.

Chanel style

Chanel style

In the Chanel look, the styling has a few twisted curls at the crown. In this case, it is appropriate to give preference to dresses, all sorts of feminine accessories and high-heeled shoes or shoes - boats. A great addition will be pearl jewelry.

Twiggy Style

image of Twiggy

Twiggy hairstyle means smoothly laid hair. Such hairstyles are mainly chosen by teenage girls. Clothing style, especially suitable Twiggy, is wide ripped jeans and loose cut shirts and blouses.

Dandy style

dandy style

The peculiarity of the image of Dandy is that haircuts for girls for boys are laid carelessly and boldly. Protruding strands only emphasize the mischievous male style. At the same time he is quite sexy and attractive.

Rock Style

rock style

Perhaps the most audacious of all. He implies the presence of long bangs with a short haircut, thereby allowing the girl to stand out from the crowd. Hipster jackets and pants will be the perfect complement to this look.

The nuances in detail

In order to soften the boyish haircuts, you can use some tips:

  • Complete the styling with various accessories - headbands and headbands, independently selecting them for the style and image.
  • Highlight clear lines - cheekbones, eyebrows and lips. This will help you good decorative cosmetics.
  • Give preference to large massive non-matching earrings and clips.
  • Adhere to the feminine style of clothing.
  • Women's short haircuts should not be associated with a single style. The options for creating them are many and each has its own scheme and instruction.

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Having made yourself a boy's short hairstyle, you can be a cheeky tomboy during the day, and in the evening turn into an elegant sexy lady. It all depends on your flight of fancy. Step by step creating your image, you will always be the center of attention.

Video: technique of creating a female haircut for a boy

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