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Female model haircuts can change the image of any beautiful women beyond recognition. Let's see what their variations will be the most spectacular in 2014 and will help all the girls get away from their usual and, possibly, boring image. We will provide you with a rather extensive list of the most interesting options. After reviewing them, you will be able to make the right choice for yourself.

Beautiful variations of model haircuts for different hair lengths

Model haircuts for women are ideal for owners of hair of short and medium length, as well as long-haired ladies.

Model haircuts for short hair

Owners of short hair can rightly be called sexy and seductive. Short hair has long ceased to be associated with rudeness and masculinity, and it is a pleasure to care for them yourself! For model short haircuts, there are many variations of styling that girls can create with their own hands at home.

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One of the wildest haircuts in 2014 is the pixie. The feathers of the strands that stand out from the entire mound will give a coquetry image and make you even more attractive. Also, such model hairstyles visually increase the amount of hair.

 Asymmetrical bean

The well-known bob in 2014 acquired a special uniqueness. In this variation, one side of the hair is longer than the other. This gives the image extravagance and mystery.

Short Rhapsody

The scheme for creating a shortened rhapsody partly resembles the usual rhapsody, except for the fact that the back part of the hair is cut out to the maximum, leaving strands overlapping each other in the face area.

Long caret

For several seasons in a row, model haircut-type haircut does not slow down and gains increasing popularity. In this embodiment, the usual four of a kind is created step by step, only the area near the face of the temples is somewhat lengthened.


Hedgehog is suitable for rather courageous persons, because it is practically a male haircut. However, with the right choice of accessories and clothes, the girl with a “hedgehog” on her head becomes even more seductive and sexy.

Model haircuts for medium hair

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Owners of medium length hair can afford a wide variety of haircuts, from which you can then create fashionable hairstyles to yourself.


One of the beloved women model haircut is a cascade. The technique of its implementation is to create "torn" strands, nastyasya on each other. The cascade gives the headpiece a visual volume and hides the flaws.

Graduated haircut

Graduated haircut is a bit like a cascade, but it has only careless strands at the tips. The length of the curls are harmonious, giving the volume in the necessary places.


There are long-forgotten model haircuts for medium hair, one of them - the page. Despite its long-standing appearance, in 2014 it gained new popularity. Such a set looks particularly advantageous in the presence of even straight bangs.


Another forgotten hairstyle that came in our day from the 80s is an aurora. Thanks to her updated design and adding emphasis to the loose strands, she became the universal favorite of girls of models with average hair length.


All known rhapsody, which involves cutting off the upper part of the hair, leaving the lower strands longer. This hairstyle will add volume of hair and will focus on the face, so when choosing it you must have the correct oval of the face.

Model haircuts for long hair

Owners of sufficiently long hair have undeniable advantages. They can create model haircuts for long hair, or they can drastically change their image by making a short length or a hairstyle of medium length.

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The cascade is suitable not only for medium length hair. The long cascade looks playful and feminine, emphasizing dignity and giving styling extra volume. It will look equally good on both straight and curly hair.

Layered haircut

Everyone knows that long hair length requires special care. A multi-layered hairstyle makes the styling process much easier, and your hair with it looks healthy and voluminous. This is due to the layering of strands, which are much shorter in the upper part of the hair than the lower strands.

Straight strands

This variation is suitable only for girls with smooth even strands. The instruction of its creation lies in the fact that the master cuts the tips of the hair on a straight line, not under a degree. This type of model hairstyle will add rigor and confidence to your image.


The well-known ladder in which the technique requires a slight shortening of the facial strands. At the expense of them will be a ladder going from the temples along the entire length of the hair, while the bulk of the hair remains smooth and smooth.

Summing up, it is worth noting that the model hairstyles are suitable for all the representatives of the weaker sex, it is only important to choose the right option, taking into account the type and shape of the face, hair structure and style in general. Of course, to make adjustments to the length of the hair, it is better to turn to the master, otherwise the process of cutting the strands to itself may turn to you not for the better.

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