Wheat germ oil for hair

Wheat Germ Oil for Hair

Beautiful and healthy hair is the key to the perfect image of any woman.

Hair is daily exposed to the harmful effects of many factors, such as: dyes, various styling products, the use of a hair dryer, tongs or styling irons, and environmental effects (wind, sun, cold) in order to maintain healthy and beautiful hair care required.

Natural remedies for

In the stores, today, there is a huge selection of all kinds of medical balms, masks, serums and other hair products, but they are all produced industrially, and therefore, they consist of chemical components, preservatives, dyes and fragrances.

When using a number of products, allergic reactions may occur, which is also contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women.

Better than nature, nobody take care of your hair. Natural Wheat Germ Oil - This is an excellent tool that contains in its composition vitamins and trace elements that have a beneficial effect on the skin and hair.

The benefits of hair oil from wheat germ

The benefits of wheat germ oil are due to the action of its beneficial substances, such as vitamins. E, A, B, PP, lecithin, poly-saturated acids and many others. Oil possesses anti-inflammatory action, normalizes the function of the sebaceous glands, improves blood circulation, helps to get rid of dandruff and seborrhea, normalizes the fat content of the hair, restores their structure and helps to improve growth.

Hair masks with wheat germ oil

Wheatgrass oil, in the treatment of hair, can be used as an independent tool, and be part of the masks, which will enhance the action of useful substances that make up the mask.

The oil is applied in a warm form on the scalp, carefully rubbed into the hair roots, then the head is covered with polyethylene, and to enhance the effect, it is recommended to wear a warming cap. The procedure time is 30 minutes, the oil is washed off with shampoo with warm water.

Nutritious hair mask with wheat germ oil

1 teaspoon of natural oil, 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 egg yolk, mix everything thoroughly and apply on the hair roots, after 30 minutes, wash it off with shampoo with warm water. The use of therapeutic hair masks will have a greater effect only when they are used regularly, then the result will be more noticeable and lasting.

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