What to do if you burned your hair

It often happens that during various manipulations with hair such as: perm, styling, brightening, dyeing or perm Damage occurs and the so-called "burn" hair. Attempts to transform or change their appearance can easily lead to truly disastrous results.

Over-dried or damaged hair does not become immediately, and only after the end of aggressive procedures can you notice how dull and lifeless they become. Damaged hair becomes stiff, brittle and poorly combed.

When using professional cosmetics, you can achieve good results in restoring burnt or over-dried hair, but such products are often very expensive and regular use can cause significant damage to the budget.

At the same time, homemade masks made from natural products and natural substances are able to prove themselves no worse than purchased ones, and sometimes even turn out to be more effective.

Ways to restore and treat burnt hair

To restore the hair damaged in the process of perming, as well as during the use of styling products such as hair dryers, irons and curling irons, you can regularly use nutrients and moisturizers. The mask has excellent moisturizing properties, prepared from:

- 1 spoon of brandy, - 1 spoon of honey, - 1 egg yolk, - 30-40 grams of olive or linseed oil.

The resulting mixture is applied to the entire length of the hair for 40 minutes, and then washed off with warm water. Make this mask should be 1-2 times a week.

To restore strength and shine of hair after highlighting will help masks, prepared at home from, apparently, the most mundane products. The composition of such masks can successfully include:

- fermented milk products (kefir mask, whey, yogurt), - beer (source of B vitamins, yeast) - rye bread.

The masks of these products have remarkable nutritional properties, and it is enough to do them only once a week.

Vital strength and elasticity of dry hair will return the mask, prepared from:

- juice of two onions, - 1 tablespoon of almond oil, - juice of one lemon.

Two yolks are introduced into the prepared mixture, and the mask is immediately applied to the hair. The duration of such a mask is at least 30 minutes, and this method can be used to achieve the maximum effect every other day. Onion masks can transform even very damaged hair.

Heavily damaged and burned hair should be treated immediately when the first signs of damage manifest. The mask for such emergency cases is prepared from:

- 1 tablet mumiyo, - 2 spoons of milk, - 2 spoons of linseed or burdock oil.

The mixture is applied to the hair along their entire length and left for 40 minutes. For better effect, you must tie your head with a scarf or put on any warm bandage. This mask has a good effect and should be used at least twice a week until the hair begins to acquire its usual elasticity and elasticity.

Expert advice

In order to protect the hair from burns and drying out, it is advisable to resort to electric hair styling devices as rarely as possible.

Hair coloring and clarification should be carried out by professional and high-quality means. Hair treatment should be started at the first signs of damage, burns or drying out, and regularly used hair care products will provide the hair with a healthy look and vitality.

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