What is hair lamination

strands after lamination

Hair is a natural decoration for any woman. In pursuit of beauty, girls sometimes subject them to various stains, curls and other harmful procedures, after which they lose their healthy luster and vitality. And when the experiments with the hair end, the girls face the problem of lifelessness, what measures they just do not take to restore their former health, but they are not always successful. Now this problem is resolved - lamination of hair, this is what will return the life to your curls.

effect of lamination strands

Beauty without harm is about hair lamination.

Lamination is a hair care event, the result of which lasts for several weeks. Each hair is covered with a thin, breathable film of a special material that makes your curls smooth and silky, keeping their color and increasing the volume by 10-15%.

laminated hair structure

Advantages of lamination hair

  • This procedure is completely harmless and it is suitable for all types of hair: dyed, unstained, short, long, oily, brittle, dry.
  • The basis for lamination includes proteins that strengthen the curls from the inside.
  • Also included in the composition and moisturizing substances that are selected depending on the skin type.
  • The laminating compound is colorless and permeates every hair, smoothes horny cells, which will prevent the appearance of split ends. The composition also does not contain fragrances and is harmless to the scalp.

shiny black hair

The nuances of the lamination procedure

  • If you have colored hair, then it is better to refresh the color before the lamination session, since the laminating film will fix the coloring pigment and help keep the color as saturated as possible. With the help of lamination, you can prolong the durability of the paint throughout the duration of the lamination.
  • The term lamination resistance is 3-4 weeks, but everything is individual and depends on the condition of your own hair.
  • You will not need any special care after lamination of the hair, the only thing that cannot be used is masks and shampoos with a deep cleansing effect.

before and after lamination

The procedure itself does not apply to cheap services, but believe that the result will eclipse all cash expenses. Many girls having done this procedure at least once and seeing the effect obtained, return for her again to the salon.

postprocedure effect

Features of the procedure

The point of the procedure is to apply a laminating agent and leave it for 30-40 minutes. But if you touch upon the lamination process in detail, there are several options for this procedure: Bio-lamination, hot, cold, color, Italian, phytolamination of hair. You can also have a gelatin lamination session at home.

Video: hair lamination technique

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