What curling hair will last a long time

What curling hair will last a long time
Long-term hair styling in the art of hairdressing dates back to the beginning of the 20th century; Our mothers and grandmothers did a permanent perm quite often - it was a very fashionable hairdressing trend in Soviet times. Curling hair for a long time then performed the two most common ways - acidic and alkaline. Now, with the development of the beauty industry, the methods of perm have become more, but choosing the perfect option for your hair will have no difficulty.

Perm hair for a long time

Of course, permed hair for a long time considerably wears our curls, especially if you do it often. Although, at the moment, there are quite a few benign ways to carry out this procedure on different lengths of strands and enjoy curly long-term styling. Consider them.


Acid method

Such a procedure is contraindicated for soft, weak and thin hair, so if your hair can not boast of health, then it is better not to resort to such a perm. The rigid and elastic curl is obtained due to the penetration of the chemical reagent into the central part of the hair, bypassing the outer scales. Due to this technology, the composition, curls and hold on for a long time, or rather more than six months.

Alkaline "chemistry"

The persistence of this method of gaining curls is two times less than the previous one and is approximately three months, depending on the type and condition of the hair. This is due to the fact that the composition of the product for curling affects the hair gently, so this method is not suitable for owners of straight, hard and heavy strands.

Neutral method of chemical waving

This method of purchase curls suitable owners of any hair. It gently affects their structure, providing a rather long resistance to curling (from 3 to 6 months). Curls, curled in this way, look natural and natural for a long time.

What curling hair will last a long time


Hair in the process of perm is experiencing the influence of two aggressive factors - chemical and physical. When the hair is wound on a curler, it stretches like a string, and, in addition, each of its layers presses against the next. As a result, there are two types of effects in the complex - tension and pressure. The chemical preparations of the long-term perm affect the molecular bonds of the hair, and the concomitant heating during the procedure enhances both the chemical and physical effects. Therefore, in the process of curling the head is covered with a warming cap. Since the chemicals in the perm mixtures violate the keratin bonds of the hair, each subsequent procedure will be given more and more difficult. And since the hair is a part of our body, it eventually forms protection against aggressive chemical compounds, as a result, after two or three procedures, the curls can stop curling at all.

 Biowave - long-term curling of hair without harm

What curling hair will last a long time
The main component of the functional composition of this long-term hair curling is cystine, akin to human hair protein, therefore this drug is not aggressive for hair, but, on the contrary, is an excellent strengthening complex. Curls after this procedure looks great, shine health and naturally curl. Therefore, this method of curling can be solved with any condition of the hair - and with bleached, and with dyed. That's why it is also called long-term styling. Two or three procedures of biowave per year are enough to keep perfect curls - on average, the effect of it lasts from three months to six months. She, too, is considered a perm hair for a long time.

Types of biowave

There are three most commonly used types of biowave: with silk proteins, Japanese and Italian (Mossa). When biochemical curling first method, the composition of the current mixture includes silk proteins, which have a beneficial effect on the entire structure of the hair - this composition contributes to their treatment and excellent care. The composition of Japanese biozavivka includes lipid - moisturizing substances that support the excellent moisture of the strands, as a result, they acquire shine and elasticity for a long time. For those of the fair sex whose hair is exhausted by frequent staining and other harmful procedures, the MOSSA biowave is ideal. It has healing and regenerating functions, thanks to the bamboo tree extract. Such a perm of hair for a long time has a beneficial effect not only on the curls, but also on the skin of the head. Each curl after such a procedure shines with a healthy sheen and takes on a well-groomed appearance.

What curling hair will last a long time
What curling hair will last a long time

If you are planning to make a biowave procedure, then you should not dye your hair before this, since the functional composition of the curling mixture may change the shade of colored hair. In addition, biowave, as well as any other chemical effects on the hair should not be carried out during pregnancy and lactation, as well as if you experience frequent allergic reactions. It is even better to refrain from curling the hair during menstruation, taking hormones and antibiotics.

In more detail, what is the biochemical hair curling, read here.

Curling hair carving - features of the procedure

This is another perm of hair for a long time, related to modern. It provides a long-lasting effect, as well as a lush volume, so carving on thin hair is recommended for women, whom nature has not endowed with thick hair. The effect of carving compositions lasts about two months - this period may vary and depends on the preparation used for carving, as well as on the state of the hair in general.

What curling hair will last a long time
Carving procedure is also called a cosmetic curl, and, judging by the opinions of women, it does absolutely no harm to the strands, because a carefully formulated composition for its implementation has a sparing effect on the hair structure. Such a procedure can be done once every 2 - 4 months, unlike a perm, which is recommended to be done no more than once a year. Nevertheless, it is not worth risking the health of your locks and performing such a procedure with your own hands at home. This option is possible only if you decide to invite the master practicing these types of curls to his home. Each stage of carving must be performed in a strict sequence, taking into account all the nuances that only an experienced master can see - for example, the selection of a mixture depending on the condition and structure of the hair and much more.

To suit

This type of long-term styling is done on short and medium and long hair.

What curling hair will last a long time
What curling hair will last a long time
What curling hair will last a long time

But if the owner of long, heavy, difficult to lay strands, wants to do carving, then this procedure may disappoint her. Most likely, such hair, judging by experience, will not respond well to the drug. In addition, deciding on this long curl, it should be borne in mind that immediately after dyeing the curls will last a shorter period of time, and the hair color after carving may change slightly. It is better to do all kinds of dyeing procedures not earlier than three days after the curl. Despite the fact that carving is considered one of the safest methods of acquiring charming curls and waves in hair, you should not do it on bleached strands: they are usually weak and dry, and any impact on them causes them even greater harm. .

One cannot but agree that modern women of fashion love to experiment on their own image - and changing hair styles is the most important stage in this difficult task. But, nevertheless, we should not forget that it is not difficult to lose the health of your hair, but sometimes it is impossible to restore it for years and scissors become the only salvation. Therefore, if you decide on cardinal changes of an image and want to become the owner of charming and stylish curls - trust your transformation to professionals and proven masters. They will competently help you choose the procedure that suits you, will introduce you to a photo of each type of long-term perm, take into account all your wishes and the state of your hair. Only with such an approach to its beauty can you achieve an elegant result and not damage the health of your hair.

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