What are the vitamins for hair growth?

At all times, long hair was considered a luxury and the main decoration of every woman. But not all women have thick and long curls, and that is why many are trying to grow them. Many methods are used to grow hair - massage with burdock oil, rubbing serums for hair growth into the scalp, and many even experience fate, cutting off the ends of the hair on the growing moon. But the hair will not grow well, if we forget about the most important thing - about the vitamins for hair growth (see the link for our great review), which will strengthen the hair from the inside and give it a beautiful and healthy glow.

What are the vitamins for hair growth?

B vitamins for hair growth

What are the vitamins for hair growth?
The most important are vitamins of group B. They are responsible for hair growth. Vitamin B saves hair from the early appearance of gray hair. B vitamins are considered the most effective medicine for the rapid growth and health of hair.

B9 (folic acid) - protects hair from early baldness and the occurrence of gray hair.B1 (thyme) and B12 (cyanocobalamin) the main vitamins for hair growth, they strengthen them and make them thick and silky.B6 (pyridoxine) - strengthens hair, and also stimulates their growth.

Vitamins of group B can be obtained by eating some foods. Vitamin B6 is found in cereals and nuts. Vitamin B1 can be obtained by eating liver and bread. High content of vitamin B2 in eggs and beer.

Vitamin E for shine and strength of hair

What are the vitamins for hair growth?
Vitamin E is very necessary for hair of any type, it is a certain nutritious element. Vitamin E has an excellent effect on the bloodstream, thereby improving blood circulation and the hair roots are nourished.

Vitamin E is vital for anyone who wants to have healthy and beautiful hair. High content of vitamin E in nuts, sunflower seeds, as well as in sunflower and linseed oils.

Vitamin D for hair

What are the vitamins for hair growth?
Vitamin D for hair is necessary for the reason that it is able to strengthen the immune system by stimulating hair to grow. Particular attention should be paid to this vitamin in the event that you lose your hair.

Vitamin D is found in fish (herring, trout, salmon, tuna, sardine) in chicken eggs and dairy products.

Vitamin A for rich hair color

What are the vitamins for hair growth?
Vitamin A is also very necessary for our locks. Taking this vitamin, you can forget about such a problem as fragility, dryness and dullness of the hair. Particular attention should be paid to this vitamin women who often use a hair dryer, often dye their hair or do a perm, as vitamin A is able to restore the structure of the hair and make them more elastic. Vitamin A is found in liver, butter, dried apricots, eggs, fish, carrots, blackberries and gooseberries.

Do not abuse vitamin A, an overabundance of this vitamin can lead to hair loss, but as soon as its rate returns to normal, the loss will stop.

Biotin (vitamin H) - for hair growth

What are the vitamins for hair growth?
Vitamin H has a positive effect on hair growth, as well as on their structure.

Biotin may be contained in hair products, such as shampoos. To get the required dose of vitamin H you need to eat: oat-flakes, walnuts, soybeans, brewer's yeast and legumes.

Vitamin C - to strengthen hair

What are the vitamins for hair growth?
Vitamin C improves blood circulation in the scalp, which promotes healthy hair growth. These vitamin is useful for hair follicles, it protects them from destruction, which helps to solve the problem of hair loss.

A shock dose of vitamin C can be obtained by eating cabbage, citrus fruits, black currants, etc.

Vitamin complexes - complete hair protection

With our rhythm of life, getting enough vitamins from food is quite difficult, so the decision to take vitamin complexes will be the best. Vitamin complex combines all the useful things that are necessary not only for better hair growth, but also for hair care. The result after applying the complex of vitamins will not be noticeable immediately. For a good result, it is recommended to use vitamins for at least two months, if less time is used, then there will be no effect. Between courses of hair treatment it is necessary to take short breaks, a month long, after which the course is repeated.

Modern vitamin complexes contain not only useful vitamins for hair, but also trace elements. Especially useful are them: zinc, copper, iron, phosphorus, silicon, calcium, magnesium, etc.

Popular vitamin complexes for hair:- Revalid; - Perfektil; - Merz dragee; - Vitrum Beauty; - Vita Sharm; - Ladys formula (Lady's formula) - Pantovigar.

Vitamins for hair growth and professional products

To get full nutrition of hair from the outside, you can use special cosmetic products that contain vitamins. Professional brands usually produce a whole line of tools in a certain direction. Vitamins can be masks, balms, sprays, ampoules and various serums. Ampoules with liquid hair vitamins are especially relevant for modern girls. With regular use of such products, hair, hair will noticeably change, become more alive, strong and shiny.

Homemade masks with vitamins for hair growth

Vitamins for homemade masks can be used both in ampoules and in oil solutions. Liquid vitamins in ampoules can be rubbed into the scalp, vitamins in oil included in the masks.

Mask with oils and vitamins to grow and strengthen hair

- 1 tbsp. burdock oil; - 1 tbsp. l almond oil; - yolk; - on ampoule of vitamins B2, B6, B12.

Mix all the ingredients and apply to the scalp and hair length, leave the mask for an hour, and then wash the hair with shampoo.

Mask for hair growth with vitamin PP

Vitamin PP is considered one of the best for hair growth, getting on the scalp, it improves blood circulation, strengthens the roots and contributes to the development of hair pigment.

- 2 tbsp. decoction of herbs (you can take nettle, burdock root); - 1 tbsp. aloe juice; - 2 ampoules of vitamin PP (nicotinic acid)

Apply the finished mask on the scalp and leave for an hour, then rinse the hair with water. It is advisable to make such a mask on clean hair.

Strengthening the roots with vitamins A and E

A very simple but effective mask will help strengthen the roots and make hair silky and shiny.

- 1 tbsp. l olive oil; - Vitamin A and E in oil (half a tablespoon of each vitamin)

We rub the mask into the scalp with massage movements, apply the rest of the mixture to the length of the hair, wrap the head with a towel and leave it for an hour. Then rinse the hair in the usual way, using shampoo.

Vitamin mask against loss and to stimulate growth

- 1 tbsp. juice of onions; - 1 tbsp. burdock oil; - Vitamin A, E (1 tsp in oil) and B3 (1 ampoule).The resulting mixture is applied to the scalp, then put on a shower cap and cover the hair with a warm towel. The exposure time of the mask is 30-50 minutes.

Such a mask with vitamins will accelerate growth and stop loss, it is recommended to do a course of masks for two months 2 times a week.

Hair poppy with vitamins and honey

- 2 tbsp. honey; - 1 yolk; - 1 tbsp. lemon juice; - Vitamins A, D, E, B6, B12 (1 ampoule). If you do not have all the vitamins, then add those that are.

Rub the finished mask into the scalp and leave for 1 hour, then rinse with shampoo.

The proposed recipes are not the only ones, you can optionally take the ingredients of masks, or add vitamins to your favorite homemade masks that you use regularly. Vitamins for hair help solve many problems and help not only from the inside but also from the outside.

When using any vitamins, be careful, as allergic reactions are not excluded, pass an allergy test before use.

Now you know what vitamins are needed for hair growth and how to use them, regularly care for your hair and they will delight you with their health, shine and strength.

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