What are the shape of eyebrows

Eyebrows - one of the most visible and expressive parts of our face. Someone eyebrow shape combined with the type of face from nature, while others have to adjust the eyebrows with tweezers and makeup tools. But, to understand whether your eyebrows require correction, and if so, which one, you need to find out two key points.

Firstly, what shape do you have eyebrows, secondly - what kind of eyebrows will best fit your face.

Eyebrows differ in several parameters - shape, thickness, color and length.The combinations of these parameters can be infinitely varied, but the following are considered the main types of eyebrows.

1. Round (arched) eyebrows. This form of eyebrows is considered to be the most universal and not in need of adjustment. She softens facial features and gives them femininity.

2. Eyebrows "house" (falling). This form of eyebrows is opposite to ascending. In this case, the outer edge of the eyebrow is located significantly below the inner.

3. Eyebrows "tease" (ascending). The outer edge of the brow is raised and is slightly higher than the inner.

4. Straight (horizontal) eyebrows. Either do not have a break, or it is insignificant and subtle. The outer and inner edges of the eyebrows are located on the same level. This type of eyebrow is not suitable for all types of people.

five. Sometimes there is another form of eyebrows - curved eyebrows. This form is quite rare and looks very impressive - a slightly curved arch, the tips of which are directed to the cheekbones. Such eyebrows on an oval or square face are especially beautiful.

Eyebrow shape photo
What are the shape of eyebrows

To determine exactly what shape your eyebrows can be, if you connect a straight line the ends of the eyebrows. The direction of the resulting straight line will indicate whether your eyebrows are horizontal, ascending or falling.

If you do not like your eyebrow shape or you think that it does not fit your face type, then this is easy to correct. Eyebrow correction can be done independently using tweezers, but if you do it the first time, it is advisable to turn to a professional, as you can make non-symmetrical eyebrows yourself and have to wait until they grow back to correct again. remember, that eyebrow shape able to hide the flaws and emphasize the merits of your face!

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