Wet hair styling is stylish and light

Stylish hairstyle with styling tools

Regardless of the length of the hair and the type of haircut, any woman wants her to have a beautiful hairstyle. Wet styling allows you to create not only a similar effect, but also attract many enthusiastic views. This type of hair is good, so it is great for both everyday wear and for special occasions. In addition, self-wet hair styling at home is done quickly and easily enough. Due to the simplicity of execution, this type of styling is popular among both women and men.

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Wet effect styling is universal not only in relation to gender, but also in relation to the appropriateness of use by different age categories.. Also a positive feature of this type of styling is its ability to use at any length of hair - it can be short, medium length or long.

Features of wet hair styling

Laying the effect of wet hair does not take much time and effort, however, it will require proper organization of the preparatory process and a strict adherence to the scheme.

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In order to get a really beautiful styling, it is necessary not only to carry out all the steps step by step, but also to pre-prepare the tools and special cosmetics for styling curls. It can include foam, mousse and gels. Hairspray for this type of styling is suitable only as an additional tool. The appropriateness of the application of a laying means depends on the type and length of the hair. As you master the techniques of creating hairstyles, you will understand what cosmetics should be purchased.

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Most manufacturers of cosmetic products for hair produces specialized products, which state that the most appropriate way to use them is to apply wet hair. The peculiarity of this cosmetics is that it does not weigh down the strands, at the same time giving them shine and fixing the hair securely. In those cases where the acquisition of such funds is not possible, you can use the usual fixatives or try the traditional recipes of cosmetics for hair styling.

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In those days, when it was impossible to find high-quality cosmetics in our country, any dude to the question of how to style hair would answer that you need to use sugar syrup or beer. Concentrated solutions of these products allow you to fix your hair well for a long time. Gelatin-based hair gel has the same effect. In order to prepare this tool, you need to dissolve three tablespoons of gelatin powder in one glass of cool water and bring the solution to the boiling state. Proponents of natural cosmetics assure that these funds are not inferior to the purchase of mousses and gels.

How to do wet hair styling

Before you make a wet laying of hair, you need to wash your hair and properly dry the strands to such a state that they will not collect water drops on them. Accordingly, the drying time will be different for short, long curls and hair of medium length. For drying it is not recommended to use a hairdryer, it is better to restrict yourself with a fluffy towel. Laying dirty or dried curls with the creation of the effect of wet strands is almost impossible.

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The next step is the processing of the entire array of hair with a styling tool. The most popular fixative can be called gel. It is applied to the wet strands or comb or fingers. It is important to monitor the correct tension strands. If you pull them too hard, they will lay straight, and wet curls will always curl slightly.

You must also ensure that the application of hair styling products is not excessive. If you try to lay strands with an excessive amount of gel, they are more likely to get the effect of dirty hair.

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After the treatment with fixing means is completed, curled hands are formed and the hair is dried with a hair dryer. To achieve the best result, you can use a special nozzle - diffuser. Some professional hairdressers consider this device an indispensable tool in creating styling with the effect of wet hair. It is necessary to use a diffuser in such a way that the strands lay on its surface during drying.

When styling with a hair dryer, it is important to ensure that the strands do not dry out. Otherwise, the hairstyle will become overly lush.

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Finished styling can be treated with medium lacquer as desired. To correct the laid strands with the help of a comb is strictly not recommended.

How to decorate a wet styling

Styling with the effect of wet hair can have both a loose and an assembled appearance, for example, a drip can be bundled or dried before drying. The completed hairstyle looks quite finished, but it can be decorated with hairpins, ribbons, headbands and other accessories. Some craftsmen create on the basis of this styling more intricate hairstyles.

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