We use with advantage argan oil for hair

We use with advantage argan oil for hair
Just want to note that argan oil is unique among the variety of similar products. It is extracted from the argan tree, and more precisely, from the kernels that are in its fruits. The fruits of this tree are similar to the usual plum, but inedible. These trees are quite rare and grow on Earth only on the African continent - in Morocco. The beneficial properties that it provides make it very popular in the market for such products and contribute to the positive feedback from customers. It is known that this product has an unofficial name - “Moroccan elixir of youth”. Oil is also used for the manufacture of an extensive range of compositions for the skin of the face, used in medicine. In this article we will consider the benefits of argan oil for hair, its use in home masks and the main points of its use.

The composition and use of argan oil for hair

We use with advantage argan oil for hair
This natural product contains:

• Tocopherol - activates the mechanism of tissue regeneration, ideal for strengthening and restoring brittle hair; • Polyphenols - transform individual strands of hair into silky curls; • Organic acid - due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it effectively eliminates dandruff; • Fatty acids - the main element in the composition of the oil; protects hair from various negative processes: sunburn, sea salt attack, damage due to temperature changes, etc .; • Sterols - have a beneficial effect on the growth process, prevent hair loss.


Argan oil for hair should not be used in case of wounds or scratches on the head or if there is an individual intolerance to the body of any of the above elements.

The use of argan oil for hair

First of all, you should make sure that the oil has a positive effect on your body and is not allergic to the elements that are present in it. This is necessary in order that instead of a beneficial effect on your hair does not get a backlash in the form of rash, itching or sneezing. It is easy to make sure that there is no allergy - it is enough to apply a small amount of the product on the wrist or the inner bend of the elbow joint for several hours. If you do not have any discomfort in the form of a rash, itching or burning sensation, argan oil for hair can be safely used.

How to use argan oil for homemade hair masks

We use with advantage argan oil for hair
General recommendations

  1.  Hair mask with argan oil should be applied to damaged, dry hair. Also to prevent their loss and accelerate growth.
  2.   Before using the oil is recommended to heat to a temperature of 40-45 degrees Celsius to increase its effectiveness.
  3.  Products containing oil work equally well on all types of hair. It does not matter and their original condition. The effect of the application is the same for both absolutely clean curls and those that have not been washed for several days.
  4. The prepared mass should be especially carefully rubbed into the roots. It is from there that argan oil will begin its effect on the hair. Then, especially if the goal is to give the perfect look to the hairstyle, you should apply the tool equally on all curls. Also, if the effect on the ends of the hair is necessary, they should be carefully dipped into the finished composition.
  5.  To get the maximum effect, you need to create a constant temperature regime on your head. To do this, you must wrap the hair in a film of cellophane (or another similar material) or wear a simple shower cap. Then it should be wrapped with a towel. This design allows to keep the applied composition in heat, which will accelerate the processes of influence on the hair structure.
  6.  The exposure time of argan oil is very individual. In any case, if it is in the composition of the finished recipe - you should carefully pay attention to the technique of its use. If there is none, then the mixture should be kept in the range of no more than 30-60 minutes.
  7.  The unpleasant effect of the use of argan (as well as any other) oil is greasy hair. To reduce this effect, you should learn to wash the composition from the head. To do this, it is recommended to apply shampoo to the entire surface of the hair and whip it until a foam mass is formed. If the mass is very thick - you need to add some water. Only then rinse the hair with a stream of water. At the last rinse it is recommended to use medicinal herbs: chamomile, St. John's wort, calendula or others with similar properties.

Hair mask with argan oil - recipes

We use with advantage argan oil for hair
Due to the fact that the number of different masks and mixtures is very large - you should independently determine for yourself the method and method of using the substance.

Regular compress for hair growth - use argan oil for hair without adding any additional elements, evenly applied over the entire cover for 60 minutes. Hair should be kept warm.The composition to give shine - oil is applied to the palm and then rubbed into the hair. If the amount of substance is properly maintained - it is not necessary to wash off the composition after the procedure, it will be absorbed by itself.Mask preventing hair loss - mixes burdock and argan oil in the amount of three tablespoons each. The resulting mixture is heated by steam. Treatment time - you can apply up to four hours.To combat dry hair - Two teaspoons of olive oil, two tables. spoons of argan, one yolk, one drop of lavender, five drops of sage. To learn more about moisturizing dry hair, read here.Sharing with other substances - It is recommended to add a teaspoon of oil to any purchased shampoos, balms, conditioners - regardless of quality or manufacturer. It will be a great addition.Regenerating mask - three tablespoons of oil, at room temperature, stir in two yolks.Nourishing mask - Mix two tablespoons of argan and honey. They are heated by steam. In the case of the use of oil for prophylactic purposes, it should be applied once per calendar week. If there are special indications, or the hair needs serious restoration - argan oil for hair should be applied several times over a period of seven days over several months.

Important!  When buying oil at a pharmacy or specialty store, it is not a bad thing to look at the manufacturer of the product. Since the fruits of the tree are forbidden for export, then in the case of any country of the manufacturer other than the above, there is a high probability of a fake. It should be noted that in the region of tree growing there are quite difficult climatic conditions, as well as the fact that trees bear fruit only twice a year - therefore, the price of argan oil is quite high.

Video on the use of argan oil in hair care

In conclusion, I would like to say if you are not indifferent to your appearance and your hairstyle, as one of its most important components - a hair mask with argan oil gives natural youth and beauty to your curls.

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