Volumizer for hair - the secrets of basal volume

Volumizer Roventa

Straight from the girl's hair or wavy - it does not matter, in any case they need to give extra volume. You won’t surprise anyone with ordinary curtains and irons, but a volumizer for hair, which entered the arena of beauty not so long ago, can surprise many beauties. What it is? How to use it? How is it different from other stylers? Where can I buy it? All this we will tell you in this article.

What is a volumizer for hair?

Volumizer is an electrical tool for creating styling and basal volume from the well-known international brand Rowenta. Its main difference from the usual irons is an unusual innovative form, as well as the presence of a rotating roller in the middle, which helps to create the desired volume.

Benefits of volumizer volum 24

  • Powerful, heats up quickly, so the installation takes only 15-20 minutes;
  • The created volume keeps for a long time;
  • Additionally equipped with an ionizer, which helps to make the hair smoother and tidy in appearance;
  • The heating roller is surrounded by protective bumpers, which reduce the risk of burning the scalp;
  • Easy to use;
  • The price corresponds to the quality of the goods;
  • Easy to find in any hardware store.

Volumizer rowenta volum'24

As you can see, hair curler is perfect for creating elegant hairstyles and natural volume on your own at home. However, like any thing, this device has its drawbacks.

Disadvantages of volumizer

  • Because of its high power, it is not recommended for everyday use, as it dries hair strongly;
  • Creates creases on the hair, so you have to use additional styling products.

Where to buy hair curler?

Today, this device is quite famous, so it is enough just to come to a large hardware store (MVideo, Eldarado, etc.) and ask for a volume from the rovent (working name is Volumizer Rowenta VOLUM'24). Its cost is quite attractive - around 2500 rubles. This is not too much price for a world-class quality product.

root volume meter

Instructions for the creation of basal volume itself volumizer

As mentioned above, this device is ideal for creating hairstyles on your own, without leaving home. Therefore, your attention is a step-by-step scheme of giving the head of hair a basal volume. If any details become incomprehensible from the text, you can read the training video below.

  1. First, it is recommended to use means for thermal protection of the hair.
  2. Turn on the gadget by pressing the big black button on the handle (it should turn on blue). Wait 2-3 minutes for the appliance to heat up;
  3. Separate one small strand of hair and clamp it with a volumizer near the root zone. Hold in this position for 3 seconds;
  4. After the specified time, lead the device slowly, moving along the hair growth. If your haircut means only basal volume, then you do not need to move the device through the hair;
  5. Do similar operations on all head of hair.

That's all - this is a simple way to give your hair the desired volume. Just follow the step-by-step instructions, and your curls will make you look more thick, smooth and shiny.

step-by-step instruction

Customer reviews about Rovent Vumizer

I am pleasantly surprised to get such a thing for such a price and not be disappointed in the result. The volume is REALLY held up all day, and that is with minimal lacquering. I am delighted I will give the same to my mother for my birthday. I advise everyone!

An interesting thing. I was attracted by the shape and effect of ionization, which is not so often seen in ordinary irons. Well, I'm not disappointed. The volume is really there. True, the creases are somewhat upset. But everything is fixable with a regular comb and hairdryer, so I'm not complaining.

The effect, of course, is super, there really is a basal volume, and what kind of it! .. But I really feel sorry for my hair - it burns like that. A friend advised me to treat them with a Bareks bio volumizer, but something I still did not want to risk. Although, I'll try it once, who knows ...

Great thing! On holidays I make my hair, everything suits me. Inexpensive and effective. Roventa tried. And that hair dries - so it is with any styler so. Restorative hair mask to help. I personally use the eponymous lotion - Barex hair Volumizer, I like the result.

before and after the summaker

Volumizer Barks for recovery

So, it's time to talk about hair care, because using a device as powerful as the volumizer rovent undoubtedly does damage to them. According to user feedback, curls become more dry and brittle after repeated use of the device. That is why we strongly recommend that you, when purchasing a cooler, also buy Barex Fluid Volumizer - a mask-lotion for dry and damaged hair.

The composition of Bareks Bio Volumizer includes silicone derivatives, hydrolyzed wheat proteins, due to which your hair will instantly noticeably change: it will become softer, healthier and more elastic.

volumizer fluid Bareks

Reviews from the forum about the barx consumer

I bought this bio volumizer along with a curling iron so that my hair would not be completely shocked. Serious flaws are not found, a good lotion, with pleasure I use.

I started to use this volumizer rowenta and just the trouble - my hair literally began to break before my eyes. I thought I would stop using it. But then on the sites I read about the fluid volumizer and decided to try it. Some kind of magic! Hair noticeably, just VERY noticeably improved. Fortified, glittered ... In general, be sure to buy and use, take care of your hair!

Barex Hair volumizer advised girlfriend. Well, not that some kind of super-duper remedy, but it feeds the hair, yes. I, in principle, satisfied.

The story is the same as that of many: it acquired the styler of the same name and was horrified by the state of its hair. Pretty he dried them, of course. But barex bio volumizer pleased - quickly enough helped to restore the hair. So, I recommend.

Be attractive and confident, you will succeed!

Video: Volumizer from Rowenta: how to raise hair at the roots

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