Volumetric braid

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Everyone knows that weaving a braid is not a difficult task, and this season it is especially popular among famous stylists and hairdressers. The braids themselves have always been popular, they have been woven since ancient times, but recently the weaving of three-dimensional braids has been of increasing interest. Such hairstyles are suitable for almost all occasions. In this article, we will step by step how to braid a volumetric braid at home.

When the volume braid is appropriate

  • At the wedding the brides quite often make a haircut from braids, it looks very beautiful, feminine and festive;
  • For any solemn event, air and light “spikelets” will ideally complement your image - these can be strict volumetric braids or flighty and bold styling;

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  • Weaving volumetric braids, of course, suitable for everyday use, with them you will always look neat and well-groomed;
  • And even for a home, a self-braided braid will be quite comfortable, practical, and at the same time quite original.

Having certain skills in creating weaving, you can easily create the necessary image in a matter of minutes and be always the center of attention. Weaving volumetric braids, of course, differs from the standard creation of ordinary braids. In order to learn how to create such masterpieces with your own hands at home, you will have to be patient, but the result is worth it.

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The volume braid is woven quite simply on the hair of large and medium length. But owners of short haircuts should not be upset, and for them there will be little tricks.

Variations of voluminous braids for long hair

2 side braids

Volumetric braids for long hair - one of the most simple and practical types of styling long hair. The scheme for creating this beauty is very simple. You will need a comb, styling, hairpin or elastic band for fixing.

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  1. Comb the hair back and divide it into two equal parts with a middle parting. Set aside one part, and start working with the second. Weaving should start at the temple. A volumetric braid is created almost the same as a regular one, only new strands need to be transferred not from above the braid, but brought under it. Thus, we carry the future braid to the base of the neck and fix it with a barrette.
  2. We begin to weave the second part, in the same way as the first.
  3. When two volume braids for long hair are finished and will meet at the base, we join them together and continue to weave.
  4. Before you fix the composition at the tips, it is worth giving the hair pomp. Gently gently pull on the scallops of the created spikelet so that they become more lush. This is perhaps the most difficult point that requires special care.
  5. Fix the resulting beauty with lacquer and, if the occasion demands, decorate with an accessory.

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Another hairstyle that perfectly complements the image of long-haired beauties is a reverse cone. To create it you will need clamps, a comb and a good mood.

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  1. Comb your hair and fold it back. Choose three strands near the forehead and begin not tight weaving.
  2. Reaching the neck, fix the braid. What you choose to fix - depends solely on the cause of the hair and your outfit. This may be a classic elastic band or a chic hairpin, or maybe it will be a beautiful ribbon flowing from the tail through the hair.
  3. Loosen a little wave of the spikelet to give it volume.
  4. Sprinkle styling varnish.

Volume high braid for medium hair

Volumetric braids on medium hair are not much different from weaving hair, which has a great length. If the instruction to weave a braid on long hair is observed, then, by proceeding step by step from the average head of hair, you can ultimately create the same thing. To create voluminous braids for medium hair, you will need a pair of fixatives, a comb and a favorite masonry tool.


  1. Collect the hair in a tight high tail, pre-applied means for laying.
  2. From the tail, create a pigtail, braiding it "inside."
  3. Before fixing the resulting styling, it is worth a little to loosen the scallop of the pigtail so that it becomes more lush.
  4. Apply varnish to secure the result.

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Body braid on the side for short hair

Girls who do not have long curls also want to be beautiful and sometimes treat themselves with weaving. Volumetric braids on short hair are not very easy to braid, especially if there is practically no length. In this case, an excellent option would be the volume braid on its side. For this option, the layout creation scheme must be strictly followed. You will need a rubber band or barrette, a comb and styling tools.

  1. Comb your hair and apply your favorite styling product on it.
  2. Weave a pigtail is necessary from the temple. Divide the head of hair at the temple into three strands and begin to gradually create a masterpiece, placing new strands under the bottom of the pigtail.
  3. Weaving a braid, direct it down and sideways. As a result, weaving should begin at the temple on one side, and end at the base of the neck on the other.
  4. After reaching the neck, fix the laying with an elastic band or a barrette, having previously loosened the combs of the pigtail.
  5. Fix the hair with lacquer and, if the occasion requires, decorate with an accessory. For a similar hairstyle beautiful headbands with rhinestones or bright headbands are perfect.

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As you already understood, the creation of voluminous braids for short hair is not a difficult task. Spit is always beautiful and solemn. Perhaps every girl should have her own weaving secrets in order to be irresistible in any situation.

Video: master class on weaving volumetric braids

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