After reviewing many sites and forums, I realized that most girls consider ideal hair smooth, voluminous and shiny hair. Right now, leading hair stylists and hair care experts will tell you how to achieve the desired result and get the hair of your dreams!


Surely you share the motto of the masters of giving a luxurious volume to the hair of the Oribe trademark: “More is better!” volume spray, dry the hair with a hair dryer using a round brush and lift the hair at the roots.

While the hair is still warm after using the hair dryer, divide it into strands and wind it into large hair curlers with velcro, let it cool. Then gently remove the curlers and slightly comb the hair at the roots to add even more volume. And finally, to complete the image with your fingers, straighten the strands for a smooth, natural transition.

If necessary, you can rejuvenate your hair with a moisturizing shampoo, for example Tresemm Fresh Start. And to preserve the health of your hair, use cleansing shampoo no more than once a week to get rid of the rest of the particles of various means, weighting your hair.


One of the leading stylists of New York Michel snyder recommends applying a small amount of moisturizer to make hair shine with towel-dried hair to soothe unruly strands. Then dry the hair with a hair dryer, pulling them out with a large round brush (when drying the hair with a hair dryer, the scales open in different directions and the hair begins to curl).

Dry tips can be softened with a moisturizing oil, such as Weleda Rosemary Hair Oil, and in the end, so that the hair does not change its shape and does not curl from moisture, you can use hair spray "from moisture", for example, Garnier Fructis Style Sleek and Shine. Are you in a hurry?

There is a simple solution to rid your hair of external factors of moisture and static electricity: “Comb wet hair in a not very tight bun and let it dry. This will steal your naughty curls and create a light wave effect, ”advises Snyder.


Despite the fact that hair haze is now in fashion, many people still prefer shiny curls. To achieve the glossy shine of your hair, the famous stylist Amanda williams recommends starting with the use of shampoo and balm-conditioner, rich in vitamins and protein (try Pantene Restore Beautiful Length Shine Enhance duo). After applying the balsam, comb your hair well to envelop each strand.

Lightly towel dry your hair, and then apply a spray conditioner (we like Davines Glorifying spray) to protect your hair from the harmful effects of hot air. Blow dry, also pulling strand by strand.

Finally, switch the dryer to cold air mode - this will help you cool the strands and fix the styling. Finally, a spray to add shine to hair (Awapuhi wild ginger shine spray). For daily use, try home care-shine Frdric fekkai salon glaze.

Good luck in creating perfect hair!

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