Vitamins for hair growth - a great review

When, for unexplained reasons, the hair begins to fall out or their quality has deteriorated markedly, it can be a real tragedy. Especially important for those who are thin. In this case, there are various pharmacy vitamin complexes for hair growth. It is a lot of preparations, independently it is heavy to understand advantage of everyone. publishes a large review of tools for your curls 😉

Vitamins for hair growth - a great review

Unfortunately, a significant reduction in the amount of hair is not just a cosmetic defect, but one of the symptoms of diseases treated by such a science as trichology. No means for external use are able to completely solve the existing problem and it’s worth finding the causes of the pathological condition from the inside.

Causes of hair loss - lack of vitamins?

The most common causes include the following:

hormonal problems, including insufficient thyroid function; strict diets - they lead to a deficiency in the body of certain vitamins, trace elements; reduced immunity due to various reasons; chronic stay in a stressful situation; wrong hair care; taking certain medications; various diseases of the scalp; sudden changes in temperature; hereditary factor, etc.

In addition to the damaging factors acting on the scalp, curls and the whole body, the main reason why baldness usually begins - This lack of those or other vitamins and minerals. Avitaminosis leads not only to hair loss, but also to a change in their structure. Curls become weak, thin, lifeless and do not look the best way.

If the problem already exists, it is necessary to find an integrated approach to its solution. It is necessary to avoid stress, maintain a proper lifestyle and eat right.

Vitamins for active hair growth

Avitaminosis is one of the main causes of slow hair growth. This pathological condition is characterized by a lack of certain vitamins and minerals that are actively involved in the mechanisms responsible for the beauty and health of hair. There are more important for the health of curls, although their lack can also cause other, quite serious health problems.

Vitamins for hair growth - a great review

Among the vitamins for hair should pay attention to the following:

1. Iron. A lack of iron in the body leads to a condition called iron deficiency anemia. Due to this condition, the entire blood circulation process is often disturbed, including the blood circulation of the scalp. It is because of the violation of microcirculation of blood that hair loss and baldness can occur, depending on the severity of iron deficiency in the body.

2. Vitamins of group B. These vitamins are capable of restoring the hair structure, affecting metabolic processes, and they are also an excellent means of preventing stress and neurological diseases. Vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid, for example, affects the appearance of the hair. If there is a lack of it, the curls become dull, lose their natural luster and elasticity. Vitamin B6 (or Adermin) - suitable for hair growth, consider trichologists. With regular intake of this vitamin, you will very soon notice that the strands became more elastic, stopped breaking and began to look much healthier.

3. Vitamin C necessary for raising immunity, normalization of the circulatory system, restoring the normal metabolic process, etc. Regular consumption leads to an improvement not only in the appearance of the hair, but also in changing their structure. Hair stops to break, fall out, look really healthy.

4. Vitamin E - Excellent antioxidant, necessary for normal hair growth, has a positive effect on their appearance. Effectively solves the problem of the destruction of certain reactive oxygen species that have a detrimental effect on the structure and external state of the hair.

5. Vitamin A or retinol. Improves nutrition of hair follicles and microcirculation of blood, strengthens the immune system. Thus, it contributes to the rapid growth of hair and improve their overall condition.

6. Folic acid. One of the vitamins that is produced by intestinal microflora. For the most part we get it through food (green vegetables, legumes, bread, yeast, liver, etc.). This substance is very important for a person and its deficiency leads to the development of megaloblastic anemia, brittleness and hair loss.

7. Keratin. An important component to restore the structure of the hair, it is used in the treatment of their loss. Allows you to effectively restore the structure and makes them smooth and silky. Included in the dietary supplements and topical products.

We need all these and many other vitamins in sufficient quantities to maintain the health of the whole body and hair in particular. Some of them can be replenished through proper healthy nutrition, but in order to get all the necessary substances in proper quantities and forms, experts recommend to use special vitamin complexes.

The best vitamin complexes for your hair

The modern pharmaceutical market offers many vitamin complexes developed by leading laboratories specifically for hair growth and their healthy appearance. There are funds in different price categories, with varying composition and with different efficiencies. Among the most common and really effective vitamin-mineral hair complexes are the following:

1. Pantovigar

Vitamins for hair growth - a great review
Vitamins for hair growth - a great review

The drug was manufactured in Germany in accordance with the company's own developments. Designed specifically for hair growth and against their fragility. Effective with brittle nails and can be used as a fortifying agent. The action is due to the complex effect of all components of the drug. The composition of Pantovigar includes: vitamin B, medical yeast, keratin, cystine and various excipients. It is ineffective if hair problems have a hormonal etiology. Pantovigar has proven efficacy and is recommended by many trichologists. My trichologist prescribed these vitamins and told me to take at least 4 months. I suffered severe strand loss due to stress and malnutrition. At first, there were no results, the hair continued to crumble, but I did not despair and continued to drink them. After 3 months, I noticed that the fallout began to shrink, and after 6 months it returned to normal and only a couple of hairs remained on the comb. Satisfied, but long and quite expensive. Natalya, 27 years old. Drank vitamins for 3 months, but didn’t wait for the effect, bought another vitamin complex. indicated in the instructions, in parallel made different masks, reduced the use of a hair dryer, ironing. For half a year, the hair really changed! Julia, 32 years old.

2. Perfectil

Vitamins for hair growth - a great review
Vitamins for hair growth - a great review

Manufacturer - UK. In addition to typical substances, this vitamin complex contains shark cartilage, green tea extract, grape seed extract, pine bark extract, coenzyme, vitamin D3 and other active ingredients. It is a dietary supplement and is taken only once a day during a meal. Perfectil showed high efficacy as a drug for hair growth and restoration of their structure. But many people note after taking the capsule of Perfectil - nausea, so you should carefully observe the reaction of the body after taking these vitamins. The drug is taken while eating with plenty of water.

After taking vitamins, I was constantly accompanied by nausea, although I took it after meals and drank plenty of water, so I could not evaluate the effectiveness (

Sasha, 24 years old.

My favorite vitamins! Killer dose of nutrients, after six weeks noticed the growth of new hairs. They became much stronger, hair growth increased slightly. In general, I am happy, I will advise them!

Svetlana, 29 years old.

3. Revalid

Vitamins for hair growth - a great review
Vitamins for hair growth - a great review

Produced in Israel. Revalid is a popular vitamin complex for hair growth in women. The drug helps normalize metabolic processes, and therefore improves the nutrition of the scalp and blood circulation in the hair follicles. It can be used as a vitamin-mineral complex to improve the condition of curls and prevent their loss. Virtually no contraindications, well absorbed by the body and has proven effectiveness.

I drink vitamins a month, but so far I do not see any super results. Loss decreased, hair growth as it was. The main thing that did not get worse))) But in general, not bad.

Olga, 34 years old.

Periodically I drink away a course of Revalid vitamins, I like the composition very much and it is a very good tool for maintaining hair. Due to the periodic courses of these vitamins, I have no difficulty with the hair, grow well, do not break.

Irina, 26 years old.

4. Vitrum Beauty

Vitamins for hair growth - a great review

One of the most popular drugs on the market, which is produced in the United States. It is a balanced complex, the action of which is due to the active components. The components of the drug are actively involved in the proper operation of enzyme systems, which allows to improve metabolism. The composition contains vitamins of group A, vitamin B, C, D3 and others, natural extracts, mineral substances, etc.

I saw exactly Vitrum Beauty Elite, I liked the composition, I didn’t notice the changes in my hair, but the skin and nails are just super! The skin became luminous, smooth. Nails grow at breakneck speed! I will drink further.

Maya, 23 years old.

Vitrum Beauty - my mom's favorite vitamins, she has been taking courses for 4 years now, and I tell you, she looks just super! She is 48 years old, hair on the shoulder, well-groomed and shiny, I will soon start to take them too.

Lisa, 18 years old.

5. Vita Charm

Vitamins for hair growth - a great review
Vitamins for hair growth - a great review

Domestic drug, which has a fairly high popularity due to its affordable price and good composition. The composition of Vita Charm includes nicotinamide, calcium pantothenate and riboflavin, which contribute not only to improve microcirculation of blood in the scalp, but also make the hair more elastic and strong. It is recommended to take with beriberi, regardless of their cause and as a prophylactic agent.

Inexpensive vitamins are suitable if there are no global difficulties with hair. I drink periodically to maintain healthy hair and skin.

Arina, 21 years old.

Ikala inexpensive and effective vitamins and found! This is Vita Charm! I am in shock, but hair growth really accelerated, hair breaks less and does not split, before it drank expensive vitamins, from which there was zero effect.

Sveta, 24 years old.

6. Complivit

Complex preparation of Russian production. Differs democratic price and high efficiency. It is a multivitamin complex without any additives. It contributes to the strengthening of immunity, the normalization of metabolic processes and, consequently, improve the quality of hair.

Vitamins for hair growth - a great review
Vitamins for hair growth - a great review
Vitamins for hair growth - a great review
Vitamins for hair growth - a great review

Vitamins Complivit has several complexes designed for your hair. It Complits Shine and Compliv Formula Hair Growth. On the photo you can see the composition of this vitamin complexes.

Vitamins Complivit drinks the whole family, each with its own complex) I chose Complivit Radiance for myself, I liked the composition and trusted the manufacturer. They help to maintain a healthy and beautiful appearance, the hair has always been good, but for prevention I think you need vitamins. Now I want to try the Formula of hair growth, friends praised.

Asya, 32 years old.

Unfortunately, she didn’t see any effect, took a month, maybe this is not enough to feel the result, but her hair fell in shreds during washing, and so it remained. I'll try something else ...

Vera, 39 years old.

7. Alerana

Vitamins for hair growth - a great review
Vitamins for hair growth - a great review

The drug is Russian production, it is effectively used by experts in the complex treatment of hair loss. The package of 60 tablets, differing in color and composition and are intended to be taken in the morning and evening. The composition of each type of tablets is selected so that all the necessary substances are absorbed by the body as efficiently as possible. Red pills are taken in the morning, regardless of the meal and they give the hair shine, restore their structure and fight against inflammation of the scalp. White pills should be taken at night, and they protect the curls from damage, restore the structure and give them a healthy appearance, serves to accelerate hair growth. In the complex it is recommended to use Aleran agent for external use. Analogue Alerana called Generolon spray - we already talked about it.

I am a fan of funds from Alerana! For a long time I have been using them only and pah-pah there are no problems. The hair is very shiny, everyone notices and asks what I use, although I don’t do anything separately for shine, only vitamins and care products. I recommend trying the vitamins from Alerana, the main thing is to take the correct instructions.

Olesya, 28 years old.

Very good vitamins, helped me cope with hair loss, while combing there was a lot of hair on the comb, and they also broke. After the course of these vitamin situation was much better, I will continue to take.

Katya, 26 years old.

8. Merz

Vitamins for hair growth - a great review
Vitamins for hair growth - a great review

German drug, which fell in love with many girls. It imposes a rich composition capable of improving the condition of hair, skin and nails. Merz Beauty dragees are allowed to be taken by pregnant and lactating women. They replenish the supply of nutrients in the body. The course of taking vitamins for 2-3 months.

Dragee Mertz was advised by a dermatologist to whom I went to solve the problem of the skin of the face, she appointed it for the skin, but what a nice bonus that they helped the hair and nails. Trust causes that the vitamins are German and sold for a very long time.

Anna, 19 years old.

9. Inneov "density of hair" from Vichy

Vitamins for hair growth - a great review
Vitamins for hair growth - a great review

There is a variety of vitamin for men and women. The course of taking 3-6 months. The main feature of the vitamin complex is the content of tannins, which have a very beneficial effect on hair and are powerful antioxidants. Also, the drug contains a large amount of vitamins, they perfectly complement each other, are well absorbed by the body.

Saw different vitamins, could not find something of their own that really would help. I saw these vitamins from Vichy at the pharmacy, I decided to try it and it seems to me that I found what I was looking for, I take it for about a month, but it seems to me that I already have the results, I will test further and be sure to share it.

Tatiana, 25 years old.

10. Pentovit

Vitamins for hair growth - a great review

Perhaps the most low-priced vitamins, which at the same time collected a sufficient number of positive reviews. Pentovit contains the vitamins B necessary for your hair. The course of administration is 1 month, 3 tablets per day.

Been reading good reviews, I decided to try these inexpensive vitamins, and for good reason! Why overpay if the same thing is everywhere, excellent vitamins for your money. Hair grows and noticed new hairs near the bangs, straight short began to break through, I will take them regularly.

Alice, 22 years old.

I didn’t understand these vitamins at all, took two months, no effect, I also had a headache, so I think it’s connected with them or not. Hair as it was, and dandruff too. Though cheap, but wasted money.

Olya, 28 years old.

11. Solgar Skin, Nails and Hair

Vitamins for hair growth - a great review
Vitamins for hair growth - a great review

Vitamin complex, recommended by many bloggers, can be found at the pharmacy. The basis of the vitamin complex is a component of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), it is a source of organic sulfur, stimulates the production of its own collagen.

The best vitamins that I have tried! Just miracles !!! Her hair fell out badly, took 2 capsules a day, after a month the hairfall almost stopped and returned to normal, after washing there was no longer a pile of hair in the bathroom. And a nice bonus - improved nails and skin on the face. The face became rested, as if saturated, even a blush appeared. I definitely recommend this supplement!

Zhanna, 29 years old. Vitamin complexes for hair growth should be selected individually. Reviews on the listed drugs are collected from social networks and from our VK group (@voloskova_ru). Before use, it is recommended to contact specialized specialists.

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